Yorgey and Mitchell Battle to a Draw at the Crowne Plaza Friday!
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Yorgey and Mitchell Battle to a Draw at the Crowne Plaza Friday!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (July 26, 2014)

Amy Hayes
Andre Acuna’s Lion Heart Promotions debuted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wyomissing, PA, with an action packed show Friday. In the Main Event middleweight Harry Joe Yorgey, 27-2-2 (12), of Bridgeport, PA, and Eric “Twin” Mitchell, 23-11-2 (11), of Philadelphia, battled to a 6 round draw!

In the 1st round Mitchell out muscled Yorgey into clinches landing body shots. In the 2nd round it was more of the same though Yorgey landed some good left hooks to the body. A straight right by Mitchell to the chin drove Yorgey back into the ropes.

In the 3rd round an overhand right by Mitchell rocked Yorgey. In a close round Yorgey got his best punch in just prior to the bell, a right uppercut to the chin. Mitchell’s round. In the 4th round Yorgey kept the fight more in the middle of the ring out boxing Mitchell.

In the 5th round Yorgey again kept the fight for the most part in the middle of the ring. A Mitchell right upper cut to the chin knocked Yorgey’s head back.

Yorgey took the round. In the 6th and final round both fighters exchanged right hands to the chins. It was an all out round on both fighters part knowing this round could decide the outcome. Late sub Mitchell started to slow down as Yorgey landed the cleaner punches. At the bell both fighters left nothing in the ring.

Scores 60-55 for Mitchell, 57-57, 57-57, a majority draw. DHB 57-57. Shawn Clark was the referee. Matchmaker and ring announcer was Mike Melendez. It was a very vocal crowd from beginning to end.

In the co-main event welterweight Rolando “Iron Man” Chinea, 9-0-1 (6), of Lancaster, PA, stopped Osnel Charles, 10-10-1 (1), of Atlantic City, NJ, at the end of 3 rounds.

In a good first round of action Charles landed punches in bunches to the body of Chinea until the latter countered with rights to the head ending the round having Charles hurt in the corner. In the 2nd round Chinea was all over Charles with the latter coming back with a 4 punch combination. Chinea landed a straight right to the head of Charles dropping him to a knee in the corner. In the 3rd round 6 punches by Chinea without had him drop to a knee as referee Clark called it a slip. A solid left hook by Chinea spun Charles around. Chinea was having his way with late sub Charles at the bell. The corner of Charles wouldn’t let their fighter out for the 4th round.

Light middleweight southpaw Erik Spring, 3-0 (1), of Reading, PA, scored a pair of knockdowns in a war stopping late sub Jason Wahr, 1-10-3 (1), of Virginia Beach, VA, at 1:01 of the 4th and final round.

In a 1st round it was a “shoot out” with both fighters letting it all hang out. Wahr landed more but at the bell walked back to his corner on shaky legs. In the 2nd round Spring landed a right uppercut to the mid-section dropping Wahr. It was all Spring but there was no quit in Wahr as he fought back with the heart of a lion.

In the 3rd round Spring was driving Wahr backwards when both threw punches at the same time with a Wahr overhand right landing to the chin of Spring driving him into the ropes. The rest of the round Spring got the better of Wahr who refused to go down and landed his share of punches. In the 4th and final round a combination dropped Wahr in a neutral corner causing referee Clark to immediately waving it off. Wahr got up and was willing to continue but the fight was over.

Light heavyweight Joe Williams, 3-0 (3), of Queens, NY, scored 3 knockdowns stopping Edwynn Jones, 1-6-1 (1), of Houston, TX, at 2:20 of the 3rd round as referee Clark waved it off.

In the opening round Williams dealt out a vicious body attack throughout the round. In the 2nd round a wicked left hook to the body dropped Jones to a knee. In the 3rd round a right hand on the left shoulder dropped Jones to his knees. Half a minute later with Jones in a defensive crouch Williams landed a chopping right to the shoulder for another knockdown. Referee Clark waved the mismatch off.

In the opening bout super featherweight Eli Mendez 1-0 (0) of Reading, PA, came off the canvas to eke out a 4 round decision over Felip Nazario, 0-3 (0), of the Bronx, NY.

After a feeling out first round, both fighters mixed it up in the 2nd round with Nazario dropping Mendez with a left hook to the chin just prior to the bell. In the 3rd round both fighters took turns landing mostly to the head with Mendez having the edge. In the 4th and final round Mendez pushed Nazario to the canvas twice while Nazario returned the favor pushing Mendez to the canvas once. Mendez pulled out the round.

Scores of 38-37 (twice) and 40-37 all for Mendez. DHB had it 38-37 Nazario. Clark was the referee.

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