Sockwell Upset by Garcia at Scranton Hilton Friday!
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Sockwell Upset by Garcia at Scranton Hilton Friday!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (June 21, 2014)

At the Scranton Hilton & Conference Center, Scranton, PA, Chris Coyne’s Northeast Boxing Promotions, Renee Aiken, Matchmaker, filled the room for the second straight show this year.

In the main event middleweight southpaw Robert “RJ Black & Gold” Sockwell, 7-3-1 (5), from E. Stroudsburg, PA was upset by split decision to Johnathan Garcia, 4-8 (1), of Aguada, PR, over 6 rounds. In the opening round Garcia was winging slapping punches to the body until Sockwell stunned him with a straight left to the chin. It was a close feeling out round. In the 2nd round a solid straight left to the chin by Sockwell was acknowledged by Garcia. Sockwell is the accurate and heavier puncher but conservative in his punch count in another close round. In the 3rd the busier Garcia landed a 3-punch combination to the body of Sockwell who is content to counter. In the 4th an overhand right by Garcia landed flush on the top of the head of Sockwell wh had his back to the ropes. Sockwell out of his own corner landed a pair of left hands to the chin of Garcia who came back with several punched of his own. Garcia seemed to even the score.

In the 5th Garcia landed a 4-punch combination to the body as Sockwell seems content to counter with his left doing more posing than punching though the crowd cheers him on in a close round.

In the 6th and final round Garcia dropped Sockwell with a right to the solar plexis forcing him to take a knee as referee Gary Rosato gave him an 8 count.

Somma had it 59-54 for Garcia, Bruni 57-56 for Sockwell, Greer 59-54 for Garcia and DHB 58-55 for Garcia.

Light middleweight Stephon “New Breed” Burgette, 4-1-1 (1), of Dunmore, PA, easily defeated Rick Graham, 0-4-2 (0), of Detroit, MI, over 4 rounds of action.

Burgette started fast which seemed to give him the first round. The 2nd round saw much more action with both fighters opening up with Burgette to the body and Graham jabbing and following with rights as Burgette again looked like the busier of the two. In the 3rd Burgette had his fans cheering with body shots from both hands having Graham on the run.

In the 4th and final round Burgette had his fans on their feet as he chased Graham around the ring trying to end it with more body shots winning a lopsided round. Rosato was the referee. Scores of 39-37 by both Bruni and Somma with Greer & DHB 40-36. “I want to thank God for the victory. My trainer had me using my right more than in previous fights,” said Burgette.

In the opening bout cruiserweight Brian “Wildman” Donahue, 3-9 (0) Philadelphia won a close decision over southpaw Derrick Brent, 0-1 (0), of Baltimore, MD, the son of former world champion “Chop Chop” Corley who worked the corner, over 4 rounds. Rosato was the referee. Scores of 39-36 by Somma and 38-36 by both Bruni and Greer along with DHB.

In the opening round Donahue landed a short right dropping Brent. In the 2nd round Donahue walked right into a right hook and dropped to a knee and suffered a cut over the right eye. In the 3rd round Donahue went to the body of Brent with right hands to ribs to take the round. In the 4th and final round Donahue outworked a tired Brent. Trainer Greg Hackett worked the corner of Donahue.

Light middleweight Shakir Aquel Dunn, 1-3 (2), of Newark, NJ, lost a majority decision to Anthony Abbruzzi, 1-0 (0) of Philadelphia, PA, over 4 rounds in a fight that could have gone the other way. In the opening round Dunn using effective jabs with Abbruzzi concentrating on the body but getting outworked. In the 2nd round Dunn countered well as he had Abruzzi following him around the ring. In the 3rd round Abruzzi started to land with the left hook until he ran into a straight right from Dunn. Abruzzi’s trainer Greg Hackett encouraged him to work more as he seemed to take the round. In the 4th and final round Dunn was landing his jab while Abruzzi opened up several times with combinations trying to catch up to a fleeting Dunn. Rosato was the referee. Scores of 38-38 by Bruni with 39-37 by both Greer and Somma. DHB 39-37 Dunn. Rosato was the referee. This was a pro-am show with 6 amateur bouts. .

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