De Alba Wins Split Decision Over Suarez Friday in Allentown
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De Alba Wins Split Decision Over Suarez Friday in Allentown
By Ken Hissner and David Ruff at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (April 19, 2014)

Frank Santos De Alba
Frank Santos De Alba
Marshall Kauffman’s King Promotions put on a fine pro-am show at the Econo Lodge in Allentown, PA, Friday night before a standing room only crowd.

Junior lightweight Frank Santos De Alba, 12-1-2 (4), of Reading, PA, won an 8 round split decision over Israel “Macho” Suarez, 4-4-2 (1), of Luguillo, PR, at the Econo Lodge in Allentown, PA, Friday night!

It was a shame there had to be a loser. You had a pair of southpaws giving it all they had over 8 close rounds! It was De Alba’s 10th straight win with a pair of draws since losing his first fight.

In the 2nd Suarez landed a strong uppercut only to have De Alba come back with one of his own. Suarez caught De Alba with a straight left to the chin at the bell. In the 3rd Suarez finished strong driving De Alba into his corner with a combination of punches. In the 4th De Alba’s right hooks seemed to pull it out evening the score.

In the 5th De Alba landed several power left hands to the chin of Suarez to pull out the round. In the 6th they went toe to toe with Suarez having the edge. In the 7th Suarez landed 4 consecutive punches in a contest with few combinations. In the 8th and final round De Alba countered a Suarez jab with a solid left to the chin. De Alba seemed to have had an edge until a straight left by Suarez rocked him stopping him in his tracks just prior to the bell in what looked like enough to pull out the win!

It was a loud crowd who didn’t want to sit in their seats which usually happens when there’s an all Latino main event. Security had their hands full keeping them back from ringside but there were no problems. The pro-De Alba crowd got quiet when ring announcer Larry Tornambe said “we have a split decision!” Judge Dave Greer saw it 77-75 for Suarez while Michael Somma saw it the same but for De Alba. Out of left field came a 78-74 by Eric Dali for De Alba. DHB had it 77-75 for Suarez.

“I think I won the fight on ring generalship along my jabs. I knew it was going to be a tough fight,” said De Alba. Veteran trainer out of NY Lenny De Jesus kind of summed it up with “the worst Suarez should have gotten was a draw!” It would be hard to argue with that.

It wasn’t one of De Alba’s better performances and Suarez was coming off a draw with Philly’ then Frank Trader 10-1-1 in Philly. His brother who worked several corners in earlier bouts stated afterwards “Frankie doesn’t like fighting southpaws!” Suarez said “I didn’t like the decision. I know we fought in his house. I boxed and almost had him out in the last round”.

Welterweight Pat Kehoe, 1-0 (0), of Reading, PA won his debut with a 4 round decision over Shawn Sutton, 0-2-1 (0), Norristown, PA. In the opening round Kehoe came out strong while Sutton switched to southpaw to confuse Kehoe halfway through the round. In the 3rd Sutton started landing more but Kehoe used his strength inside. The 4th and final round was the best round of the fight with Sutton coming back landing more punches than in the earlier rounds but not enough to pull out the win. Considering he was returning to the ring after 20 years at age 39 he gave fine effort. Veteran trainer-manager Jim Deoria worked the corner along with Joey Rowan. Clark was the ref. Greer and Dali had it 40-36 and Somma 39-37 as did DHB for Kehoe.

Lightweights Robert Ramos, 1-2-1 (0), of Allentown, PA, and Benjamin Burgos, 1-6-1 (0), of Mt. Pocono, PA, battled to a 4 round draw. In the opening round Burgos did well landing with accuracy. In an action packed 2nd round it was a close battle with Ramos coming back strong. In the 3rd Ramos drove a Burgos into the corner. In the 4th and final round both fighters tried pulling it out to no avail. Dali had it 39-37 Burgos while Somma had it 39-37 Ramos with Greer calling it 38-38 for a draw. DHB’s Ruff had it 40-36 Burgos and Hissner 38-38. Clark was the ref.

In the opening bout light middleweight Miguel Martinez, 1-0 (0), of Reading, PA, won a disputed decision over Danny Lugo, 2-7 (0), of Harrisburg, PA, over 4 rounds.

Lugo opened the 1st round moving and countering well. Martinez came back in the 2nd round landing good combinations. Then Lugo buckled the knees of Martinez along the ropes. In the 3rd Lugo fought well coming off the ropes countering Martinez but Martinez landed almost 10 straight punches with Lugo against the ropes. In the 4th and final round Martinez landed a solid right to the chin of Lugo driving him into the ropes.

Dave Greer and Eric Dali had it 39-37 and Michael Somma had it 40-36 all for Martinez as DHB had it 39-37 for Lugo. Clark was the ref. King Promotions will next run June 28th at Reading’s Santander Arena.

In an action packed amateur part of the show the following:

Yesenia Torres, of Reading, PA won a decision over Marissa Mills, of Tri-City, NJ. Torres scored a standing count in the 1st round and a knockdown in the 3rd.

At #138 Samantha Veresey, of Lancaster fighting out of Allentown, PA, easily defeated Jasim Torres, of Reading in a rematch. Veresey controlled with her jab. It was only the winner’s third bout.

At #88 southpaw Kaliah Vasquez, of Reading, PA, won a close decision over Angelita Rodriguez, of NJ, in non-stop action.

#128 Brookes Shilling, of NJ, won a decision over Kayla Horacho, of Reading. Horacho went down from what looked like a slip but the ref called it a knockdown. Shilling used her jab effectively and dropped Horacho just before the bell to pull out the win.

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