Opponents Who Defeated the Undefeated like Chavez (87-0), Pep (62-0), and LaRocca (56-0)!
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Opponents Who Defeated the Undefeated like Chavez (87-0), Pep (62-0), and LaRocca (56-0)!
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Dec 2, 2014)

Boxer KO's Boxer
Boxer KO's Boxer
I’m a long-time fan of ROCKY MARCIANO'S 49-0 (43) record when he retired. There were three who passed it only to get beat. One was Mexico’s JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ who was 86-0 when he drew with Pernell Whitaker 32-1, and was 89-0-1 when he lost to Frankie Randall, 48-2-1. Chavez was 11-0 when he lost by DQ to Miguel Ruiz but it was later reversed to a KO1. He ended his career at 107-6-2 (86).

WILLIE PEP was 62-0 when he lost to Sammy Angott, 69-17-5. He ended his career at 229-11-1 (65)

NINA LA ROCCA aka Cheid Tidjani Sidibe was born in Mauritania and moved to IT taking up the Italian name. He was 56-0 when he lost to Giles Elbilia, 22-2. He finished at 74-6 (54).

BRIAN NIELSEN, of Denmark tied Marciano’s record at 49-0 then lost to Dickie Ryan, 47-4. He finished 64-3 (43).

RICARDO LOPEZ, of Mexico was 47-0, when he and Rosendo Alvarez ended in a TD. He won the rematch and finished at 51-0-1 (38).

LARRY HOLMES was 48-0 when he lost to #175 champ Michael Spinks, 27-0, though his wins over Tim Witherspoon and Carl Williams were very controversial. He ended 69-6 (44).

DARIUS MICHALCZEWSKI of Poland was 48-0 when he lost to Jose Luis Gonzalez, 34-1. He finished at 48-2 (38).

PAUL SPADAFORA was 36-0 when he drew with Leonard Dorin. At 48-0-1 he lost to Johan Perez, 17-1-1. He is still active at 49-1-1.

CHRIS JOHN of Indonesia was 34-0 when he had a TD with Jose Rojas, 20-5, and 42-0-1 when he drew with Rocky Juarez, 28-4-1, 48-0-2 with another TD with Satoski Howono, 23-2. He was 48-0-2 when he lost to Simpiwe Vetyeka, 25-2, and is currently active at 48-1-3.

RUBEN OLIVARES of Mexico was 27-0 when he Drew with German Bastidas,, 11-2-1, and 61-0-1, when he lost to Chuco Castillo, 40-10-2 and finished at 89-13-3 (79).

FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JR., 47-0 (26) and CESAR CUENCA, 47-0 (2), of Argentina are approaching Marciano’s record.

JOE CALZAGHE of Wales was 46-0 when he retired.

CHONLATARN PIRIYAPINYO, of Thailand, was 44-0 when he lost to Chris John, 47-0-2. He is still active at 52-1 (33).

SAUL ALVAREZ, of Mexico was 4-0 when he drew with Jorge Juarez, 3-5. He was 42-0-1, when he lost to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

ROMAN GONZALEZ, of Nicaragua is 41-0 (35), and still active.

FELIX TRINIDAD was 40-0, when he lost to Bernard Hopkins, 39-2-1. He ended his career at 42-3 (35).

“SUGAR” RAY ROBINSON was 40-0, when he lost to Jake LaMotta, 30-5-2. He ended at 173-19-6 (108). Mayweather currently holds 4 titles, 2 each at 147 and 154. His cable contract ends in his 50th fight. Cuenca earned a title fight with Lamont Peterson winning an elimination bout but Peterson is asking for a “bye” in fighting Cuenca. His promoter Oscar deLaHoya of Golden Boy agreed 100% he is ducking Cuenca after the Kovalev-Hopkins fight!

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