Chazz Witherspoon Stops Tyyab Beale in the 8th round
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Chazz Witherspoon Stops Tyyab Beale in the 8th round
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (July 13, 2014)

Chazz Witherspoon
Chazz Witherspoon returned after over 2 years in a very exciting fight with the right opponent to give him the work he needed before Witherspoon ended it at 1:59 of the 8th and final round.

Chazz Witherspoon’s Silver Spoon Promotions made their debut at the Riverwinds Community Center, in West Deptford, NJ, Saturday night.

Heavyweight Chazz “The Gentleman” Witherspoon, 31-3 (23), of Mt. Royal, NJ, put on a fine performance in his return stopping Tyyab Beale, 9-5-1 (3), of Newark, NJ, before a good and vocal crowd.

In the opening round Witherspoon’s punches seemed more on the money in a close round. In the 2nd round Witherspoon right’s rocked Beale who ended the round with a solid left hook to the head. In the 3rd round Witherspoon landed a 3 punch combination driving Beale to the ropes. His jab set up Beale followed by solid right hands. Beale’s left hook was his most effective punch during the round. Witherspoon ended the round having Beale in trouble.

In the 4th round a Witherspoon right hand to the head dropped Beale in a neutral corner. Beale got up fighting mad. Both fighters let it all hang out with Witherspoon rocking Beale who came back each time. This round had the fans off their seats. In the 5th round they picked up where they left off with good exchanges as Witherspoon would land a lead right and Beale come back with a left hook throughout the round.

In the 6th round Witherspoon landed a right cross to the chin of Beale making his knees buckle. Beale starts slowing down as he backs into the ropes as Witherspoon starting to wear him down. In the 7th round Beale comes out dancing for the first time in the fight until a lead right by Witherspoon landed on his chin. Beale once again was back pedaling to get through the round. In the 8th and final round a solid right from Witherspoon had Beale’s eye’s rolling back as he was driven into the ropes.

Witherspoon immediately jumped on him landing several solid rights having him out on his feet as referee Alan Huggins wisely stepped in stopping the fight. The son of former heavyweight champion “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon, Tim “Terrible II” Witherspoon, Jr., 10-5-1 (2), of Philadelphia was upset by Jeff Lentz, 4-0 (1), of Lanoka, Harbor, NJ, who put on a steady attack over 6 rounds in a welterweight match-up.

In the 1st round the southpaw Lentz landed 4 straight punches with Witherspoon keeping his hands up in defense then stuck out his tongue. Lentz came back with 4 more punches. In the 2nd round Witherspoon landed a hard right to the head forcing Lentz to hold on. Lentz kept switching back and forth to orthodox but Witherspoon’s much more experience didn’t seem effected by this. Lentz ended the round with a flurry. In the 3rd round Lentz forced the action looking like the stronger of the two. In the 4th Witherspoon started going to the body with lead right hands. Lentz came back with half a dozen unanswered punches. Lentz ended the round with a 4 punch combo at the bell.

In the 5th round Lentz continued being the busier of the two but may have slowed down by the end of the round being in his first 6 rounder. In the 6th and final round a Witherspoon right hand rocked Lentz. Even though tired, Lentz gave a gutsy finish. Harvey Dock was the referee.

All 3 judges had it 59-55 as did DHB for Lentz.

In the opening bout the grandson of “Jersey” Joe Walcott, Luis Cream, 3-1 (0), of Camden, NJ, lost to Malik “The Freaky Dreaky” Jackson, 1-3-3 (0), of Newark, NJ, in a 4 round light middleweight match-up.

In the first round it was all Jackson with Cream doing the “rope-a-dope” for the most part. In the 2nd round it was more of the same with a little offense from Cream. In the 3rd round Jackson kept up the pressure looking for his first win. He seemed to ice it in the 4th round.

All 3 judges had it 40-36 as did DHB for Jackson. Dock was the referee.

Welterweight Kevin Womack, Jr., 4-5-2 (2), of Baltimore, MD, battled to a draw with Anthony Prescott, 3-3-2 (1), of Cherry Hill, NJ, over 4 rounds.

Womack used his longer reach to offset the oncoming Prescott in the opening round. In the 2nd round Prescott landed 4 unanswered punches forcing Womack to grab and hold. In the 3rd round Prescott suffered a bloody nose but came back to land a hard right to the head of Womack. In the 4th round both fighters mixed it up well up to the closing bell in an action packed last round. Huggins was the referee.

Tony Perez 40-36 for Womack, Jon Stewart 39-37 for Prescott and Barbara Perez 38-38 as did DHB.

Middleweight Matthew “Chico” Gonzalez, 1-0 (0), of Vineland, NJ, won a split decision over Portugal’s Rafael Machado, 0-2 (0), of Philadelphia over 4 rounds. In an action packed 1st round Gonzalez seemed to get the better of Machado. In the 2nd round Machado turned it around landing the heavier punches and continued doing the same in the 3rd round. In the 4th round Machado pinned Gonzalez in the corner until Gonzalez spun out and put up some offense of his own that may have been too little too late. Huggins was the referee.

T. Perez 40-36 and B. Perez 39-37 for Gonzalez Stewart 39-37 Machado and DHB 38-38.

Welterweight southpaw, Nick Valliere, 1-0 (1), of Forked River, NJ, stopped Jamil Gadsden, 0-6 (0), of Brighton, NJ, at 2:39 of the 4th round.

In the opening round the southpaw Valliere landed several overhand lefts to the chin of Gadson. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds Valliere continued landing the harder punches keeping Gadsen on the ropes. In the 4th Valliere had Gadsen hurt halfway through the round but just when Gadsen looked like he was finished he fought back. Valliere came back with a flurry of punches forcing referee Dock to wave it off.

Ring announcer was Nino Del Buono.

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