Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson Both Lost Their Titles in a Non-Title Bout!
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Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson Both Lost Their Titles in a Non-Title Bout!
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (July 3, 2015)

Danny Garcia
Instead of unification between WBC/WBA Philly’s Danny “Swift” Garcia and IBF’s DC’s Lamont Peterson they decided to do a non-title bout! Since their April 11th fight both have been deservingly stripped of their titles as they should have been.

Garcia had gotten a “gift” against Mauricio Herrera in March of 2014 in his last defense and Peterson was knocked out in another one of his “non-title” bouts with Matthyse in May of 2013 and a lame last defense against No. 15 Edgar Santana in August of 2014 and they wonder why they were stripped of their titles?

Recently in Atlantic City I approached Peterson and asked “when are you going to fight Cesar Cuenca of Argentina?” He asked “who is he?” I told him “he is your No. 1 contender, 47-0 (2) and won an elimination match in May of 2014. He told me “they stripped me of my title!” Cuenca will get a vacant title fight in China against Ik Yang, 19-0 (14), July 18th. Yank is from China and a South Korean resident now.

Both Garcia and Peterson should and probably will be moving up into the welterweight division. Let’s hope neither is Floyd Mayweather’s 49th opponent! Let them have a re-match at 147 because the decision was very controversial. The Garcia fan’s said Peterson ran the first half of the fight but since Garcia couldn’t hit him what does it prove? If that was the case Ali would have lost many a fight. Countering with your jab while you are missing should give you the win! It wasn’t pretty but I felt Peterson did enough to pull out the decision especially the way he finished the fight!

Both Garcia and Peterson have skills but neither was what you call a “fighting champion!” Let’s hope if either win a title at 147 they will have learned their lesson!

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