Larry Holmes “Heckled” at One Man Show Press Conference
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Larry Holmes “Heckled” at One Man Show Press Conference
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (April 15, 2015)

Larry “Easton Assassin” Holmes
Larry “Easton Assassin” Holmes
What turned out to be a press conference for former heavyweight champion Larry “Easton Assassin” Holmes “one man show” coming soon in the footsteps of Mike Tyson’s “one man show” was turned into a shouting match between Holmes and a “heckler” disputing things said by Holmes in the past and present! Holmes known for getting his way seemed stunned by this.

At the Title Gym in Malvern, PA, promoter Damon Feldman held the press conference pertaining to Holmes and Feldman’s future June 12th boxing show (Kamikaze Josue “El Guerrero” Rivera and newcomer Francisco “La Sombra” Cruz who trains at Rivera’s gym in South Philly will be on the show). After Holmes was introduced as the heavyweight champion holding the title the longest it was later questioned by the heckler saying “Joe Louis held the title the longest!”

What set the heckler off was a little earlier when Holmes remarked “I wasn’t chasing Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record.” The heckler yelled “bullshit, you said he couldn’t carry your jock strap.” Holmes replied “he couldn’t carry my jock strap.” The heckler came back with “and twenty-five years later you said he couldn’t walk down the same sidewalk you do. That’s because he would be on the sidewalk and you in the gutter!” Holmes came back with “that’s because they didn’t want a black champ!” Seems Holmes still has a bitter resentment toward Marciano though losing to Michael Spinks when he was 48-0! Holmes was known for other racist remarks when he called Gerry Cooney “the white hope before they fought!”

Holmes than remarked “I settled him down” to Feldman while the heckler yelled over “bullshit, how are you going to handle hecklers on your one man show?” Holmes remarked “no one is going to heckle me.” The heckler laughed and said “bull shit, you lost to both “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon and Carl “The Truth” Williams!” To that Holmes said “I got the decisions”.

The heckler came back with “Nicky Wells (southpaw representing the Air Force) beat you twice in the amateurs!” Then Holmes cut him off saying “you’re right and I lost to Duane Bobick and you know why? I was disqualified for holding but I was only a light heavyweight fighting heavyweights”. The heckler than said “you said some guy named John started you by taking you to the gym. John who? Ernie Butler trained you!” To that Holmes seemed confused and forgot he mentioned someone named John and not remembering Butler trained him. Butler was removed by Don King upon signing Holmes and gave him a new trainer letting Butler behind with not as much as a “thank you!”

The heckler was told to watch his “language” and he yelled “you (Holmes) told me in Easton you would beat the shit out of me”. Twice Feldman motioned to two of the muscle men in the gym to remove the heckler who told the first one to “get your hands off of me or you’ll have a lawsuit.” The second one he later told “I’m not going anywhere.”

Then Holmes business partner Jay Newman approached the heckler telling him to calm down but was asked “do you know who I am?” He then gave Newman a picture of Holmes, Marvin Stinson (Holmes sparring partner for 13 years) and the heckler himself back in 1980 and said to check the name on the bottom of the picture. Newman looked up with a surprise look knowing the recognizing the name of the heckler and the heckler told him “I’ve waited 30 years to tell him off about what he said about Marciano and I only told him half of what I wanted to”. The heckler was then seen talking to Newman for about ten minutes before going over to Feldman’s lawyer about something. Then he headed to the exit and one of the gym workers yelled “hey heckler” with a thumbs up while the heckler looked back and started laughing. Holmes seemed to try to make the crowd of about thirty laugh before all this started but it fell short so how he’s going to make a one man show of it is doubtful! Tyson in contrast has a much better personality and seems to have been successful with his one man act.

Current WBA, WBO and IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko who held the titles of the WBO from 10/2000 to 3/03 and again 2/08 to currently 4/15 for 7 ½ years while holding the WBA from 7/11 to 4/15 for 7 years 9 months and finally 4/06 to 4/15 which is 9 years. Holmes held the WBC title 6/78 to 9/83 5 years 3 months then took on unranked Marvis Frazier 10-0 that was a “non-title” and was without a title from 9/83 to 11/84 before winning the newly organized IBF title from 11/84 to 9/85 some 10 months for a total of 6 years and 1 month. He had 18 defenses though claiming 22 at the press conference while Louis had 25 defenses and Klitschko 22.

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