Douglas, Magomedov, Lopez and Clarkson Win at Sands Casino Resort, in Bethlehem, PA, Friday
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Douglas, Magomedov, Lopez and Clarkson Win at Sands Casino Resort, in Bethlehem, PA, Friday
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (July 18, 2015)

Right: Antoine “Action” Douglas
Photo © Rosie Cohe, SHOWTIME
Kings Promotions, GH3 Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions did the co-promotion while Showtime did the coverage in a great night of action.

In the main event middleweight Antoine “Action” Douglas, 18-0-1 (12), of Burke, VA, scored a technical knockout over Hungarian Istvan “The Prince” Szili, 18-1-2 (8), of Basel, SWZ, for the vacant IBO Intercontinental Title in a good fight while it lasted with a pair of knockdowns ending it.

There was no feeling out in this first round as Douglas had Szili’s face reddened and the latter drove Douglas back into a corner on several occasions as the aggressor. In the second round out of a corner Douglas countered Szili well. In the middle of the ring a Douglas right to the chin dropped Szili face first to the canvas. He beat the count of referee Rosato as the bell came to his rescue. Middleweight southpaw Derrick “Take It to the Bank” Webster, 19-1 (10), of Glassboro, NJ, lost for the first time to Arif Magomedov, 16-0 (9), of Chekhov, RUS,, for the vacant WBO NABO title scoring a pair of knockdowns.

In the first 3 rounds Magomedov chased and Webster countered. In the fourth round Magomedov started landing with the left hook. Late in the round a overhand right rocked Webster. In the fifth Magomedov pinned Webster against the ropes. In the last 10 seconds Magomedov landed a right driving Webster backwards. It’s been a cat and mouse fight with Webster countering well back pedaling.

In the sixth round Magomedov had Webster on the ropes only to have Webster spin off and land a flurry of punches. Magomedov ended the round having Webster on the ropes. In the seventh round Magomedov stunned Webster with a left hook. Webster drove Magomedov into the ropes with a combination. Both took turns rocking one another. A combination dropped Webster in his own corner. In the eighth round a pair of right hands by Magomedov rocked Webster. In the ninth Webster came out with both hands a blazing.

Halfway thru the round Magomedov started to come back pinning Webster to the ropes. At the bell a right by Magomedov drove Webster halfway across the ring into the ropes. In the tenth and final round Webster came out throwing combinations until Magomedov reached him with a left hook to the head. A lead right with 15 seconds to go dropped Webster in a neutral corner.

All 3 judges had it 99-89 for the winner while DHB scored it 96-92.

Super bantamweight Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez, 13-0 (6), of San Antonio, TX, pulled out a majority decision over Eliecer Aquino, 17-1-1 (11), of Dominican Republic, for the vacant WBC Latino and vacant WBA Fedelatin titles in a non stop action fight. The fans were not pleased with the decision. Unfortunately someone had to lose.

In the opening round Lopez Aquino dropped a right to the chin. He was up immediately and took it to Lopez the remainder of the round. In the second round Aquino picked up where he left off going straight ahead with a good body attack to his taller opponent. In the third round Aquino continued his attack with Lopez countering at times. In the fourth round both boxers were letting it all hang out with Aquino never stopping to come forward. In the fifth round Lopez was able to keep Aquino at bay boxing him to take the round.

In the sixth round Aquino reached the jaw of Lopez with a lead right. In a close round Lopez may have did enough to counter Aquino. In the seventh round Aquino once again came on strong never stopping throwing punches as Lopez is having trouble holding him off. In the eighth round in another action packed close round Aquino may have pulled it out. In the ninth Lopez drove Aquino back a couple of steps with a combination. Lopez may have pulled out the ninth round but it was give and take. In the tenth and final round the fans were showing their enjoyment louder than at any time in the fight. Aquino rocked Lopez with a combination halfway thru the round. Aquino is fighting like he needs a knockout. What a War!

Weisfeld had it 95-95 while Somma and Morgan had it 96-93 for Lopez. DHB had itg 95-94 for Aquino. “I thought I won by a wide margin,” said Lopez. Thru an interpreter Aquino though he won.

Super middleweight Jerry “The King’s Son” Odom, 13-2 (12), of DC, was upset by southpaw Samuel Clarkson, 15-3 (9), of Cedar Hill, TX, scoring 3 knockdowns at 1:15 of the third round. This was an action packed fight after a feeling out round.

In the opening round both boxers connected to the chin at same time. There was little action after that. In the second round Clarkson seemed to hurt Odom who wiggled and stuck his tongue out. Within 10 seconds Clarkson had Odom on the canvas at the bell. In the third both boxers were slugging it out when Clarkson dropped Odom with a right uppercut and within seconds dropped Odom again. As he got up Clarkson was on him when the referee Clark stepped in what could have been a premature stoppage as Odom had his hands up.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover or a fighter by his record. I studied him for years from the time we were in the amateurs in different weight classes. I worked on my uppercuts for this one. I get my inspiration from my pastor,” said Clarkson.

Middleweight Rob “Bravo” Brant, 16-0 (10), of St. Paul, MN, scored a third round technical stoppage of southpaw Ernesto “Gatti” Berrospe, 10-8 (5), of Mexico.

In the opening round Berrospe dropped Brant as he was taking punches he got one in. In the second round Brant returned the favor dropping Berrospe to a knee. In the third Brant dropped Berrospe with a barrage of punches forcing Rosato to halt the fight at 0:33 of the third round.

In the opening bout lightweight Samuel Teah, 6-1 (2), of Philly, defeated Ray Velez, 3-8-1 (1), of Troy, NY, over 4 rounds. All 3 judges and DHB had it 40-36 for the winner. Clark was the referee.

Super bantamweight hot prospect Manny “Major Pain” Folly, 5-0 (4), of Philly, returned to action after graduating from the Police Academy and knocked out southpaw Jose Garcia, 0-3, Philly, at 0:23 of the second round.

In the opening round Folly handled southpaw Garcia mainly with his jab. Garcia got in a glancing right hook. A right off a jab dropped Garcia for referee Esteves count of 10. “I didn’t know much about him so I took my time in the first round. In the second round I saw an opening and shot out my right off the jab,” said Folly. He is managed by Buddy Osborn who is head trainer along with assistant Gemet Argaw. Kevin Bernard serves as cut man and Juan “Johnny Rocket” Rivera IV is conditioning coach. Folly trains out of the Rock Ministry Gym in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

Lightweight Oscar Bonilla, 3-1-2 (0), of New Haven, Dominican Bienvenido Diaz, 3-0 (2), of Prospect Park, NJ, Super middleweight Christopher Brooker, 3-1 (3), of Philly, suffered his first loss by split decision to Botirsher Obidov, 2-0-1 (1), of UZB and Kissimmee, FL, over 4 rounds.

Obidov dominated with right hands to the head. He lost a point in the second round after being warned 3 times for hitting on the break by referee Esteves.

Super welterweight Ricky Nuno, 2-0 (1), of Bethlehm, knocked out Tim Kunkel, 0-1 (0), of Bath, PA, at 0:53 of the third round with a left hook followed by a right hand to the chin causing referee Clark to immediately call a halt without a count. Nuno scored 2 knockdowns in the second round with left hooks. Kunkel took the first round with jabs as Nuno seemed to be loading up.

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