Only a REMATCH can Legitimize the Gabe Rosado Stoppage!
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Only a REMATCH can Legitimize the Gabe Rosado Stoppage!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 29, 2013)

L-R: Quillin-Rosado
Photo © Tom Hogan / HoganPhotos - Golden Boy
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Philly’s “King” Gabriel Rosado got his second title shot in 2013 challenging WBO Middleweight champion Peter Quillin in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night.

Rosado took 4 rounds to stop pawing and snap that jab of his. He is not a boxer, but a fighter. He has one of the most underrated trainers in Billy Briscoe. This writer didn’t see him listed in either the 154 or 160 rankings when it was announced. Did Philly’s IBHOF promoter J. Russell Peltz pull it off for Rosado?

Considering Rosado lost in a blood bath in January to Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin for the WBA title Golden Boy must have felt “this is the right opponent for Kid Chocolate”. Remember Golovkin may be the most feared fighter pound-for-pound in the world. After all Rosado lost in May to 15-0 J’Leon Love by split decision turned into a ND because Love tested positive for a banned diuretic.

When the cut happened against Quillin and the referee Allan Huggins called in the ring physician before Briscoe had time to work on the cut you just had a feeling something strange is going to happen. It seemed the doctor spent but half a minute in there before he started shaking his head “no”. Everyone but 3 men sitting on stools around the ring thought the fight could have been going either way. Only a flash knockdown by Quillin was the difference on this writer’s scorecard making it 86-84 after 9 rounds for Quillin.

Rosado was coming on in the last several rounds and it looked like he was going to overcome the knockdown and possibly show there would be no need for the judges. When the ring physician advised the referee to stop it Rosado rightfully went nuts with his arms up in the air and people screaming “no way”! He ran to several corners and up on the ropes pleading to the people who responded their disbelief of the way the fight ended.

If they would have announced the scores of the 3 judges to the crowd you would have really heard it! Kason Cheeks scored it 90-80. What? Not one round to Rosado? Waleska Roldan had it 89-81. Not much better but one round to Rosado? Finally Ron McNair had it 87-83 all for Quillin. Would the fight have been stopped if the scores were known by the referee and ring physician?

At the press conference afterwards both fighters were very kind to each other and both recognized “God” as first in their lives. When Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer asked for questions this writer was one of the first by standing and proclaiming “the judge who had it 90-80 should be suspended”! Adding, “there has to be a re-match”! Rosado replied, “thanks Ken”.

Rosado went on to mention the much worse cut in the Golovkin fight with blood so bad they had to wipe down the ring ropes and canvas afterwards. The cut that Murat suffered in the main event against Bernard Hopkins was worse that Rosado’s but you didn’t see the ring physician in the ring for that one!

It was mentioned Rosado had 12 stitches. One of the best lines he said was “we have to get back to the old days. Things are too SOFT today.” He may have watched Arturo Gatti’s fights or old films of Chuck “the Bayonne Bleeder” Wepner, Henry Cooper or Carmen Basilio. Schaefer to his credit said he also thought a re-match was warranted. Quillin said “whatever fight the promoter tells me I have”.

If Rosado didn’t deserve the shot in the first place he certainly earned it in the ring for 9 rounds Saturday night in Atlantic City! Only a re-match will justify how the end of this one came about to clear the air! This time he won’t need any “feeling out rounds” but fight the way he is trained “go in there and take it to him and the title back to Philly!”

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