Ronald Cruz Stops Hector Munoz in a Wild 3 rounds at Sands Casino, in Bethlehem, PA Saturday
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Ronald Cruz Stops Hector Munoz in a Wild 3 rounds at Sands Casino, in Bethlehem, PA Saturday
By Ken Hissner at ringside for Doghouse Boxing (Nov 17, 2013)

Ronald Cruz
Bethlehem’s favorite son Ronald Cruz
Bethlehem’s favorite son Ronald Cruz, 20-2 (15), dropped Hector “El Hurricane” Munoz, (22-12-1 (14), of Albuquerque, NM, 3 times stopping him at 1:43 of the third in a scheduled 10 main event. This was a Peltz Boxing & BAM Boxing in association with the Sands Casino Resort promotion.

There was no feeling out in the first round as both fighters went at it. The second was more of the same as Munoz was landing a solid jab Cruz came back with an overhand right followed by a left to the head. Munoz looks bigger and kept pushing forward. Coming off the biggest win of his career over Hector Camacho, Jr., Munoz seems very confident. When Cruz steps up and delivers solid power punches he makes Munoz pay.

A left by Cruz followed up with an overhand right dropped Munoz. As he got up Cruz went after him. A straight right dropped Munoz in the corner of Cruz. He got up shaky and referee Smoger looked like he might stop it. Cruz rushed forward and landed a solid left hook to the chin dropping Munoz for the third and last time as Smoger waved it off. The fans loved this one as both fighters put forth their best efforts.

Lightweight Jason Sosa, 11-1-3 (7), of Camden, NJ stopped Bryne Green, 7-8-1 (3), of Vineland, NJ in a scheduled 6 at 2:36 of the fourth round with a wicked body shot to the mid-section.

Green seemed to stay a step ahead of Sosa in the opening round. In the second Sosa started finding the range landing some power punches. Sosa dominated the round driving Green backwards throughout. In the third both landed solid left hooks to the chin. Sosa landed a combination of uppercuts getting the attention of Green. Sosa seems to be taking over.

In the fourth Sosa started of landing good body shots which seemed to wake up Green who came back with some solid punches of his own. Sosa rocked Green making him hold. A good right uppercut to the body dropped Green for the count on his knees as referee Rosato reached the 10 count.

Green spent about 10 minutes on the stool afterwards. Sosa continues his winning ways. He’s also in the Rivas-Soto camp. “I didn’t realize I hurt him and expected him to get up,” said Sosa.

In another anticipated match-up of southpaws Junior Welterweights Jerome Rodriguez, 6-0-2 (2), of Allentown, PA and Darnell Jiles, 9-3-2 (3) of Rochester, NY put on a classic battle over 6 rounds to a draw decision.

Jiles started out strong as Rodriguez finished strong in a very close opening round. In the second Jiles had Rodriguez on the ropes outscoring him with combinations. In the middle of the ring it was Rodriguez outboxing Jiles in another close round. In the third Jiles was being outboxed before landing a lead overhand left to the head of Rodgiguez. A 4-punch combination by Rodriguez got the attention of Jiles. The more experienced Jiles finished strong. There is little to pick between the two of them through 3 rounds of a scheduled 6.

In the fourth Jiles missed with a right hook as Rodriguez countered with a nice left hook to the mid-section. Rodriguez hurt Jiles driving him across the ring only to be met with hard return punches by Jiles. The skill level of both boxers is apparent in this one. The hand speed of Rodriguez starts out each round scoring points. The more active Rodriguez is starting to show. This was the first clear cut round as Rodriguez dominated. In the last 2 rounds Jiles stayed on the stool until the bell rang as Rodriguez was standing and ready to go.

In the final round Rodriguez showed pin point accuracy with his jab until Jiles landed a border line right hook to the top of the head as Rodriguez was ducking. Jiles may be realizing he is behind and trying to pour it on for a knockout. Referee Smoger handled a classic 6 as if it were a championship fight. All 3 judges had it 57-57 while dhb had it 58-56 for Rodriguez. A re-match may be in the offering. This is what boxing was all about in days beyond.

Welterweight Arturo Trujillo, 4-0 (2), of Easton, PA, scored a sensational stoppage of Pablo Sanchez, 1-1 (1), of Indianapolis, dropping him twice to stay unbeaten at 1:48 of the first round.

Southpaw Trujillo landed a 3-Punch combo followed by a combination with a straight left dropping Sanchez. Upon rising Sanchez looked bewildered. He tried to fight back but Trujillo had too many blows to the head as he dropped Sanchez again with a right hook. Referee Rosato wisely stopped the fight as the outclassed Sanchez got to his feet.

Cruiserweight Todd “2 Gunz” Unthank-May, 8-0 (3), of Philly, PA, overcame a bad cut stopping Kentrell Claiborne, 4-8 (3), of Ft. Worth, TX, at 2:38 of round 2 in a scheduled 4 rounder.

Unthank-May started strong dominating Claiborne before an overhand right caused a nasty cut on the left eye-brow of Unthank-May. With blood coming down the side of his face he went after Claiborne trying to end it early.

In the second a solid right to the head rocked Claiborne who held on. Claiborne walked right into a right hand that dropped him. A left hook to the mid-section dropped him again. A straight right finished the fight as Claiborne hit the canvas for a third time as referee Rosato waved it off.

Welterweight Terrell James, 1-1-1 (0), of Philly Carlo Moore, 0-1-1, of VA Beach, VA battled to a 4 round draw.

James came out with vengeance driving Moore into the ropes on 2 occasions. Moore held on hoping James would punch himself out. Suddenly just prior to the bell Moore reversed things punishing James at the bell.

In the second with hands held high James came forward only to be met with some resistance by Moore. Who pushed him to the ropes and smothered him with punches. Moore took the round outworking James.

In the third Moore continued to keep James on the ropes but took as many as he landed. In the fourth and final round both fighters left it all hang out until midway through James rocked Moore with a chopping right. Moore came back driving James once again to the ropes. Just prior to the bell James hurt Moore with a solid right to his left eye. It was a good fight for these two youngsters.

DHB had it 38-38 as did judges Braslow and Benoist while Pourtaj had it 39-37 for James. Smoger was the referee.

In an anticipated good match-up Junior Welterweight Nathaniel “2 Guns” Rivas, 2-0 (0), of Berlin, NJ showed excellent skills in defeating Johnathan Williams, 0-1, of Allentown, PA over 4 rounds taking the judges scores 40-36 as did DHB.

Williams started fast and Rivas finished strong pinning Williams in a neutral corner prior to the bell rocking him with a left hook. Both showing good skills at the start of the second until Rivas started to take over landing combinations and much better accuracy as both fighters stayed in the middle of the ring. It was an exciting round for the fans.

In the third round Rivas hurt Williams on several occasions ending the round with a terrific right to the chin of Williams rocking him. The local favorite cannot keep up with Rivas punch for punch. In the final round Rivas once again hurt Williams with combinations to the body and finishing with a combo to the head.

Rivas keeps pressing Williams who has no answer for the many punches Rivas is landing. Williams was holding he left arm of Rivas trying to stop him from throwing combinations. Rivas who is trained by his father Chino who is also co-manager with Adrienne Soto is a real prospect. World traveling top referee Steve “double S” handled the fight. All 3 judges had it 40-36 for Rivas as did DHB.

In the opening bout junior welterweight Ismael Serrano, 1-0 (0), of Bethlehem, PA won a hard fought decision over Jean Hernandez, 0-1, of the Bronx, NJ over 4 rounds.

In the opening round both fighters exchanged right hands. Serrano is the busier of the two. Hernandez continues to be the aggressor as Serrano counters by working body with combinations and an occasional overhand right to the head. Hernandez landed a big right to the chin of Serrano. Hernandez finished strong pinning Serrano in his own corner at the bell.

In the third round Hernandez, the fresher of the two got caught with a lead right hand that made him wince. Serrano with back to the ropes spun Hernandez around landing a combination at the bell. In the final round a Serrano overhand right drove Hernandez into the ropes. Hernandez landed a 3-punch combo finishing with a right uppercut rocking Serrano who came fighting back. The referee was Gary Rosato.

Judges Dave Braslow and Dewey LaRosa had it 39-37 as did dhb while Pierre Benoist had it 40-36 all for the winner Serrano.

Ring announcer was Steve Mittman and timekeeper Fred Blumstein. This was certainly one of the best shows in the area this year.

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