Frank Santos De Alba Wins UBF Title on Disputed Knockout
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Frank Santos De Alba Wins UBF Title on Disputed Knockout
By Ken Hissner and Dave Ruff at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (June 30, 2014)

Frankie De Alba
Frankie De Alba
At the Santander Arena, in Reading, PA, Saturday night Marshall Kauffman’s King’s Promotions in association with David Feldman’s XFE ended with a low blow in the main event of Rumble II. Even the fans couldn’t cheer for their favorite super featherweight Frank Santos De Alba, 13-2-1 (5), of Reading, like they wanted. Referee Gary Rosato failed to see what was obvious at press row that the punch that felled Pablo Batres, 7-10-1 (2), of Nogales, Sonora, MEX was well under the belt line.

Rosato made a bad call instead of giving Batres a 5 minute rest period. It was a hollow victory for De Alba who completely dominated the fight up to that point.

De Alba punished Batres throughout the 1st round and battered Batres so bad in the 2nd that he wobbled back to his corner. In the 3rd round De Alba continued to punish In the 5th Batres from an obvious low blow from De Alba went down.

Featherweight Antonio “The Tiger” Dubose, 6-0 (2), of Philadelphia made a fine showing winning a 4 round decision over Benjamin “The Shadow” Burgos, 1-8-1 (0), of Mt. Pocono, PA. Referee was Rosato. Judges Greer and Daily had it 40-36 while Somma and DHB 39-37 for Dubose.

In the first 10 seconds of the 1st round a right hand from Dubose rocked Burgos. Burgos came back and out hustled Dubose who seemed to be loading up. In the 2nd round a Debose body attack had Burgos pinned on the ropes. In the 4th Dubose landed a pair of solid right’s to the head of Burgos. At the bell Dubose lands a right to the head of Burgos. This was an action packed fight that had the fans really into it. The record of Burgos is very deceiving.

Welterweight Danny Lugo, 3-7 (2), of Harrisburg, PA, took a disputed majority decision over Pat Kehoe, 1-1 (0), of Reading over 4 rounds.

Kehoe went on the offense swinging wild rights putting Lugo on the defense for most of the round. In the 2nd things slowed down with Lugo able to catch Kehoe coming in making it a close round. In the 3rd Kehoe may have punched himself out as Lugo was able to hang in there for most of the round. In the 4th and final round both tried their best but there were more misses than hits. Rosato was the referee. Greer had it 38-38 as did DHB while Somma 39-37 and Dailey 40-36 for Lugo. The fans seemed to accept the decision in silence. Lightweight Rolando Chinea, 8-0-1 (5), of Lancaster, PA, stopped Robert Ramos, 1-3-1 (1), of Allentown, PA, at 2:04 of the 2nd round as referee Rosato waved it off.

In the opening round Ramos came out landing left hook’s putting Chinea on the defense until halfway through the round as he started missing and got hammered with a chopping right by Chinea knocking him down. Ramos was dropped a second time with a right hand. In the 2nd round Ramos continues missing wildly as Chinea uses an effective jab and rocked Ramos with right hands putting him against the ropes when referee Rosato stepped in stopping it.

Light middleweight Gilbert Alex Sanchez, 4-4 (2), of Camden, NJ, won a close decision over Miguel “El Gallo” Martinez, 1-1 (1), of Reading, over 4 rounds, despite all 3 judges having it 40-36 DHB 39-37. Rosato was the referee. In a very even 1st round for the most part the more experienced Sanchez counters well with combinations. Martinez was out scoring Sanchez in the 2nd. Martinez continued to follow Sanchez around the ring while Sanchez lands combo’s almost at will in the 3rd. In the 4th and final round both boxers fought like the fight was on the line with plenty of action. In the opening bout welterweight southpaw Christian Molina, 2-0 (1), of Allentown, PA, made an impressive showing coming out after Morales and scored a pair of knockdowns stopping Jordan Morales, 0-1 (0), of Bethlehem, PA, at 2:42 of the 1st round. Referee was Rosato. The ring announcer was Alex Barbosa who did a good job. There were 10 amateur bouts prior to the professional card.

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