Are Jesse Hart and Derek Webster on A Collision Course?
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Are Jesse Hart and Derek Webster on A Collision Course?
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Dec 9, 2014)

Derrick Webster vs. Jess Hart
Derrick Webster vs. Jess Hart?
Are Super middleweights Jesse “Hard Work” Hart, 15-0 (12), of Philadelphia and Derrick “Take It to The Bank” Webster, 18-0 (9), of Glassboro, NJ, on a collision course by the end of 2015 or early 2016?

In this writer’s opinion they shouldn’t be unless both are holding world titles. I am not a Philly vs Philly area guy. As a matter of fact they both are signed under D&D Management with Dave Price and Doc Nowicki so at this time it’s doubtful it would happen.

Webster just destroyed Ghana’s Obodai Sai, 23-1 (17), in 0:22 of the 1st round on November 25th at the 2300 Arena in South Philly in the main event. Hart will be at the same venue this Saturday against Colombian Samuel Miller, 28-9 (25), now out of CA, in the co-feature.

Hart has a distinguished amateur record having won the 2012 Olympic trials but lost in Europe and had to fight a return with Terrell Gausha to stay on the Olympic team with their bout ending 17-17 and Gausha (now 12-0 as a pro) getting to go to the Olympics losing in the second round. Hart was the Olympic Alternate but should have been picked.

Hart’s amateur record was 85-11 compared to Webster’s 38-2 but Hart is 25 and Webster 32. Webster’s two losses were to Hart in the amateurs. Webster is 6:04 and a southpaw while Hart’s at 6:02 and both will most likely end up in the light heavyweight division.

In a recent interview with writer George Hanson of the Mouthpiece, Webster told how being in camp with Roy Jones, Jr., has really helped him develop his skills. Hart? His father is known as one of the hardest puncher’s in the history of Philadlephia, none other then Eugene “Cyclone” Hart, 30-9-1 (28)! If the younger Hart has a fault it’s trying to be the puncher that his father was who had God given punching power opposed to his son’s God given all around ability. The elder Hart started his career off with nineteen straight knockouts!

They once called 6:03 175 light heavyweight champion Bob Foster a “freak of nature”! Hart has been called a “monster” in Philly gyms sparring and Webster is even taller yet in weight smaller than Foster. He uses his height to outbox his opponents and being a southpaw doesn’t hurt except trying to get opponents. He found out early after turning professional in May of 2009 until February of 2010 after having five fights it would be eleven months before his next fight!

Again in 2010 Webster would start the first two months with two fights and then go another eleven months without a fight. 2011 was good to him in having six fights. Then things slowed down again with only two fights in 2012 and but one in 2013. His four fights in 2014 picked up the action a little. He’s had eight fights in his home state of NJ, and 8 in Philadelphia with two outside the city in PA.

Strange as it is Hart has only fought in Philadelphia once, with two outside of the city. He’s had two fights in NY and four in NV. NJ has seen him the most with six fights. Saturday will be Hart’s second Philadelphia appearance on a Peltz Boxing show. Top Rank is his promotional team and Peltz is usually the benefactor in the east.

2015 and 2016 should put Philly back in limelight with both Webster and Hart! Both are God fearing young men and as likeable as you will find. Let’s get behind both of them Philly!

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