Glazkov defeats Adamek for No. 2 IBF Spot at Sands in Bethlehem, PA, Saturday
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Glazkov defeats Adamek for No. 2 IBF Spot at Sands in Bethlehem, PA, Saturday
By Ken Hissner at ringside for Doghouse Boxing (March 16, 2014)

Photo Credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events
L-R: Tomasz “Goral” Adamek - Vyacheslav “The Czar” Glazkov
Photo © Rich Graessle/Main Events
Former Poland two-division world champion Tomasz “Goral” Adamek, 49-3 (29), out of Jersey City, NJ, seeking his 50th win lost to No. 4 Vyacheslav “The Czar” Glazkov, 17-0-1 (11), of the Ukraine, and No. 10 for the No. 2 vacant IBF spot and his IBF North American heavyweight title at the Sands Casino Resort, in Bethlehem, PA, Saturday night.

The show was promoted by Kathy Duva’s Main Events and J Russell Peltz Peltz Boxing Promotion with Peltz, Jolene Mizzone and Brittany Rogers matchmaking. It was televised by USA NBC Sports Network.

The first 2 round were a duel of jabs with Adamek’s quicker but Glazkov’s harder. In the third Adamek seemed to have an edge while Glazkov landed a hard right to the chin. Adamek has a mouse under his right eye. Adamek’s right eye is almost closed at the end of the fourth. In the fifth both landed left hooks at the same time.

Glazkov seems too strong but Adamek never stops using his quicker jab but with little vision out of the right eye he is getting hit with left hooks. Adamek is trained by Roger Bloodworth while Glazkov has both Eduard Menshekov and American Don Turner in his corner.

The ring physician has checked Adamek’s corner since the third round. He is a courageous former champion who has no quit in him. In the seventh there were several good exchanges while Adamek looks like he’s been in a war Glazkov is unmarked. In the eighth a crushing right from Glazkov buckled the knees of Adamek.

In the ninth both fighters exchanged hard rights to the head. The ring physician came close to stopping the fight. The tenth was more of the same as a couple of warriors were giving all they had. Glazkov ended the eleventh round with a mouse under his left eye. In the twelfth and final round Adamek was spitting out blood but a true warrior he was landing left hooks while Glazkov whose face on the left side was showing the battle scars of the fight landing rights but fewer. The fans were going wild as Adamek knew he needed a knockout to win and was giving it his best but with the left eye injury since early in the fight he was fighting an uphill battle. Gary Rosato served as referee doing a good job. The judges had it 117-111 by Kevin Morgan as did DHB, Julie Lederman 117-110 and John Poturaj 116-112 all for Glazkov.

Light heavyweight Isaac “Golden Boy” Chilemba, 22-2-2 (9), of RSA, No. 2 in the IBF rankings defeated Russian Denis “Drago’s Son” Grachev, 13-3-1 (8), of San Diego, CA, No. 7 in the IBF rankings.

This was part of the 2-bout televised bouts. In the third round Grachev’s left eyebrow was cut. He has forced the action through the first 5 rounds but Chilemba has countered well. In the sixth the last 10 seconds had Grachev landing several right uppercuts to the chin of Chilemba who landed the final punch of the round a hard right hand to the chin of Grachev. At the end of the eighth both unloaded in the final 10 seconds exciting the crowd. They opened the ninth picking up where they left off. It was a grueling fight and the judges seemed to think it was a lopsided one with Lederman having it 100-90 while Morgan and McNair 99-91.

Welterweight Ronald Cruz, 20-3 (15), of Bethlehem, PA, fell short against former IBF welterweight champion Kermit “El Aseino”, 35-5-2 (28), of Reading, PA, in a territorial rivalry losing a close but decisive decision.

In the opening round it started slow until Cintron landed a solid left hook to the head of Cruz that buckled his knees. In the second Cintron controlled with his jab having a much longer reach as Cruz tries to get inside to work the body. Things started heating up halfway through the round as Cruz landed a left hook to the head.

In the third it was obvious Cintron was not the same when he was champion though he still has a punch but his experience kept Cruz at bay suffering a small cut on the right eye brow from an accidental head butt. Referee Rosato has his work cut out for him. Cintron a former high school wrestler knows how to tie up Cruz inside.

In the fifth with Cruz in coming forward a long right lead lands on the jaw of Cruz. Near the end of the round Cruz lands his best punch of the fight a left hook to the chin of Cintron putting him against the ropes. In the sixth Cruz has blood splattered from his eye onto his head but there is no quit in him. It’s the best round for Cruz so far.

In the seventh Cruz comes out continuing to force the fight trying to make it a brawl. Cruz lands a 3-punch combo forcing Cintron to hold. Referee Rosato warns Cintron for continued leaning down on Cruz. In the eighth Cintron comes out looking to end it but the holding continues and both get a warning from referee Rosato.

In the ninth Cruz switches to southpaw landing a solid left uppercut to the chin of Cintron. The fans for the fist time are yelling “Ronald, Ronald” spurring him on. In the tenth and final round Cruz with blood coming down from his left eye gives it all he can. At the bell both fighters smile at one another. All 3 judges, Lederman, Morgan and Poturaj had it 96-94 as did DHB for former two-time world champion Kermit Cintron. “Cruz was tough and it was a good fight being back in the home area again,” said Cintron.

Lightweight Karl “Dynamite” Dargan, 15-0 (7), of Philly won every round over Chazz McDowell, 6-5-1 (1), of Yonkers, NY, over 8 rounds.

In the opening round it started slow with Dargan controlling with a jab. It continued like this the rest of the way as McDowell much shorter is on the defense with a bloody mouth from the solid jabs of Dargan. Dargan is a former Pan Am champion and nephew of his trainer Naazim Richardson seems content to win a decision. Referee Clark had an easy one in this bout.

McDowell came in several pounds heavy and it shows. In the sixth McDowell spit out his mouth piece swallowing quite a bit of blood. “Dynamite” has a long fuse as the back pedaling McDowell is bleeding from the nose and mouth with swelling under his right eye. The decision was a formality with all judges having it 80-72 as did DHB. “It was hard fighting someone who doesn’t want to fight,” said Dargan.

Light welterweight southpaw Jerome “The Messenger” Rodriguez, 6-0-3 (2), of Allentown, PA, and southpaw Brandon “Eyes Wide” Williams, 3-0-1 (2), of Rochester, NY, put on a boxing clinic to a 6 round draw.

In the opening round both skilled boxers showed the fans two prospects in the ring. Williams landed a solid left uppercut knocking the head of Rodriguez back. Shortly later it was Rodriguez landing a solid left of his own letting Williams know he too could punch. This was one of those “you pick em’ rounds”. In the second Williams showed his quickness but by the midway of the round it was Rodriguez coming on. Williams came back again in the last minute to take the round. In the corner of Williams is former world champion Charles “The Natural” Murray.

In the third Rodriguez landed a solid lead left and followed up with several one punch shots to the jaw of Williams who lost his mouthpiece. Just prior to the bell Rodriguez landed a solid straight lead left to the chin of Williams to take the round. In the fourth Rodriguez started faster until a straight left to the head made Williams the aggressor. Before you knew it Rodriguez was back in control backing Williams up.

Referee Rosato warned Williams for holding behind the head (second offense).

In the fifth Williams drove Rodriguez into the ropes with a combo. Rodriguez back himself against the ropes as Williams came in with a flurry just prior to the bell giving Williams the round. In the sixth and final round Rodriguez landed the best punch of the fight rocking Williams with a left to the chin putting him against the ropes. Williams started dancing around as if he already won the fight counter punching. Rodriguez keeps after him landing a solid right uppercut to the chin. Another you pick em’ round.

Judge Kevin Morgan had it 59-55 Williams, Ron McNair 58-57 Rodriguez and Julie Lederman 57-57 as did DHB.

In the swing bout after the main event super bantamweight Luis “Chiki” Acevedo, 0-0-1 (0), of Bethlehem, PA, made his debut and drew with Josh Crespo, 1-1-2 (1), of New Haven, CT, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round Crespo buckled the knees of Acevedo with a left hook to the chin. Acevedo turned southpaw but went back to orthodox in the final seconds and got caught with another left hook that shook him. In the second round Acevedo came back countering Crespo evening the score. The third was close but in the fourth Crespo rocked Acevedo several times. It was a final round slugfest.

The referee was Clark. McNair had it 39-37 for Crespo while Lederman and Morgan had it 38-38 as did DHB.

In the opening bout welterweight Nate Rivas, 3-0 (1), of Berlin, NJ, stopped Terrell James, 1-2-1 (0), of Philly at 2:37 of the third round in an absolute non-stop war from the opening bell!

A war! Two good prospects against one another in probably what will be the fight of the night. Rivas had James over the ropes facing the fans and referee Clark missed it. James was out on his feet at the bell. In the second round both fighters picked up where they left off. They both went to the body and head as instructed.

The third round early you could see James was slowing down. Rivas had him hurt and referee Clark separated them to take a look while they were fighting. Rivas again had James out when referee Clark wisely stepped in to stop it. Rivas is trained by his father Raul “Chino” Rivas who also trains 4 other good prospects at the Guts & Glory gym in West Berlin, NJ, where he and Adrienne Soto run a real nice gym.

Joe Antonacci was the ring announcer and Ellen Haley publicist.

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