The Chickens Come Home To Roost as Herrera Stops Jones in AC!
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The Chickens Come Home To Roost as Herrera Stops Jones in AC!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 24, 2014)

Jaime Herrera, 12-2 (7)
Jaime Herrera, 12-2 (7)
Peltz Boxing Promotions brought Mike Jones back to Bally’s in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night after 2 years away in Nevada into a war.

Welterweight Mike “Machine Gun” Jones, 26-2 (19), of Henderson, NV, was upset by Jaime Herrera, 12-2 (7), of Franklin Park, IL, who dished out a brutal beating to the returning Jones after 2 years of inactivity.

In the 1st round Jones controlled with his jab. In the 2nd round Jones dropped Herrera with a vicious left hook and he was saved by the bell. In the 3rd round Jones dropped Herrera with a combination. Herrera came fighting back cutting Jones outside the right eye called an accidental head butt by referee Earl Brown. At the bell Herrera rocked Jones with a left hook to the head. In the 4th round Herrera controlled the inside. Jones’ cut was not re-opened. In the 5th round Herrera re-opened the cut and had Jones left eye closed.

In the 6th round an overhand right by Herrera buckled the knees of Jones. The ring physician came in and took a long time checking Jones. In the 7th round Herrera had Jones beat up but fighting back best he could but Herrera’s heart and toughness overcame Jones. At the end of the 7th the ring physician would not let Jones come out. Jones was ahead 66-65 on all 3 judge’s scores and DHB.

“They brought me in to lose but thanks to God I was able to overcome everything. I knew in the 3rd round I hurt him and he wasn’t going to withstand my punches for the entire fight. I’ve had to overcome many obstacles in life,” said Herrera.

Middleweight Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 15-0 (7), of Millville, NJ, defeated Jamaal “Da Truth” Davis, 14-12-1 (6), of Philadelphia, over 8 rounds. There was never a dull moment in this one.

In a crowd pleasing 1st round Davis pressured Lamanna landing hard rights to the head. Lamanna landed a left hook to the body which was his best punch of the round. In the 2nd round Lamanna buckled the knees of Davis but didn’t follow-up. Davis came back taking it to Lamanna. In the 3rd Lamanna landed a hard right to the head of Davis. Davis is making Lamanna fight his fight instead of boxing in a close round. In the 4th round Lamanna landed hard shots to the body and head of Davis. Davis came firing back getting inside the long reach of Lamanna.

In the 5th round the fans were going wild with both fighters taking turns taking the lead. In the 6th round Lamanna used a good long jab and when Davis comes inside Lamanna answers with right uppercuts. In the 7th Davis was landing well to the body when he got tagged with a right to the head. The much taller and longer reach of Lamanna seems to be finally being used to his advantage. In the 8th and final round Davis looked tired as Lamanna was landing well to the head. Davis has a big heart but is taking a beating in this round with blood flying from his mouth. Light middleweight Ismael “Tito” Garcia, 7-0 (3), of Vineland, NJ, scored 2 knockdowns in defeating a game Gilbert Alex Sanchez, 4-5 (2), of Camden, NJ, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round Garcia hurt Sanchez with a left hook. A combination of a left to the body and right to the head dropped Sanchez just prior to the bell. Sanchez had bad swelling under the left eye. In the 2nd round Garcia almost dropped Sanchez just prior to the bell. In the 3rd a Garcia combination to the head hurt Sanchez.

In the 4th round Sanchez came out going to the body of Garcia with 4 punches. Garcia ended the round with a good right uppercut to the chin but Sanchez recovered from the first 2 rounds to take the round. In the 5th round Garcia countered the on rushing Sanchez. In the 6th and final round with his left eye almost closed Sanchez outworked Garcia with more body work.

Judge’s Barnes and Grant scored 59-55 with McNair 58-55 and DHB 58-54 all for Garcia. Referee was Fields.

Super bantamweight Anthony Caramanno, 2-0 (0), of Staten Island, NY, came off the canvas to defeat Marquise Pierce, 1-4 (0), of Phillipsburg, NJ, over 4 rounds.

Caramanno rocked Pierce several times in the opening round with right hands. In the 2nd round Pierce landed a punch behind the head of Caramanno dropping him and then apologized but referee Brown still counted it a knockdown. The 3rd and 4th rounds were close but Caramanno seemed to take them.

All 3 judges scored it 39-37 for Caramanno as did DHB. Super featherweight, Carlos “Rock Hard” Rosario, 0-1 (0), of Pennsauken, NJ, lost a split decision to Liberian Grashino Yancy, 1-0 (0), of Staten Island, NY, over 4 rounds.

The opening round was full of action as Rosario hurt Yancy with a body shot while Yancy came back strong. The 2nd round was more of the same going back and forth. In the 3rd round Yancy rocked Rosario with a left hook to the chin. Yancy controlled the round. In the 4th and final round Rosario boxed well countering the oncoming Yancy. Perez and Grant had it 39-37 Yancy while McNair 39-37 Rosario. DHB had it 38-38. Referee was Brown. Lightweight Marvin Johnson, 0-0-1 (0), of Bridgeton, NJ, and Omar “Hypeman” Curry, 0-0-1, of Atlantic City, NJ, fought to a disputed majority draw. Johnson seemed to get shortchanged.

Curry came out like gang busters in the opening round knocking the mouthpiece of Johnson’s out. A left hook by Johnson hurt Curry bad having Curry on the defense the rest of the round. The 2nd round was action packed with Curry throwing wild rights and Johnson countering well with left hooks to take the round. Johnson with over 200 amateur fights but only 3 weeks under trainer Hassan after a 2 year lay-off fought very smart in the last 2 rounds countering well.

Judge McNair had it 39-37 while Perez and Grant let the home town crowd influence them with a pair of 38-38’s with DHB 39-37 Johnson. Fields was the referee.

In the swing bout light middleweight southpaw Nick Valliere, 1-0 (1), of Forked River, NJ, stopped Greg Thomas, 0-3 (0), of Philadelphia, when referee Fields wisely stopped it at 1:20 of the 2nd round.

Opening the card heavyweight Joe Cusamano, 8-1 (6), of Danville, VA, knocked out Randy Easton, 2-3-1 (2), of Sunbury, PA @2:32 of the 2nd round.

There was little action in the opening round. Easton opened the 2nd round with a solid left hook. Cusamano came back with a left hook of his own heard throughout the room. What looked like Cusamano may have stepped on the foot while landing a jab caused referee Brown to call it a knockdown. A wicked left hook landed by Cusamano to the body and down went Easton on a four’s well past the 10 count. “I thought I hurt him with a straight right but I knew the hook would keep him down,” said Cusamano. His advisor Don Elbaum said “He’s the best prospect I’ve had and in 3 years should be fighting for the title.”

The ring announcer was Steve Mittman.

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