Full Ringside Report: Garcia vs. Peterson, Lee vs. Quillin
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Full Ringside Report: Garcia vs. Peterson, Lee vs. Quillin
By Ken Hissner at ringside for Dog House Boxing (April 12, 2015)

Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson - Peter Quillin vs. Andy Lee
Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson - Peter Quillin vs. Andy Lee
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. WBA/WBC super lightweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia, 30-0 (17), Philadelphia, won a majority decision over IBF super lightweight champion Lamont Peterson, 33-3-1 (17), of DC, in a 12 round non-title bout. Referee was Harvey Dock.

In the opening round Peterson is dancing around the ring throwing jabs in the air with little connect. In the final minute Peterson starts to stay in front of Garcia more landing several left hooks. In the second round Peterson lands a counter right bringing blood from Garcia’s nose. Garcia continues to come forward chasing Peterson. Close round. In the third round Garcia is still chasing Peterson though Peterson is landing more jabs. Garcia is pushing the action but missing as much as he is landing.

In the fourth round by the halfway mark Garcia backs up and challenges Peterson to stop running. Peterson is running so much he slips to the canvas. Then starts showboating and the fans do not appreciate it. His jab controls due to his hand speed but is not making it a fans fight. In the fifth round Garcia lands a lead right to the chin of Peterson. Peterson lands a right and left to head of Garcia. Garcia follows-up with a left-right-left. A lead right by Garcia connects to the chin of Peterson. The fans start chanting Garcia, Garcia, Garcia. In the sixth round Garcia lands a double left hook as Peterson finally decides to stop dancing and fight. Peterson is deciding to fight more but lands little.

In the seventh round with a minute to go the fight finally heats up with both landing. It was a very close round to score. In the eighth round Peterson lands a good left hook to the body of Garcia. Suddenly it’s Peterson who becomes the aggressor. Peterson lands the best punch of the fight with a solid right to the chin of Garcia. This was Peterson’s best round. In the ninth round Garcia has a mouse under each eye. Peterson lands a good combination to the head of Garcia. He starts clowning again but effectively. Garcia lands a good right as Peterson is trying to move away. Again Garcia lands a right to the head of Peterson. Garcia lands a 3-punch combination to the body of Peterson. Its Peterson landing a lead power shot at the bell to the head of Garcia. It’s another close round.

In the tenth round Peterson starts clowning with fancy foot work. Peterson is on his bicycle again. Garcia lands a solid right to the jaw getting Peterson’s attention. In the eleventh round Peterson is back in front of Garcia and lands a solid right to the chin of Garcia. Peterson is pushed to the canvas by Garcia. In this round Garcia is clinching while Peterson is landing hard body shots. Garcia’s mouse under his right eye seems to worsen. Peterson is landing some hard shots to the body and lands a hard right to the head of Garcia at the bell.

In the twelfth and final round Peterson lands a right hand power shot to the head of Garcia. Garcia lands a 3-punch combination. Peterson is the aggressor looking to hurt Garcia who is countering well. Peterson lands a good left hook to the head of Garcia as the fans are finally on their feet for the first time in the fight as Peterson is landing the harder punches with Garcia countering but with little power. Garcia’s face shows the battle marks of a tough fight. Peterson is unmarked.

Scores of 114-114 and two 115-113 were for Garcia. DHB had it 115-113 for Peterson. “I want to thank God and Al Haymon. He couldn’t win a fight running. I knew it was going to be a tough fight. We can do it again at 147,” said Garcia.

Judge Akerman hadd it 114-114, Morgan and Weisfeld 115-113 for Garcia. DHB had it 115-113 for Peterson.

Former WBO middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, 31-0-1 (22), of Brooklyn, NY, and WBO middleweight champion southpaw Andy Lee, 34-2-1 (21), Limerick, IRE, fought to a draw over 12 rounds. The people in Brooklyn were not happy with Quillin not getting the win and had a right to be unhappy.

In the opening round it took over a minute for a solid punch and that was Lee’s right hook to the head of Quillin. An overhand right by Quillin while ducking a right hook by Lee drops Lee with about 25 seconds left in the round. Just prior to the bell Quillin landed a left hook that caught Lee on the chin and into the corner post or it would have been a knockdown that referee Steve Willis missed. In the second round Quillin rocked Lee with a left hook to the chin followed by another left hook as Lee was knocked off balance almost dropped Lee again. In the third round a lead right followed by a right landed and down went Lee but the referee missed it as Quillin stepped on Lee’s foot and Lee tried to tell the referee that to no avail. Lee hurt Quillin with a right hook as he looked upset due to the knockdown. Lee suffered a cut on the outside of his left eye.

In the fourth round it looked like the opening round with both fighters feeling each other out. Quillin is using his jab very little while Lee uses his. In the fifth round Quillin landed a pair of left uppercuts to the chin that had Lee shaken. Through five rounds Lee hasn’t won a round. In the sixth Lee continues to go to his left right into the danger zone of Quillin’s right instead of going to his right. Quillin is backing Lee up without throwing a punch. Quillin is pitching a shutout.

Prior to the start of the seventh round the ring physician checked Lee’s jaw. A lead left by Lee was partially block but a follow up right hook on Quillin’s jaw dropped Quillin for the first time in his career with half a minute left in the round. In the eighth round a counter right by Quillin landed on Lee’s jaw stopping him in his tracks. It was another round the fighters seemed to cautious. In the ninth round at the halfway mark Quillin finally lands a solid jab. Lee lands a straight lead left that missed but a follow-up right hook lands on Quillin’s jaw. Again with about half a minute to go Lee lads another right hook to the chin of Quillin. Lee has taken the last three rounds.

In the tenth round Quillin landed a solid left hook after about thirty seconds. Quillin misses with a lead right uppercut and follow-up left hook looking very amateurish. Lee does not take advantage of it. Quillin lands a right hand to the head at the bell. In the eleventh round Lee should know he needs a knockout to win this fight but is going more to the body than the head. In a round with little action Lee seemed to have a slight edge. In the twelfth and final round Lee’s corner didn’t urge Lee to go for the knockout but Quillin’s did which seems like the opposite instruction from both cornermen. Both fighters were too cautious for a final round but Lee landed more.

Judge Guito 113-112 Lee, Marliniski 113-112 Quillin and Feldman 113-113 a draw. DHB had it 114-111 Quillin.

“Lee is a great boxer. I am not a judge I am a fighter and get paid for twelve rounds,” said Quillin. “He had a knockdown but I thought I boxed well. I am satisfied by a draw considering it’s in his hometown,” said Lee.

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