Granite Jaw Marion “Mo” Wilson Was Never Stopped in 57 Bouts
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Granite Jaw Marion “Mo” Wilson Was Never Stopped in 57 Bouts
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (July 7, 2014)

You knew when you were matched with Marion “Mo” Wilson it was going the distance. He started out at 5-0-1. The only time he was stopped was on a technical decision in the 2nd round in his first fight against Derek Isaman, 9-0, in 1991 on cuts. After defeating Isaman in their rematch he was 6-3-1.

Wilson returned to the ring 15 days later losing to Frans Botha which started his downfall. After that he would go 1-13-1. In his last 18 fights he was 1-16-1. He ended his career 12-41-4 (5). “He was a good fighter but in close fights he got robbed. He took too many fights for the money,” said Janks Morton.

In 25 of his 57 fights Wilson’s opponents were undefeated. He only fought one opponent with a losing record and that was in his 6th fight. He fought from 1989 until 2007 at the age of 51. His opponents total records were 1127-146-16 averaging 20-3. “The best fighter I fought was Hasim Rahman,” said Wilson.

Among those who held a world title at some time during their career that Wilson faced were Greg Page (had Page down), Shannon Briggs, Hasim Rahman, Oliver McCall (2x) and Cruiserweight champion Orlin Norris. “I had Norris down twice and thought I won about 9 rounds,” said Wilson.

Wilson gained a disputed draw with Ray Mercer on national TV. “I trained Mo for the Mercer fight and he should have gotten the decision. I also trained him for the two McCall fights,” said Morton.

Adding to that list were Ike Ibeabuchi 14-0, Kirk Johnson 11-0, Jimmy Thunder 19-5, Jade Scott 16-1, Andrew Golota (2x) 22-0, Samuel Peter 7-0, Tyrell Biggs 24-5, (He was very tough,” said Biggs), Frans Botha 14-0, Larry Donald 34-1-1, Oleg Maskaev 14-2, Derrick Jefferson 17-0, Obed Sullivan 13-1-1, Paea Wolfgramm 14-0, Carl “The Truth” Williams 29-9, Tony Thompson 13-1, David Izon 20-3 (2x) Obed Sullivan 13-1-1,Chazz Witherspoon 5-0, Faruq Saleem, 22-0 , and Terrence Lewis, 15-1 it’s hard to believe not one of these boxers ever stopped him! “Samuel Peter was the hardest puncher,” said Wilson.

“When I fought him I only had 5 fights and I knew all the tough opponents that he faced. I was concerned about the fight. He was tough and crafty. He was well built and in good shape. He hit me on the hip and I limped to my dressing room after the fight. Though I tried to at least knock him down it wasn’t going to happen for he really took a good punch,” said Chazz Witherspoon.

Today Wilson lives in VA but works in MD at age 58. I was able to reach him through Buddy Harrison, father, manager and trainer of 19 year old unbeaten prospect Dusty Hernandez-Harrison. Wilson was like a challenge to any who used him as an “opponent” to see if you could stop him. He was knocked down twice in his career by Ezzra Sellers and Terrance Lewis. “Granite Jaw Marion (Mo) Wilson Was Never Stopped in 57 Fights!

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