Juan Rodriguez and Cory Cummings Win at NJ as Riot halts main event Saturday!
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Juan Rodriguez and Cory Cummings Win at NJ as Riot halts main event Saturday!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 26, 2014)

Juan “the Beast” Rodriguez, Jr.
Juan “the Beast” Rodriguez, Jr.
Boxing at the Park III promoted by Andre and Alex Kut’s KEA Boxing.

In the main event southpaw welterweight Juan “the Beast” Rodriguez, Jr., 12-1 (5), of Union City, NJ, won a split decision over Greg Jackson, 3-1 (1), of Philly, PA, over 4 rounds in a shortened 6 round bout due to riot. Police took their good old time getting to the facility some 20 minutes to arrive to calm things down.

In the opening round Rodriguez dips low and jabs Jackson to the mid-section of leads with a left to same area while Jackson is doing more posing. In the 2nd round Jackson came out southpaw for about 30 seconds before switching back to orthodox. A straight lead right by Jackson to the chin rocked Rodriguez. Jackson missed with a right and Rodriguez landed a combination to the body. In the 3rd round Jackson scored with lead rights to the head of Rodriguez throughout the round.

In the 4th round Jackson switched to southpaw on two occasions but Rodriguez was the one landing to the body. Before the 5th round started fights broke out with chairs flying. It may have had something to do with the co-feature.

Judges Al Bennett 40-36 for Jackson, John Potaraj and Julie Lederman 39-37 for Rodriguez by split decision. DHB had it 39-37 for Rodriguez.

In the co-feature light heavyweight Yusaf “Mack Attack” Mack, 31-8-2 (17), of Philly, PA, was upset by Cory “Black Ice” Cummings, 18-7-1 (13), of Newark, NJ, over 6 wild rounds of action.

In the opening round Cummings pinned Mack against the ropes dropping him with a left hook. Mack came back to drop Cummings but referee Viruet called it a slip.

Later in round prior to bell Mack landed a right hand driving Cummings into the ropes which saved him from going down but referee Viruet didn’t call it a knock down. In the 2nd round both boxers went back and forth in command. In the 3rd round Mack landed several overhand rights to the head of Cummings. At rounds end it was Cummings landing overhand rights to the head of Mack.

In the 4th round Mack landed several lead rights to the head of Cummings. Midway Cummings had Mack on the ropes blasting away. In the 5th round it was a war of punches with Mack having the edge. In the 6th and final round both boxers let it all hang out until the final bell! The fans loved it!

All 3 judges had it for Cummings with Lederman 58-56, Poturja 57-56 and Bennett 59-54. DHB had it 57-56 Cummings. Referee Viruet took the fight away from Mack in the 1st round not calling 2 knockdowns for Mack.

Heavyweight Tyrell “Juice” Wright, 6-0-1 (4), of Jersey City, NJ, and Jon Bolden, 6-9-1 (5), of New York, NY, fought to a 6 round draw. In the opening round there was little action with Wright the aggressor landing jabs. Bolden landed the best punch a left hook to the head of Wright. In the 2nd round both exchanged left hooks. Not much action. In the 3rd round referee Viruet warned Bolden for excessive holding. Wright landing several left hooks to body and head of Bolden.

In the 4th round both fighters threw left hooks at the same time with Bolden’s dropping Wright. Bolden was then complaining to the referee Wright is holding too much. In the 5th round Wright outworked Bolden who has done little since the knockdown. In the 6th and final round referee Viruet after several warnings took an unnecessary point from Bolden, this giving Wright the round. The point deduction prevented Bolden from winning. All 3 judges had it 56-56 while DHB had it 57-55 for Wright. Former boxer Bobby Rooney was in Wrights corner.

Cruiserweight Elvin Sanchez, 7-3 (5), of Paterson, NJ, won a majority 4 round decision over Brad Austin, 10-14 (7), of Johnson City, TN, scoring a knockdown in the 2nd round. Referee Franciosi. In the opening round Austin came out firing having Sanchez covering up. A right hand by Austin to the head of Sanchez hurt him causing him to tie up Austin. The nose of Sanchez was bleeding. It was a lopsided round in favor of Austin. In the 2nd round Austin continued landing until a solid jab from Sanchez dropped Austin whose feet went up in the air. He got up and fought back but it was Sanchez taking the round.

In the 3rd round a Sanchez left hook to the head had Austin holding on. Austin came back putting Sanchez against the ropes landing half a dozen unanswered punches until Sanchez spun off the ropes and came back taking the end of the round. The 4th round continued the “war” it has been for the entire fight. Austin was doing some holding half way through the round as Sanchez won the round.

Judges Lederman and Potaraj had it 39-36 and Bennett 37-37. DHB had it 38-36 for Sanchez.

Welterweight Marlon “Baby Face” Brown, 2-0 (1), of Brooklyn, NY, easily defeated Alexander “Popeye” Serna, 1-1 (1), Queens, NY, over 4 rounds.

In a close 1st round Brown seemed to have the edge landing a 3-punch combination. Serna seems to be more defensive not throwing enough punches. It was a very sloppy round. In the 2nd round Serna went down from a half punch half push called a knockdown by referee Franciosi.

In the 3rd round Brown continues to land combinations being much too fast for Serna. In the 4th round both fighters hit the canvas as it was very sloppy on both parts. Brown continued out landing Serna taking all 4 rounds.

All 3 judges had it 40-35 as did DHB. Referee was Franciosi.

Junior lightweight southpaw Andrew “Sweet Pea” Bentley, 2-2 (0), of Jersey City, NJ, won all 4 rounds defeating Micah Branch, 2-11-1 (0), of Cincinnati, OH.

In the opening round Bentley was out landing Branch with superior hand speed. In the 2nd round Bentley had Branch trapped on the ropes landing at will until Branch landed an uppercut to the mid-section. Bentley continued to use his superior hand speed taking the round.

In the 3rd round Bentley continued on the attack though Branch got his occasional right to the head in. In the 4th round Bentley’s punches seemed more annoying than hard though he seemed to pitch a shutout.

All 3 judges and DHB scored 40-36 for Bentley. Franciosi was referee. Former boxer Bobby Rooney worked the corner of Bentley. In a female bout light middleweight southpaw Berta Aracil, 2-0 (2), of Yonkers, NY, halted Connie Viruet, 1-1 (1), of Hoboken, NJ, at 0:44 of the 2nd round.

In the opening round Aracil stunned Viruet with a straight left to the head. Aracil took the round easily. In the 2nd round Aracil pounded Viruet continuously with a right to the head and body. Referee Franciosi halted the fight at 0:44 of the 2nd round.

Ring announcer Henry Hascup announced the passing of boxing manager Andy Touchstone who suddenly passed away Monday. He currently managed heavyweight Joe Cusamano, 9-1, out of Richmond, VA. He informed us upon our arrival. This writer was talking to Touchstone at last Saturdays boxing event in Philadelphia. He was representing an incarcerated former boxer at my request. He will be missed and our prayers go out to the Touchstone family.

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