Steve “USS” Cunningham stops Natu “Samoan Truth” Visinia in Philly
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Steve “USS” Cunningham stops Natu “Samoan Truth” Visinia in Philly
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 19, 2014)

Steve "USS" Cunningham
Steve "USS" Cunningham
Main Events, Peltz Boxing and BAM Boxing promotions promoted an exciting main event at 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, PA, Saturday night. It was covered by NBC Sports Network.

Former two-time cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham, 28-6 (13) stopped Natu “Samoan Truth” Visinia, 10-1 (8), of Clinton, IL, at the end of the 7th round. The lone knockdown was scored by Visinia. Cunningham fought a brilliant fight.

In the opening round Cunningham kept circling his opponent until he got hit with a right to the left side of his body and then started using an effective jab that won him the round.

In the 2nd round Cunningham landed a lead right and Visinia countered with a left hook. Referee Gary Rosato warned Visinia twice for low blows. In the 3rd round Visinia missed with a left hook and Cunningham countered to 2 rights to the body. The round was all Cunningham until seconds before the bell when Visinia landed a hard right to the top of Cunningham’s head. In the 4th round Cunningham landed a solid right uppercut to the chin of Visinia. The bottom lip of Visinia is cut with blood on both fighters. Cunningham is boxing brilliantly switching to southpaw at times.

In the 5th round a right hand from Visinia to the left shoulder of Cunningham that dropped him. He was up immediately complaining to the referee.  In the 6th round Cunningham was landing solid punched to the head of Visinia causing him to spit out blood. The fans were chanting “USS”, “USS” for Cunningham. A straight right to the chin of Visinia by Cunningham stopped Visinia in his tracks. Visinia has never gone past 6 so he is in new territory.

In the 7th round Cunningham continued to batter Visinia whose face is red covered with blood. A hard right by Cunningham to the face of Visinia ended the round. The corner of Vsinia stopped the fight between rounds. It was a brilliant and gutsy performance by Cunningham.  

  Lightweight Edner “Cherry Bomb” Cherry, 33-6-2 (18), Wauchula, FL, scored 3 knockdowns stopping southpaw Osumanu Akaba, 24-7 (19), of GH, at 2:15 of the second round causing referee Shawn Clark to wave it off.

The opening round was a real “feeling out” round on both parts with Akaba landing a punch or two. In the 2nd round both exchanged punches to the delight of the crowd. In the middle of the ring a flash left hook by Cherry to the side of Akaba’s head had him on the canvas. Up but obviously hurt Akaba tried to cover up but another left hook to the head dropped Akaba for a second time. Cherry was all over Akaba driving him into the ropes and to the canvas for a third and last time.

“First I want to thank God for the victory. I didn’t know he (Akaba) was a southpaw prior to the fight. The first left hook I didn’t feel I hit him that hard so I came back with one that was hard dropping him again,” said Cherry. When asked what’s next he said “that’s up to my promoter Russell Peltz. I want to fight any junior lightweight in the world.”      

  Middleweight southpaw Robert Sweeney, 3-1 (0), of Sicklerville, NJ, won a hard fought win over Roberto “Heat” Lopez, 4-8-2 (1), of Vineland, NJ, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round it was all Sweeney having his way. In the 2nd round Lopez came back with a solid body attack. In the 3rd round both fighters had their moments but Sweeney may have pulled it out. In the 4th and final round both seem tired but still throwing punches with Sweeney seemingly pulling out the win. Scores of 40-36 twice and 39-37 went to Sweeney. DHB 39-37. Referee was Rosato.

Middleweight Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson, 22-3-1 (21), of N. Philly, PA, was upset by Decarlo “3mendo” Perez, 13-3-1 (5), of Atlantc City, NJ, being stopped at 2:29 of the 5th round when referee Clark waved it off.  

The opening round was without much action. Brunson fighting in Philly for the first time since his debut seemed to have the edge. In the 2nd round Brunson had Perez in a neutral corner landing over a dozen punches without return before Perez pulled him into a clinch. Perez came back with a solid body attack. In the 3rd round Perez dominated with the jab and midway returned to the body having Brunson on the defense the entire round.

In the 4th round Brunson landed a solid right to the chin of Perez who countered with a right uppercut to the chin of Brunson. In the 5th round Perez was all over Brunson who had too many short fights and looked tired. Though Brunson didn’t seem hurt he was taking too many punches without return causing referee Clark to wave it off at 2:29 of the 5th round.

 Light Welterweight Victor “Brazen” Vasquez, 16-9-1 (7), of N. Philly, PA,  Gerald Smith 3-1 (1), of Phila, PA,  Not much action in the opening round but Vasquez landed a good right to the chin of Smith and worked the body when inside. In the 2nd round it was all Vasquez until the final seconds when Smith drove Vasquez into the ropes causing referee Rosato to administer an 8 count. In the 3rd round Vasquez worked the body of Smith well.

In the 4th round Vasquez turned up the heat ending the round with a solid left hook to the chin of Smith. In the 5th round Vasquez cornered Smith in a neutral corner with half a dozen punches. Smith who has only had one fight in the last 6 years seems fatigued. In the 6th and final round Vasquez dominated the fading Smith.

Vasquez won by scores of 59-55 and 58-55 twice. DHB 59-55. Referee was Rosato.

Welterweight Anthony Abbruzzese, 3-1 (2), Phila., PA, lost to Anthony Prescott, 5-3-2 (2), Cherry Hill, NJ, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round Prescott had the edge. In the 2nd round Abbruzzese hurt Prescott with a left hook almost dropping him. In the 3rd round Prescott had Abbruzzese on the defense the entire round. In the 4th and final round Prescott outworked Abbruzzese. All 3 judges had it 39-37 as did DHB. Referee was Clark.

In the opening bout Philly light heavyweight Ryan Bivins, 0-1 (0), lost to Darry ”Red Nose Pit Bull” Gause 1-0 (0) of Vineland, NJ. In the opening 2 rounds Gause outworked Bivins. In the 3rd round Bivins had Gause’s nose bleeding. In the 4th and last round Gause edged Bivins.  

 Scores 39-37 and 40-36 twice. Referee was Rosato.

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