Will Al Haymon’s Signings Have a Negative Effect on Philly Boxing?
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Will Al Haymon’s Signings Have a Negative Effect on Philly Boxing?
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 11, 2014)

Al Haymon
Al Haymon
About 6 months ago I wrote about Al Haymon who had unbeaten boxers Danny “Swift” Garcia, WBA Super and WBC light welterweight champion and Julian “JRock” Williams both Philly boxers signed. Then he signed 3 unbeaten fighters in 17 year-old Milton Santiago, Jr., Dennis Hasson and Kyron Davis (DE).

Word this past week is that Haymon also signed unbeaten Omar Douglas from DE. He had signed Reading, PA, heavyweight Travis Kauffman recently. Now rumors are he is signing unbeaten Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna from NJ, who was promoted by Peltz.

To make things worse for Philly boxers is its rumored Haymon is taking over the NBC Sports Network contract from Main Events and Peltz Boxing. Main Events has Philly’s former 2-time cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham and unbeaten Karl “Dynamite” Dargan under contract. Main Events with Peltz Boxing are promoting October 18th at the 2300 Arena in Philly and November 8th at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA.

Once Haymon signs a fighter they rarely fight at their home base anymore. It’s usually on a Golden Boy Promotion and in the case of Philly boxers that means the closest to home is New York. Now with taking over NBC Sports Network they may run shows in Philly.

Pennsylvania commission this past summer has allowed 2 pro-am shows which is a rarity for Philly. The first had 3 fights with 14 rounds and the second had 3 fights with 12 rounds of professional boxing. The remainder of the shows usually had 6 amateur bouts to meet the required 28 round minimum. That rule its rumored is no longer in effect which gives the promoter a way of cheapening the cost of a show but short changing the fans who are paying what they think will be a professional show.

In 2013 Philly had 4 shows but this year 8 shows. Only problem is 3 of the shows were promoted this year by a promoter that may be finished due to poor attendance and other problems. With Dover Downs housing 2 promotions this year they informed me there will not be any boxing the rest of the year there. That means DE boxing could be gone. This leaves Atlantic City as the remaining area for Philly boxers. Even Philly’s Yusaf Mack signed with KEA Boxing in North Jersey who will showcase Mack on October 25th in North Bergen, NJ.

To make matters worse Main Events runs in Atlantic City with Philly’s Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins (living in DE) putting his 2 belts on the line against Sergey Kovalev’s belt. It’s the same night Main Events and Peltz Boxing run in Bethlehem’s Sands Casino. The same for the October 18th Philly show having Scranton run the same night. Then on the 24th Wyomissing (near Reading) runs while Somerset, NJ, runs. That means the Philly press will have 6 shows of which they can only cover 3. If PA and NJ commissions can get together about scheduling this problem may be avoided. That’s like the Democrats and Republicans working together if you know what I mean.

So, where does this leave Philly Boxing and Philly Fighters? Ask Al Haymon, J Russell Peltz and PA Boxing Director Greg Sirb.

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