Glazkov Wins Disputed Majority over Rossy at Sands Saturday
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Glazkov Wins Disputed Majority over Rossy at Sands Saturday
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 10, 2014)

Peltz Boxing
Peltz Boxing
In the main event at the Sands Bethlehem Casino-Resort, in Bethlehem, PA, Main Events and Peltz Boxing over the NBC Sports Network Saturday brought boxing back to the area! Ukranian heavyweight Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov, 18-0-1 (11), out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, won a disputed decision over Derric “El Leon” Rossy, 29-9 (14), of Medford, NY, over 10 rounds. The fans let the judges know of their displeasure.

In the opening round Rossy used an effective jab with both fighters mixing it up but Rossy the busier. In the 2nd round Glazkov landed a good left hook to the chin of Rossy over his opponents jab. Rossy came back with a 3-punch combination to the body of Glazkov and seemed to hold an edge in the round. In the 3rd round a right, left combo by Rossy to the chin of Glazkov got his attention. Shortly later a right uppercut by Rossy to the chin of Glazkov knocked his head back. In the 4th round Rossy keeps Glazkov at bay with jabs and rights to the head. Glazkov doesn’t seem to be able to get his offense going.

In the 5th round Glazkov landed his best punch of the fight with a right cross to the chin rocking Rossy. The bigger Rossy would not be denied as he came back out working Glazkov in a close round. In the 6th round Glazkov seems to be gaining some momentum but can’t seem to put punches together due to the jab of Rossy. They exchanged right hands midway through the round. Though bigger Rossy is quicker and willing to let his hands go as Glazkov must know he’s behind and in danger of needing a knockout to win.

In the 7th round Glazkov hit Rossy behind the head looking desperate. In an exchange Glazkov get’s the best of it. Rossy keeps the jab in the face of Glazkov who is having his best round but is it enough? Rossy looks tired going back to his corner. In the 8th round Rossy seems in control but Glazkov is finally landing combinations. In the 9th Glazgov seemed to get the best of Rossy who is tiring. In the 10th and final round Glazkov was cut but had Rossy hurt with 3 straight rights to the head having Rossy holding on. The fans were yelling Rossy, Rossy afterwards. Referee Smoger did his usual good job of letting the fighters fight.

Judges Poturaj had it 95-95 while Benoist a strange 98-92 and McNair 96-94 for Glazkov. DHB had it 98-92 Rossy.

“I fought my heart off and Glazkov is a good fighter but when a judge scores a fight (98-92) like that it really hurts boxing,” said Rossy. Glazkov complained of hurting his right hand during the fight. Light heavyweight Vasily “The Professor” Lepikhin, 16-0 (9), of Gelendzhik, Russia, stopped southpaw Robert “The Butcher” Berridge, 24-2-1 (20), of Albany, NZ, for the PABA & WBO Oriental titles at 1:04 of the 5th round. Berridge was ranked No. 10 by the WBO.

In the opening round it was all body shots by both fighters with the shorter Berridge throwing more but a solid shot by Lepikhin at the bell could be heard throught the arena. In the 2nd round Lipikhin landed 3 left hooks to the ribs of Berridge. A wicked right to the chin by Lipikhin to the chin following a jab dropped Berridge at the bell. In the 3rd round a straight right by Lepikhin to the chin buckled the knees of Berridge. It was Berridge landing a lead left to the chin that stopped Lepikhin at the bell in his tracks.

In the 4th round a counter left hook by Lepikhin got the attention of Berridge who had his opponent against the ropes prior to that. Lepikhin had Berridge hurt near the end of the round and bloodied his nose. In the 5th round a lead right by Lepikhin caught Berridge flatfooted and dropped him. Upon rising Lepikhin dropped Beeridge with a left uppercut to the chin. Lepikhin jumped all over Berridge hurting him bad with a what seemed like a low right followed by a right to the head as referee Rosato wisely called a halt.

Heavyweight Joseph Parker, 10-0 (9), of S. Auckland, NZ, stopped Keith “Untouchable” Thompson, 7-3 (4), of Meridian, MS, after scoring a pair of knockdowns at 2:41 of the 3rd round.

In the opening round Parker’s jab to the mid-section could be heard as he stalked Thompson working the body. In the 3rd round a vicious right uppercut followed by a left hook dropped Thompson. Up but obviously in trouble Thompson found Parker right on him dropping him with a combination forcing referee Franciosi to wisely halt the fight. “I hope to fight someone in the top ten by the end of the year,’ said Parker. He’s a prospect who doesn’t need to be rushed. In the non-televised under card there were 4 bouts.

Heavyweight Tyrell Wright, 6-0 (4), of Jersey City, NJ, easily defeated Randy Easton, 2-3-1 (2), of Sansbury, PA, over 4 rounds. Easton came out trying to score his third straight 1st round knockout landing a solid left hook to the chin of Wright. Wright came back and almost dropped Easton with a solid left hook to the body slowing down the aggressive Easton. Wright seemed to take a close round. In the 2nd round Wright landed some solid upper cuts to the body of Easton who countered with a solid left hook of his own to the chin. Easton tries to prevent the body shots and looks exhausted at the end of the round.

In the 3rd round Easton came out southpaw hoping to confuse Wright who continued landing body shots hurting Easton. In the 4th and final round Wright came out dancing and jabbing allowing Easton to come forward and then countering him with a combination that had Easton hurt. Wright seemed to be favoring an ankle.

Referee was Rosato. All 3 judges Somma, Benoist and Bruni had it 40-36 as did DHB. Bobby Rooney & Jose Rosario worked corner of Wright. “I hurt my ankle in training and felt the pain early in the fight and tried moving on it in the last round,” said Wright. Marshall Kauffman was in the corner of Easton.

Opening the show with a team dance entrance light heavyweight Khalib “Big Foot” Whitmore, 6-0 (5), of Philly, easily stopped Lamont “Too Smooth” Capers, 4-5 (0), of Brooklyn, NY at 0:32 of the 4th round when referee Franciosi saw enough.

In the 1st round southpaw Whitmore stalked Capers landing a solid right hook to the body. Near the end of the round Whitmore had Capers trapped into his own corner. In the 2nd round Whitmore again trapped Capers in his own corner but got countered with a solid right to the chin. A combination by Whitmore dropped Capers in a neutral corner. Capers was up and holding the rest of the round. In the 3rd round Capers started holding again and referee Francione took a point from him. A Whitmore flurry caused Capers to drop to a knee. Seems Capers is looking to have the fight stopped. In the 4th and final round Capers just covered up causing referee Franciosi to half the fight at 0:32 of the round. Naziim Richardson and Sharon Baker worked the corner of “Big Foot” who enters every fight with a Afro wig and gold chain and sun glasses.

Super bantamweight Luis “Chiki” Acevedo, 1-0-1 (0), of Bethlehem, PA, defeated Frankie Garriga, 0-2-2 (0), of the Bronx, NY, over 4 rounds of action.

In the opening round it was the quicker Acevedo who would come forward landing punches backing up Garriga. In the 2nd round Acevedo continued coming forward taking it to the taller Garriga. In the 3rd round both boxers mixed it up with Acevedo getting the better of the exchanges. Acevedo off the ropes landed a solid right to the head of Garriga. In the 4th and final round Garriga landed a solid right to the ribs of Acevedo hurting him. Acevedo came back with an overhand right to the head of Garriga causing referee Rosato for some reason warning Acevedo. Just prior to the bell Acevedo had Garriga in trouble.

Judges Poturaj and McNair 39-37 and Somma and DHB 40-36.

Light welterweight Ismael Serrano, 2-1 (1), of Bethlehem, PA, defeated Jonathan Williams, 0-3 (0), of Allentown, PA, by split decision over 4 rounds. Referee Smoger did his usual good job under the circumstances.

In the 1st round Serrano was on the offense with Williams the taller of the two doing too much posing. In the 2nd round it was more of the same with a little more offense from Williams and Serrano the aggressor going to the body. In the 3rd round Williams would jab and grab while the shorter Serrano would try going to the body. In the 4th and last round Williams does not seem to want to mix it up frustrating Serrano who is trying but getting tied up. Not a good showing on either boxers part considering they are from rival towns.

Judges Bruni 39-37 for Williams, McNair 39-37 for Serrano and Benoist 40-36 for Serrano. 40-36 Serrano DHB.

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