Sergey Kovalev Stops Blake Caparello in the 2nd round in Atlantic City - Ringside Boxing Report
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Sergey Kovalev Stops Blake Caparello in the 2nd round in Atlantic City - Ringside Boxing Report
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 4, 2014)

WBO light heavy champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, 25-0-1 (23), Russia, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, came off the floor in the 1st round to stop IBO champion Blake “IL Capo” Caparello.
Photo © Rich Graessle/Main Events
Main Events and DiBella Entertainment and HBO After Dark promoted at the Revel Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night.

WBO light heavy champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, 25-0-1 (23), Russia, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, came off the floor in the 1st round to stop IBO champion Blake “IL Capo” Caparello, 19-1-1 (6), of Victoria, Australia, at 1:47 of the 2nd round, scoring 2 knockdowns in a scheduled 12. Referee Sparkle Lee had seen enough and called the fight off. It was the 3rd defense for Kovalev.

In the opening round southpaw Caparello was landing several left hands to the midsection of Kovalev.

A lead straight left on the chin by Caparello dropped Kovalev who was up immediately. At the bell a Kovalev right to the chin stunned Caparello. In the 2nd round a lead right by Kovalev to the midsection dropped him. A combination hurt Caparello and the referee ruled a knockdown. Kovalev was all over Caparello when referee Sparkle Lee quickly waved it off.

WBA and IBF champion Bernard “Alien” Hopkins was at ringside and interviewed by HBO along with Kovalev after the fight.

Light middleweight Dmitry “The Mechanic” Mikhalenko, 17-0 (6), of Russia made his US debut easily defeating southpaw Sechew “Iron Horse” Powell, 26-6 (15), of Brooklyn, NY, over 8 rounds.

In the opening round Mikhalenko had Powell pinned in corner as both fighters were landing body shots. Mikhalenko landed a straight right to chin of Powell making him hold on. In the 2nd round the hand speed of Mikhalenko seems to be bothering Powell though he counters several right hooks. Mikhalenko rocked Powell with a right uppercut to chin. In the 3rd round Mikhalenko had Powell covering up from one corner to another along the ropes. In the 4th round Mikhalenko was swarming all over Powell who had little in offense except for one spurt during round.

In the 5th round Mikhalenko doesn’t seem to run out of energy landing a good percentage of his punches as Powell continues to keep his back on the ropes. In the 6th round Powell had his moments returning fire but not enough to win the round as Mikhalenko continues his attack. In the 7th round Mikhalenko seems to be pitching a shut out having Powell on the defense. In the 8th and final round knowing he needs a knockout to win Powell starts out fast but is met by the same swarming attack after about a minute by Mikhalenko. It was the best round of the fight with Mikhalenko much too busy for the defensive Powell. Powell was returning after a 2 year absence and it showed.

Judge Page had it 78-74, Grant 79-73 and Layton 80-72 as did DHB. Randy Neumann was the referee. No. 2 WBC light heavyweight Isaac “Golden Boy” Chilembe, 23-2-2 (10), of South Africa stopped Cory “Black Ice” Cummings, 17-7-1 (13), of Newark, NJ, in the 7th round at 2:28 as the corner waved it off.

In the 2nd round Chilembe’s jab’s kept Cummings at bay easily taking the round. In the 3rd round Chilembe came out fast with a snapping jab followed by short left hooks to the head of Cummings. In the 4th round Chilembe kept Cummings off with a solid jab but Cummings caused a red welt under the left eye of Chilembe.

In the 5th round Chilembe knocked Cummings off balance several times with right crosses to the chin. In the 6th round a pair of straight lead rights got Cummings attention. Chilembe rocked Cummings back several feet with a solid right to the chin. Cummings had swelling under both eyes. In the 7th round Chilembe had Cummings holding on. The corner of Cummings had seen enough and waved the towel ending the fight at 2:28 of the round causing referee Dali to stop it. All 3 judges had it 60-54 after 6 rounds.

Adam “Baby Face” Kownacki, 7-0 (7), of Poland, living in Brooklyn, NY, scored a stoppage at 0:15 of the 5th round over “King” Charles Ellis, 9-2-1 (8), of Wichita, KS, when referee Nuemann called a “quick” stoppage when Ellis hit the canvas for the only knockdown of the fight.

It was the straight right by Kownacki against the jab of Ellis in the opening round. The lone right hand landed by Ellis near the end of the round hurt Kownacki. In the 2nd round Kownacki was winning big until the mouthpiece of Ellis came out. Then a 5 punch combo had Kownacki on the defense. At the bell Ellis rocked Kownacki with a straight right to the chin. In the 3rd round both fighters were rocking one another. Kownacki landed half a dozen unanswered punches. Ellis came back with 4 straight jabs, left hook to mid-section and a right to the head.

In the 4th round Kownacki had Ellis hurt with several rights to the head. The ring physician checked Ellis (“he was fine”) in between rounds. In the 5th round a combination dropped Ellis and referee Neumann immediately stopped it as Ellis hit the canvas. He was getting to his feet in disbelief being told it was over. “I was fine and getting up when the ref stopped it,” said Ellis. This fight was a war and Ellis deserved a better shake after 4 rounds of action.

Scores were 39-37 twice and 40-36 in favor of Kownacki at stoppage.

Middleweight DeCarlo “3mendo” Perez, 12-3-1 (4), of Atlantic City won a majority decision over Marcus Willis, 13-4-2 (3), of Ft. Myers, FL, over 6 rounds.

The taller Perez may have eked out the 1st round but allowed Willis to make him fight inside halfway through the round to the latter’s advantage. Perez did well in the 2nd round up until the 10 second warning when Willis landed a solid overhand right to the head of Perez. The 3rd round was fought on even terms.

In the 4th round Perez was warned twice about low blows. It’s been about half a dozen so far against the shorter Willis. In the 5th round Perez had the edge. Both landed left hooks at the same time with Perez’s having more of an effect. In the 6th and final round both fighters let it all hang out in this one.

Page had it 57-57 while Layton and Grant had it 59-55 for Perez. DHB 58-56 Perez. Referee was Dali who allowed quite a few low blows by Perez without taking a point with half a dozen warnings.

In an all Philadelphia heavyweight bout Joey “The Tank” Dawejko, 11-3-2 (4), was devastating in dropping the much taller David Williams, 7-9-2 (2), 3 times forcing referee Neumann to halt the fight at 1:48 of the 1st round of a scheduled 8.

In the opening round after landing half a dozen punches Dawejko dropped Williams with an overhand right to the head. Shortly afterwards Dawejko dropped Williams with a left hook to the chin. Finally Dawejko dropped Williams with a left hook to the chin for the automatic 3rd knockdown stopping the fight at 1:48 of the 1st round.

In the opening bout light middleweight Hakim “Braveheart” Bryant, 2-0 (1), of Asbury Park, NJ stopped Anthony Watson, 0-2 (0), of Philadelpia in the 4th and final round at 0:38 when referee Dali called a halt.

Matchmakers were J Russell Peltz and Jolene Mizzone. Ring announcer is Joe Antonacci.

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