Derevanchenko, Khytrov and Progrias Win at Bally’s in Atlantic City Friday
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Derevanchenko, Khytrov and Progrias Win at Bally’s in Atlantic City Friday
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Aug 8, 2015)

Sergiy “Technician” Derevyanchenko
Photo © Rosie Cohe / SHOWTIME
Promoters DiBella Entertainment in association with Fight Promotions Inc, and Showtime at Bally’s in Atlantic City, NJ, Friday. Matchmaker was Felipe Gomez of New Legend Boxing.

In the main event Ukranian middleweight Sergiy “Technician” Derevyanchenko, 6-0 (4), of Brooklyn, NY, won every round defeating Elvin Ayala, 28-7-1 (8), of New Haven, CT, over 8 rounds.

In the first three rounds Derevyanchenko out muscled Ayala. In the fourth Ayala tried making a fight of it as he was being chased but didn’t have anything to hold off Derevyanchenko. In the fifth round Ayala tried his best but it’s obvious he’s not the fighter he once was. In the seventh round Ayala fought back well but didn’t have the strength to keep Derevyanchenko off of him.

In the eighth and final round was looking for a knockout and hurt Ayala on several occasions. He got Ayala in a neutral corner and had him out on his feet and it looked like referee Sparkle Lee might step in but didn’t. Ayala showed a lot of heart hanging in until the end.

Tony and Barbara Perez had it 80-71 while Cheeks scored it 80-72 as did DHB.

Ukranian middleweight Levgen “The Ukranian Lion” Khytrov, 11-0 (10), of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Nick Brinson, 17-4-2 (7), of Albany, NY, at 2:31 of the eighth and final round.

In the opening round Brinson chased Khytrov easily winning the round. In the second it was Khytrov the aggressor edging out the round. The third was a very competitive round with Khytrov coming forward and Brinson countering well. In the fourth Brinson landed a 4-punch combination. It was a good round with Brinson outworking Khytrov. In the fifth round Brinson had Khytrov walking into counter punches and missing. In the sixth round Brinson got caught in a neutral corner and looked hurt by Khytrov. In the seventh Khytrov again had Brinson hurt and trying to hold on. What looked like and even fight has turned to Khytrov taking command. In the eighth and final round Khytrov hurt Brinson with a left hook to the side of the head. He hurt Brinson again and kept backing him up with a power jab into the ropes and nailed him with a right dropping him to a knee as Brinson grabbed the top rope but referee Earl Brown waved it off. It was a battle of nutrition and Khytrov won it after the fifth round. “I had a problem breathing going into the ring. I do not know if it was something I ate or not but my stomach hurt. I felt his condition going down by the sixth round. I thank God for the win,” said Khytrov. The losing boxer Brinson said “I felt I was ahead and took the knee and felt the fight should not have been stopped.” One judge had it even and the other two Brinson ahead at the stoppage. DHB had Khytrov ahead 4-3 in rounds.

Southpaw super lightweight Regis “Rougarou” Prograis, 15-0 (12), of Houston, TX, put on a show defeating southpaw Amos “Too Smooth” Cowart, 11-1-1 (9), of Groveland, FL, over 8 rounds

In the opening round it was all Prograis without Cowart landing a punch. In the second round Cowart landed a good right uppercut but it got Prograis coming back with much better speed to his punches. In the third round things heated up. Prograis would land six unanswered punches while Cowart would come back with a combo but had a problem with the slick moving Prograis. In the fourth Prograis had the fans in awe with his quick combinations. Cowart would get in some solid shots but getting out scored 5-1.

In the fifth and sixth rounds Prograis was putting on a show landing four jabs and following with numerous shots to body and head. In the seventh for the first time Cowart looked hurt as Prograis pounded on him against the ropes. Cowart drew blood from the nose of Prograis but paid the price as Prograis continued putting on a show. He drew blood from the nose of Cowart trying for the knockout which ended a 8 knockout streak but a shutout win! Judge Tony Perez had it 79-71 while Barbara Perez and Kason Cheeks had it 80-72. DHB had it 80-71 all for Prograis. This kid can fight.

“He was tough. I needed an opponent like this. I pushed and pushed. I was coming off a lot of knockouts (8),” said Prograis.

Georgian middleweight Avtandil “Tornado” Khurtsidze, 31-2-2 (20), of Brooklyn, NY, won his 24th bout in his last 25 fights stopping Melvin Betancourt, 29-3 (23), of Dominican Republic, at 2:33 of the first round dropping him with crushing left hook. Betancourt was up at 7 but referee Earl Brown wisely called a halt.

“This fight was with an opponent and I’m sick and tired of fighting 8 rounder’s and want the top contenders in the division,” said Khurtsidze.

Middleweight Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 17-1 (7), of Millville, NJ, pitched a shutout defeating Joshua “Juice” Robertson, 7-9 (2), of Lynchburg, VA, in a 8 round re-match.

In opening round Lamanna landed the first punch a lead right to chin of Robertson. He continued boxing well. Robertson landed a nice 3-punch combination. In the second round both landed right hands to the chin at the same time. Lamanna rocked Robertson with a solid right to chin. Lamanna landed a pair of hooks to each side of Robertson’s side’s and followed with an uppercut to chin. Robertson came back with 4 punches of his own. Just prior to bell Lamanna had Robertson hurt with a flurry of punches. In the fourth and fifth it was all Lamanna with little return from Robertson.

In the sixth a left uppercut from Lamanna to the chin of Robertson rocked him. The seventh was the most round but still Lamanna’s. In the eighth and final round Lamanna’s fans were yelling for a knockout but had to settle for a shutout!

All 3 judges Tony and Barbara Perez along with Kason Cheeks scored it 80-72 as did DHB for Lamanna. He was coming off his first loss and looked like he is back in good form.

“I should have stopped him in 2 rounds,” said Lamanna.

Philly heavyweight Joey “Tank” Dawejko, 15-4-2 (8), stopped Robert Dunton, 11-15-1 (6), of Columbia, SC, at 0:31 of the first round after scoring a knockdown. Dunton beat the count but advised referee Earl Brown he didn’t want to continue. It was Dawejko’s sixth first round stoppage with his last 5 wins all in the first. He will be back in Vegas in 3 weeks.

Dawejko missed with a left hook but followed with a right uppercut and down went Dunton. He beat the count but told referee Earl Brown he didn’t want to continue.

“I hurt him with overhand right, missed with the left hook and caught him with right uppercut,” said Dawejko. Former world champion Buddy McGirt is his trainer.

Philly lightweight Anthony “Bad Boy” Burgin, 9-1 (2), scored 3 knockdowns stopping Justin “Baby Boy” Johnson, 7-9-4 (0), of Pittsburgh, PA, at 2:57 of the first round.

In the opening round Burgin landed a lead right to the chin dropping Johnson. Burgin went right after him and dropped him with a left hook. Upon beating the count Johnson was rocked with a combination and went down for the third and last time as referee Sparkle Lee halted the onslaught.

“After the first knockdown I wanted another one,” said Burgin. His beautiful co-manager Adrienne Soto was right there supporting Burgin.

Burgin coming off his first loss was very impressive in only scoring his second stoppage in ten fights. A former star amateur looked good.

Southpaw from Ireland welterweight Noel “Canelo” Murphy, 3-0 (2), of Woodlawn, NY, stopped Stacey Anderson, 0-3 (0), of DC, at 2:22 of the first round after scoring a pair of knockdowns.

In opening round a right hook from Murphy dropped Anderson who was up at 9. Murphy jumped right on him and dropped him with another right hook causing referee Sparkle Lee to halt the fight.

“After first knockdown I thought he was done. I kept my composure and continued doing what I needed to do,” said Murphy.

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