Hurd, Douglas and Young Stars Win at Harrah’s Philadelphia Friday!
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Jarrett “Swift” Hurd, Douglas and Young Stars Win at Harrah’s Philadelphia Friday!
By Ken Hissner and David Ruff at ringside for Dog House Boxing (Dec 6, 2014)

Jarrett “Swift” Hurd
Jarrett “Swift” Hurd
This was a King’s Promotions & XFE promotion at the Harrah’s Philadelphia (Chester) Casino. Go Fight Live aired the show.

In the main event middleweight Jarrett “Swift” Hurd, 14-0 (8), of Accokeek, MD, won a lack luster majority decision over southpaw Emmanuel Sanchez, 5-2 (1), of Laredo TX, over 6 rounds.

In the first two rounds Hurd countered Sanchez who was coming forward. In the 3rd round Hurd became the aggressor looking for the knockout punch. The awkward southpaw style of Sanchez seemed to confuse Hurd.

In the 4th and 5th rounds Hurd cannot get a clean punch in on Sanchez who has made it a long night for the unbeaten Hurd. In the 6th and final round it’s Sanchez who is countering the oncoming Hurd who finally lands a lead right to the chin. Hurd fought like he never boxed a southpaw before.

Judge John Poturaj had it 59-55, Lynne Carter 58-56 as did DHB and Dave Braslow 57-57. The referee was Gary Rosato.

Super featherweight Omar “Super O” Douglas, 13-0 (10), of Wilmington, DE, knocked out “Prince” Osnel Charles, 10-12 (1), of Atlantic City, NJ, in 2:21 of the 1st round in a scheduled 6. Referee Dave Franciosi registered the 10 count. Douglas was the most impressive boxer on the card!

It was the first fight out of DE for Douglas who looked terrific. “I worked with Danny Garcia, Ryan Belasco and others and had great sparring,” said Douglas. He is trained by Doug Pettiford.

Super lightweight 18 year-old Milton “El Santo” Santiago, Jr., 8-0 (3), defeated Travis “The Animal” Thompson, 7-12-3 (3), of Pottstown, PA, over 4 rounds.

Santiago used a good body attack as Thompson tried bulling him around the ring in the opening round. In the second round Santiago continued with a solid body attack. Thompson landed a solid lead right to the chin of Santiago. In the 3rd round Thompson tried to make it a brawl but Santiago countered him well. In the 4th and final round Thompson landed a lead right to the chin and tried coming under the punces of Santiago who landed many left uppercuts. It was a rough fight with referee Rosato warning both fighters. Santiago is a prospect to watch.

All 3 judges and DHB had it 40-35 for Santiago. Chino Rivas and Bozy Ennis worked the corne of Santiago who is managed by Moz Gonzales and Eddie Woods. Former National GG champion middleweight Caleb “Sweet Hands” Hunter Plant, 5-0 (4), of Ashland City, TN, impressively knocked out Daryl Gardner, 2-5 (1), of Spokane, WA, at 1:35 of the 1st round of a scheduled 4, when referee Franciosi counted Gardner out.

In the opening round Plant used a solid jab and a powerful left hook. He finally dropped Gardner with a left hook to the chin for the count. “I just wanted to start slow and work the body. I had a good camp,” said Plant. He’s a good young fighter who should only get better.

Featherweight “Cool Boy” Stephen Fulton, 3-0 (1), of Philly easily defeated Benjamin Burgos, 2-10-1 (3), of Mt. Pocono, PA, over 4 rounds.

Fulton controlled the first round with his boxing. He scored the best punch of the round with a lead right to the chin of Burgos at the bell. In the 2nd round Fulton landed three consecutive right hands to the chin of Burgos and followed with four more punches. In the 3rd round Fulton had Burgos hurt with a flurry of punches. In the 4th and final round Burgos just couldn’t land anything flush. After many warnings of rabbit punches referee Rosato took a point from Burgos. Fulton, the former National GG champion won all 4 rounds.

All three judges and DHB had it 40-35. “I hurt my right hand and couldn’t take him out. It was a good learning experience,” said Fulton.

In the opening bout cruiserweight Earl “the Flash” Newman, 3-0 (3), of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Jade “The Spade” Ealy, 1-2 (1), of Augusta, GA, at 2:57 of the 1st round in a scheduled 4, when referee, Dave Franciosi wisely stopped it after a dozen unanswered punches by Newman.

All the winners are connected to Al Haymon. Ring announcer was Nino Del Buno. The normal promoter Joey Eye is under a disputed suspension by PA Boxing Director Greg Sirb and awaiting a hearing. Members of the press are completely behind Joey Eye who is a hard working promoter and cut-man who is as popular as anyone in the Philly area. He’s being deprived of making his living. Three of the six winners were from out of the area including both main event boxers. This is something Joey Eye would never have matched and promoted. It showed in the attendance and the quality of the bouts.

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