ESPN2 Boxcino Tourney Winners Move to Finals! - Boxing report from Ringside
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ESPN2 Boxcino Tourney Winners Move to Finals! - Boxing report from Ringside
By Ken Hissner at ringside for Dog House Boxing (April 11, 2015)

Banner Promotions and Kings Promotions co-promoted the ESPN Boxcino tournament at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA, over ESPN2 Friday night. It was a really good night of tournament boxing! Adams will meet Thompson for the super welterweight title and Fedosov will meet Thomas for the heavyweight title.

In the Main event super welterweight Brandon “The Cannon” Adams, 17-1 (12), of Watts, CA, stopped Armenian Vardan “Vito/Pit Bull” Gasparyan, 15-4-5 (8), out of Burbank, CA, in the seventh round due to damaged left ear at 0:35 of the round.

Gasparyan has a full board which normally is not allowed but the Boxing Director seems to “make an exception”. In the opening round Adams started out as the aggressor but by the end of the round it was Gasparyan the aggressor. In the second round Gasparyan landed a hard right to the head of Adams who was against the ropes. A left uppercut by Adams knocked Gasparyan off balance. In the third round Adams was landing hard uppercuts with both hands hurting Gasparyan to the body.

In the fourth round Adams was warned by referee Gary Rosato about a low left hook. Gasparyan came back with a three punch combination. Gasparyan had a bloody nose by the end of the round. In the fifth round Gasparyan’s left ear is bleeding and swelling. The ring physician took a look at him between rounds. In the sixth round Adams seemed to have the better power but Gasparyan never stops coming forward. In the seventh round the ear was doubling in size causing stoppage of the fight.

“I’ve been working on body shots a whole lot due to being shorter than most of my fights do to only six amateur bouts. My trainer is Dub Huntley. Vito is the toughest opponent I have met. I’m looking forward to fighting Thompson. He beat a good fighter in Skorokhod. I was in last years tourney as a middleweight but I feel much better at super welterweight,” said Adams.

Super welterweight John “Apollo Kidd” Thompson, 16-1 (5), of Newark, NJ, won a split decision over Ukrainian Stanyslav Skorokhod, 9-1 (7), over eight rounds. Somma had it 77-75 for Thompson, Greer 78-74 for Skorokhod and Schreck had it 78-74 for Thompson. DHB had it 78-74 for Thompson. Gary Rosato was the referee.

In an evenly fought first two rounds Skorokhod chased counter punching Thompson. In the third round Thompson hurt Skorokhod just prior to the bell but Skorokhod immediately came back and had the fans yelling loud and clear at the bell. In the fourth round of action Thompson got a small cut over his right eye that superior cut man Joey Eye worked on right away.

In the sixth round Skorokhod started landing more as Thompson seemed to be slowing down. In the seventh round Skorokhod came out landing a solid right to the chin of Thompson. Near the end of the round Thompson switched t southpaw and started to score with both the jab and lead left very effectively. In the eighth and final round Thompson countered well as Skorokhod was desperately trying to pull the fight out with a knockout knowing he is behind.

Heavyweight Romanian Razvan Cojanu, 13-2 (7), out of Burbank, CA, was knocked out by southpaw Donovan Dennis, 12-1 (10), of Davenport, IA, at 0:59 of the second round.

In the opening round Cojanu seemed to have a slight edge. In the second round as Cojanu was throwing a right hand Dennis got there first with a straight left to the chin knocking Cojanu down. He tried to beat the count of referee Shawn Clark but couldn’t.

“I used my speed and quick combinations. I saw an opening in the first round and hit him on the button with a left in the second round. The next fight with Fedosov is going to be tough and I will have to work harder,” said Donovan. “I got caught but that’s boxing,” said Cojanu.

Heavyweight southpaw from Jamaica Lenroy “TNT” Thomas, 19-4 (9), out of St. Petersburg, FL, was knocked out by Russian Andrey Fedosov, 27-3 (22), of Hollywood, CA, who was down in the first round, at 1:01 of the third round of a scheduled eight.

In the opening round Thomas dropped Fedosov with a right hook to the chin. In the second round Fedosov came back getting the better of Thomas. In the third round round Fedosov landed three right hands to the head of Thomas dropping him. He took the full count from referee Gary Rosato on one knee at 1:01 of the third round.

“I wasn’t really hurt as he hit me with an unexpected punch. He opened up and I took advantage of his weak defense,” said Fedosov. “I thought I had him in the first round. He hit me with a good shot and took out my legs,” said Thomas.

Boxing Director Greg Sirb announced the passing of former boxing commissioner and all time Philadelphia Eagle great Charles “Concrete” Bednarik better know to football fans as “Concrete Charley” who recently passed away.

Heavyweight Eric Newell, 8-3-2 (5), of Bethlehem at 266 won a close 4 round decision over southpaw Brandon Spencer, 2-9-1 (2), of Augusta, GA, at 298, by scores of 40-36 and two at 39-37 as did DHB score it.

In the first round Newell seemed to have a slight edge in a lot of holding by both fighters. In the second round as referee Shawn Clark came in to separate the fighters Spencer threw a punch and dropped Newell. The Boxing Director yelled something to the referee and Newell got a couple of minutes to re-coup. Later in the round Newell took Spencer to the canvas with a “take down” with Newell on top of Spencer.

In the fourth and final round Spencer came out with a mean look and went after Bolden as both landed hay makers in between clinches. Newell got Spencer against the ropes getting the better of him but Spencer came back prior to the bell landing a couple of wild swings to the head of Newell at the bell.

Heavyweight southpaw Ed “Tex Trismigistus” Fountain, 10-2 (4), of Hawaii, a previous loser in the last round of the tournament fell short again losing to Jon Bolden, 7-10-1 (5), out of NY, over 6 rounds by scores of 58-56 and 59-55 twice. DHB had it 58-56 Bolden.

In the opening round Bolden seemed to have an edge. In the second round Fountain rocked Bolden on two occasions having him against the ropes. In the third round with both fighters staying on the inside with little jabbing as Fountain seemed to have an edge but had his mouth piece knocked out prior to the bell. Referee Gary Rosato has his hands full with quite a bit of holding and hitting by both fighters.

In the fifth round Fountain is showing swelling under his left eye as Bolden is landing rights following a double jab. Referee Rosato warns Bolden several times for infractions. In the sixth and final round Bolden landed a right uppercut followed by a left to the chin. At the bell they give the fighters some applause for a workmanlike fight for heavyweights.

In the opening bout welterweight Greg “Baby Face” Jackson, 5-2-1 (2), of Philadelphia, suffered a mild upset as Curtis Morton, 3-4-2, Harlem, NY over 6 rounds. Score were 60-53 twice and 58-55 while DHB had it 58-55 all for Morton.

After a close first round both fighters took turns in the second round landing solid punches primarily to the body. They could fight in a phone booth. Morton gets Jackson backed into the ropes with each staggered once. Just prior to the bell the fans were cheering as both fighters let it all hang out. In the third round they picked it up where they left off with Morton having the edge. The fans showed their pleasure applauding both fighters after the round ended.

Prior to the bell referee Shawn Clark advised the Morton corner it was the last round coming up and they told him it’s a six rounder and were right. Obviously the Boxing Director didn’t make it clear to the referee how many rounds were scheduled. In the fourth round both fighters continued pounding each other inside but at a little slower pace. In the fifth round Jackson had Morton on the ropes but Moron fired back with right uppercuts to the chin. Suddenly Morton lands a right cross to the chin of Jackson dropping him. He was up just prior to the bell sounding.

In the sixth and final round Morton yelled to his fans to start cheering and they did. Morton came out looking to end things and ran into a right uppercut in the middle of the ring that rocked him but he came back forcing Jackson backwards. Both fighters continued fighting in close with most punches to the body. At the bell the fans showed their appreciation. Great start to this show by both fighters.

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