Tarver-Cunningham Draw & Huck KO’d by Glowacki at Prudential Center Friday
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Tarver-Cunningham Draw & Huck KO’d by Glowacki at Prudential Center Friday
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Aug 15, 2015)

Steve “USS” Cunningham
In the main event heavyweight southpaw and former WBA light heavyweight champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver, 31-6-1 (22), of Tampa, FL, returned after 20 months and seemed lucky to draw with former two-time cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham, 28-7-1 (13), of Philadelphia, PA, over 12 rounds.

The first three rounds were slow with Cunningham having the edge. The fans let the fighters know of their displeasure. In the fourth round Tarver finally threw some chopping punches knocking Cunningham off balance. He came right back taking it to Tarver. In the fifth a Tarver combination buckled the knees of Cunningham almost dropping him. Tarver came off the ropes stepping to his right landing a left to the head of Cunningham. Cunningham controlled the sixth boxing and moving on Tarver. In the seventh Tarver stalked Cunningham who countered well. Tarver’s nose looks bright red.

In the eighth Cunningham countered well and landed the last punch of the round a right to the hose of Tarver. In the ninth Tarver pinned Cunningham in his corner with his trainer Naziim Richardson yelling for him to get off the ropes. In the tenth Tarver landed a solid left uppercut to the chin of Cunningham. In the eleventh Tarver’s legs look like he is stepping into cement while Cunningham has more nutrition but Tarver the bigger puncher. Cunningham takes the round being busier. In the twelfth and final round Tarver landed a 4-punch combination. Cunningham stalks but isn’t throwing as much.

Judge Stewart 114-114, judge Taylor 115-113 Tarver and McKaie had it 115-113 for Cunningham as did DHB. “The US market is now open to me. I want to thank all my fans back in Poland for supporting me. When I was knocked down in the sixth round my head wasn’t clear for a full round. I still can’t hear out of my one ear. Growing up I didn’t like bullies and Huck was trying to bully me and I took it too him,” said Glowacki.

WBO cruiserweight champion Marco “Kapt’n” Huck, 38-3-1 (26), of Serbia, out of Berlin, Germany returned to ring after a year and defending his title for the 14th time but got upset by his No. 1 contender southpaw Krzysztof Glowacki, 25-0 (16), of Walcz, POL, getting stopped in the eleventh round at 2:39 after a second knockdown.

In the opening round it was Glowacki driving Huck into the ropes. He was charging in and Huck countering. Just prior to the bell Glowacki staggered Huck with a right hook do the head. In the second round Huck landed a power right to the head of Glowack just prior to the bell. In the third it was Glowacki pawing with his jab and landing straight lefts. At the bell both boxers kept fighting before referee David Fields had to pull Huck off of Glowacki and warned both fighters. In the fourth Glowacki controlled the fight. Huck would land an occasional right to the head that seemed to have little effect.

In the fifth round Huck opening up and rocked Glowacki with a right to the head. A left hook from Huck drove Glowacki back several steps. It was a big round for Huck. In the sixth round a Huck left hook dropped Glowacki and it looked like he wasn’t getting up. He beat the count and fought back toe to toe with Huck to the end of the round. In the seventh an overhand left from Glowack drove Huck back into the ropes. In the eighth Glowacki drove Huck into a corner but Huck came back with a 3-punch combination. Huck landed a combination that stunned Glowacki. A counter left by Glowacki drove Huck against the ropes just prior to the bell.

In the ninth a lead right from Huck to the chin of Glowacki stunned him. At the bell as Huck went to throw a punch referee Fields stepped in and prevented it. In the tenth Glowacki rocked Huck who came back and rocked Glowacki. In the eleventh Glowacki landed a left to the head that rocked Huck and a follow up right jab dropped him. He got up on shaky legs. Glowacki went right after him pounding him into the ropes ending it with a left to the head. Referee Fields immediately stepped in and called a halt. Many Polish fans in the Center went wild with the win by Glowacki.

Huck was ahead on all score cards 96-93, 95-94 and 96-93. DHB had Huck up 95-94 after 10 rounds.

Heavyweight southpaw contender Artur “Szpila the Pin” Szpilka, 20-1 (15), of Weiliczka, POL, stopped Cuban Yasmany “El Tiburon” Consuegra, 17-2 (14) out of Miami, FL, due to injury after a knockdown.

In the opening round Szpilka was busier and Consuegra landed more power counters. In the second Consuegra slipped and injured his left knee. He got up but got trapped later in the round in his own corner and a right hook glanced his head as he was coming forward and went down. At the bell he couldn’t come out for round 3 after being examined by the ring physician.

Super bantamweight Dominican Luis “KO King” Rosa, 21-0 (10), out of New Haven, CT, won a foul filled fight on his part winning a TD in 7 over Giovanni “El Ruso” Caro, 24-17-4 (19), of Mexico City, MEX.

In the first three rounds Rosa got away with pushing down the head of Caro and landing some good punches without any warnings from referee Lee. During the fifth round Lee told the boxers to “stop the bullshit!” At the end of the round Rosa hit Caro after the bell and Caro hit him back and got warned. In the sixth round Rosa came in with his head into the head of Caro busting him up. Ring physician was called in and stopped the fight.

Judges scores were 60-53, 59-55 and 56-54 for Rosa.

Middleweight Maciej Sulecki, 21-0 (6), of Warsaw, POL, stopped Jose “Bam Bam” Rodriguez, 21-9 (13), of COL/VZ at 2:07 of round one.

In the first round an obvious out of shape Rodriguez was dropped from what looked like an ordinary straight right from Sulecki. Upon beating the count referee Dock was informed by Rodriguez he couldn’t continue

Heavyweight Travis “My time” Kauffman, 29-1 (21), of Reading, PA, coming off a 20 month lay-off to knockout Richard “Silverback” Carmack, 13-7 (11), of Kansas City, NJ, at 2:30 of the first round. Super welterweight Jarrett “Swift” Hurd, 16-0 (10), of Accokeek, MD, stopped over matched Jeff Lentz, 5-1 (1), of Lanoka Harbor, NJ, at 2:59 of the seventh round. How this one was approved is your guess.

In the first three rounds Hurd rocked Lentz several times each round but failed to follow up. Lentz switched back and forth southpaw to orthodox. By the fourth round Hurd was walking in with both hands to his side not fearing the light hitting Lentz. In the sixth Lentz landed the more punches then all together earlier. In the seventh Lentz put his hands to his side as to mock Hurd to hit him. Bad mistake on his part. Hurd opened up for the first time in the fight pounding Lentz and bloodying his nose forcing referee Harvey Dock to step in and wave the fight off. Lentz was not happy with the stoppage but had no chance to win.

In the opening bout after six boring rounds super lightweight Mikkel “Slikk Mikk” Les Pierre, 10-0-1 (4), of Trinidad & Tobago, now out of NY, easily defeated a running Kevin Womack, Jr., 7-7-3 (5), of Baltimore, MD.

In the opening round Les Pierre was the aggressor as Womack seemed to clown around once jumped in the air like a gazelle. Next two rounds Womack pranced around the ring then on occasion would lash out with little success. Les Pierre landed a good right hook in the third. At the end of the fifth round Les Pierre rocked the taller Womack with a right hook to the chin. Womack landed his best punch of the right landing on the head of Les Pierre. It was the only round he was the aggressor for a part of the round.

Referee Sparkle Lee raised the hand of Womack, the loser.

Featherweight Kamil Laszczyk, 21-0 (8), of POL, now out of N. Bergen, NJ, defeated Oscauris Frias, 16-1 (6), of DR, who had a built up record beating the tomato cans from the DR.

At the end of the third round Frias retaliated after getting fouled by Laszczyk and got deducted a point by referee Lee. In the fourth round Laszczyk landed a straight right to the face of Frias dropping him. He got up and fought back. The rest of the fight Laszczyk is so frustrated he can’t drop Frias again he fouls him by pushing him back with his head lowered across the ring. He ends the fight knocking Frias down with the same tactic. Referee Lee didn’t have a clue the entire fight.

All 3 judges had it 80-72 for Laszczyk as did DHB.

Light heavyweight Michael Seals, 19-0 (14), of Atlanta, GA, Kojo “Dangerous” Issah, 14-2-1 (7), of GH.

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