Chazz Witherspoon Wins at The Playground In Atlantic City Saturday
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Chazz Witherspoon Wins at The Playground In Atlantic City Saturday
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Aug 18, 2015)

Chazz Witherspoon
Silver Spoon Promotions and matchmaker Rene Aiken put on ten matches at The Playground on the pier Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ.

In the main event heavyweight Chazz Witherspoon, 34-3 (26), Paulsboro, NJ, stopped Nick Guivas, 11-3-2 (9), Topeka, KS, at 1:07 of the third round. He scored a knockdown in the round and shortly afterwards was pounding on Guivas when referee Eric Daly wisely called a halt to the contest. Witherspoon won the IBS belt.

Heavyweight John “The Breed” Lennox, 13-2 (5), Carteret, NJ, returned to the ring after 22 months, losing to southpaw Dan “The Brawler” Pasciolla, 4-1 (0), Brick, NJ, by split decision over 6 rounds.

Lennox looked out of shape in his comeback while Pasciolla came in brawling his way through the defense of Lennox splitting the first two rounds. Lennox had a mouse under his left eye by then. In the third Pasciolla landed a solid left uppercut to the chin of Lennox. The fight went back and forth over the next several rounds. In the sixth and final round both fighters let it all hang out. Referee was Daly.

Judge Benoist scored it 58-56 for Lennox, Kinney 59-55 for Pasciolla and Rubenstein had it 58-56 for Pasciolla. DHB had it 57-57. The ring announcer said “we have a majority draw.” Yet none of the judges had it a draw. Commissioner Larry Hazzard and an assistant looked into it and realized that Pasciolla was the winner and advised his manager of the foul up. Super welterweight Anthony “Juice” Young, 11-1 (5), of Pleasantville, NJ, defeated Jonathan Garcia, 4-15 (1), of PR, over six rounds.

Young had his way in the first with Garcia getting several warnings from referee Sammy Viruet for holding. In the second round Garcia landed a hard right to the head of Young. Later in the round Young rocked Garcia with a straight right to the head. Both fighters received warnings from referee Viruet for infractions. In the third Young was having his way as Garcia seems to want to show he can take a punch. Garcia was landing some good punches to the body but they are arm punches.

In the fourth Garcia is pounding his chest and leaving himself wide open daring Young to hit him and Young answers with a flurry of punches. In the fifth Young landed a power punch right to the head of Garcia who didn’t flinch. In the sixth and final round Young boxed Garcia feeling he was ahead. Garcia who is very tough and strong needs some boxing skills or he will be walking on his heels. Young won every round but didn’t impress.

Judges Rubenstein, Benoist and Kinney and DHB scored it 60-54. 2008 Olympic super heavyweight silver medalist and a southpaw Zhang Zhilei, 5-0 (3), China, out of Las Vegas, NV, knocked out Dennis Benson, 2-7-1 (1), of Norfolk, VA, at 0:56 in the sixth round and final round.

In the first the much taller Zhilei was using his jab while Benson was countering. In the second Benson rocked Zhilei with an overhand right to the head. Zhilei came fighting back but is getting warnings from referee Viruet about pushing Benson into and almost over the ropes. In the third Zhilei became very aggressive but received a nasty cut to the right of his left eye brow. Benson is bleeding heavily from the nose.

In the fourth Benson was running out of gas while Zhilei was using the jab and getting warnings for pushing. In the sixth round Zhilei landed a combination and dropped Benson. When he got to his feet referee Viruet should have stopped it but didn’t. Zhilei came in and landed a crushing right hook followed by a straight left to the head and dropped Benson who was administered by the ring physician for approximately 5 minutes. Super welterweight Eric “Tin Man” Kitt, 5-2 (2), of Pensocola, FL, got a body beating losing to Gilbert Alex Sanchez, 6-6-1 (2), of Camden, NJ, over 4 rounds.

Sanchez chased Kitt until he caught him with 30 seconds to go in the first round and had Kitt holding on. In the second and third rounds Kitt was running but scoring with jabs but Sanchez kept tracking him down and driving body shots while having Kitt against the ropes. Sanchez was like a body snatcher with Kitt continuously holding throughout. Referee Viruet gave warnings but never took a point.

Judges Benoist and Rubenstein had it 40-36 as did DHB while Kinney had it 39-37 all for Sanchez.

Welterweight southpaw Keenan “Killer” Smith, 8-0 (3), of Phila, PA, stopped Lavelle Hadley, 2-1 (2), of Youngstown, OH, at 1:56 in the second round.

In the second round Smith hurt Hadley and landed a right to the back of Hadley dropping him and hit him again when he was down. Referee Daly should have either DQ’d Smith or given Hadley a rest. There was no doubt that Smith was superior to Hadley. Smith is a former AAU champion.

In the opening bout super lightweight Wang Zhimin, 4-0 (2), of China, stopped welterweight Carlos Nieves, 0-8-1 (0), of PR out of Bronx, NY, in 2:34 of the fourth round after scoring a knockdown.

In the first round Zhimin dominated but used foul tactics and got away with it. In the second round Zhimin rocked Nieves with a counter right to the chin. Just prior to the bell Nieves hurt Zhimin by landing a chopping right to his neck. In the third Nieves held his own landing left hooks to the body of Zhimin in the best round so far. In the fourth Zhimin landed a left hook to the midsection dropping Nieves onto a sitting position. Count got to 9 and he got up but advised referee Viruet to call a halt.

Super welterweight Samuel “Too Quick to Hit” Ellsworth, 3-0 (3), Farmersville, LA, knocked out southpaw Kashif “Beautiful” Mohamed, 0-2 (0), of NY, at 2:32 of the third round.

It was Ellsworth that looked more like a model than Mohamed but fought very well. He finally caught up to Mohamed knocking him down and out.

Super lightweight southpaw Jerome “The Conqueror” Conquest, 3-1 (1), of Phila, PA, knocked out David Perez, 0-1 (0), of Pittsburgh, PA, at 2:01 of the fourth round.

In the first two rounds debuting Perez kept after Conquest who is moving and countering mostly with a jab. In the third Conquest was scoring well to the head of Perez. In the fourth and final round Perez ran into a straight left from Conquest who was warned not to taunt by referee Daly. Conquest landed a straight right from an orthodox position knocking Perez out face first. Referee Daly should have waved it off but instead started counting until the ring physician entered the ring. “I purposely turned to orthodox in landing that punch,” said Conquest.

Super lightweight Scott “Irish Thunder” Kelleher, 1-0 (1), of Phila, PA, stopped Xzaviar Ford, 0-2 (0), of Conrad, NC, at 1:57 of the first.

Kelleher dominated and had Ford covering up with his back partially toward Kelleher. It was a late stoppage by referee Daly with Ford quitting and taking unnecessary punishment. Ford didn’t show much.

Working for GFL-TV were Marc Abrams, former WBO heavyweight champion “Mercilus” Ray Mercer and multi talented Roy Foreman. It was the initial promotion for Silver Spoons and they hope to come back to the facility. Chazz is looking for a big fight to get into the ratings.

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