Verdego and Hart Post Knockouts in Philly Saturday
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Verdego and Hart Post Knockouts in Philly Saturday
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Dog House Boxing (Dec 14, 2014)

Felix Verdejo stops Karim El Ouazghari
L-R: Felix Verdejo stops Karim El Ouazghari in the 4th round at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pa. Saturday night.
Top Rank, Peltz Boxing and BAM Boxing promoted the Uni Mas production at the 2300 Arena in South Philly.

Lightweight Felix Verdego, 16-0 (12), of PR, stopped Karim El Ouazghari, 16-6-2 (4), SP, at 1:27 of the fourth round of a complete mismatch. The Latino fans didn’t care as long as their favorite won.

In the opening round Verdego controlled with his jab and not throwing anything else until the 10 second mark when a left hook almost dropped Ouazghari. In the second round Verdego may be “carrying” his opponent from Spain since it took about ten minutes for him to enter the ring due to malfunction of his entrance song. In the third round Verdego threw his first right hand and his second one dropped Ouazhari. At the bell Verdego dropped him again as the corner of Ouazghari came in to direct him back to his corner. In the fourth round a pair of right hands by Verdego had Ouazghari out on his feet when excellent referee Smoger waved it off. Ouazghari lost this fight the day he signed the contract!

Heavyweight “Gentleman” George Arias, 2-0 (1), of DR, pitched a shutout in four rounds over Randy “Prince of Darkness” Easton, 3-6-1 (3), of Williamsport, PA.

In the opening round Arias had Easton covering up for the most part with little connecting. In the second round a left hook by Arias to the head of Easton rocked him. In the third round the unorthodox Arias seems to get the better inside. In the fourth and final round it was all Arias until Easton landed a good left hook to the head. It’s the first heavyweight to come out of the Dominican in memory. All judges and DHB had it 40-36. Referee was Gary Rosato.

Super middleweight Jesse “Hard Work” Hart, 16-0 (13), of Philly scored a pair of knockdowns in stopping Samuel Miller, 28-10 (25), of COL, at 2:07 of the second round when referee Rosato called a halt.

In the opening round both fighters were swinging for the fences with little connections. In the second round Hart scored a pair of knockdowns. The first was from a right hand to the head of Miller. After the second knockdown Miller got up but had no control of his legs upon rising. Referee Gary Rosato wisely halted the fight.

Featherweight Chris “Pitufo” Diaz, 8-0 (5), of PR, scored a pair of knockdowns in defeating a tough Jazzma “Jazz” Hogue, 3-6-1 (0), of Farmington, NM, over six rounds.

In the opening round Diaz digs many left hooks into the body of Hogue as the many Latino fans with the Puerto Rican flags waving are showing Diaz their support. In the second round Hogue suffered a small cut on his forehead possibly from an unintentional head butt. In the third round a lead right hand by Diaz got Hogue’s attention and seemed to spur him on going after Diaz.

In the fourth Diaz landed a combination that set Hogue off chasing and landing several punches of his own. Referee Smoger warned Diaz for hitting on the break. In the fifth round the crowd was on their feet as both fighters were throwing punches non-stop. This is a sellout standing room only show. Diaz has landed several lead rights but it was a left hook to the body that felled him but Diaz landed a punch when he was down. Referee Smoger rightfully gave Hogue a minute to re-coup. In the sixth and final round Diaz is trying to land another left hook body shot as his fans are yelling “pitufo”. Hogue is fearless in his attack not being a survivor but a fighter. With blood coming from his nose Hogue gets nailed with a counter right hand by Diaz who had his back to the ropes and down Hogue went. As he beat the count referee Smoger showed why he’s now inducted into the IBHOF by not waving it off but allowing the final seconds of the round run out!

All the judges had it 60-52 in favor of Diaz as did DHB.

Junior welterweight Julian “Hammer Hands” Rodriguez, 8-0 (7), of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, lived up to his nickname stopping his opponent at 2:24 of the second round over southpaw Randy Fuentes, 4-4-1 (0), of Mc Allen, TX, in a scheduled six.

A powerful left hook by Rodriguez dropped Fuentes just prior to the bell in the first. In the second Rodriguez went on the attack driving Fuentes into a corner with a left hook to the ribs dropped Fuentes. Seconds later a right hand to the jaw of Fuentes and down he went. Another right to the head and down again went Fuentes. Referee Smoger saw enough and the fans agreed.

Middleweight Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 16-0 (7), of Vineland, NJ, defeated Alex Sanchez, 4-6 (2), of Camden, NJ, over 6 spirited rounds.

In the opening round Sanchez coming out with a good body attack as Lamanna was retreating but countering. In the second round Lamanna avoiding most of the bombs thrown by Sanchez while landing several lead overhand rights to the head of Sanchez. In the third Sanchez is now on the retreat but countering well.

In the fourth Sanchez again became the aggressor until Lamanna “called him in” and it became a war! Lamanna rocked Sanchez prior to the end of the round. In the fifth both fighters took turns connecting to the head. Lamanna may have edged it out in a very close fight. In the sixth and final round Sanchez continues to try to get Lamanna to fight inside due to the height difference. They fought one another down to the bell.

Judges all had it 59-55 for Lamanna. DHB had it 58-56 in a fight that Lamanna made it harder than it should have been. Both fighters hugged after the final round.

Super featherweight southpaw Toka Kahn Clary, 14-0 (9), Liberian out of Providence, RI, won every round defeating Camilo Perez, 9-3 (4), of PR, over eight lopsided rounds.

After a feeling out first round Clary hurt Perez early in the second with a combination to the head. In the third round the action picked up a little. Clary keeps after Perez who hasn’t fought in a year and is coming off a pair of losses and it shows. Clary has easily taken every round through six. In the seventh Perez is just trying to stay out of danger as Clary is now going to the body forcing Perez to clinch. Clary seems frustrated he can’t knock Perez down and has been warned by referee Rosato about hitting behind the head and on the back as Perez is exhausted. In the eighth and final round Perez has been warned twice about infractions then lands a solid (first) punch to the head of Clark and the fans start cheering. Perez manages to go the distance. Peter Manfredo, Sr. worked the corner of Clary.

Scores of 80-72 twice as did DHB and 79-73 all for Clary.

Welterweight Nathaniel Rivas, 5-1 (2), Berlin, NJ, was upset by Juan “the Savior” Rodriguez, 6-2-1 (5), of Haymarket, VA, at 1:01 of the fifth round when referee Smoger came to the rescue of Rivas. It was a war with Rivas taking the last two rounds and seemed in control.

In the opening round Rodriguez came out fast dropping Rivas with an overhand right on the chin. It was a back and forth round with both fighters scoring solid punches primarily to the head. In the second round both fighters are head hunting in another exciting round. In the third round with redness under both eyes Rivas is on the attack rocking the unmarked Rodriguez with a solid left hook to the head just prior to the bell.

In the fourth round like the previous round Rodriguez’s punch count has dropped off as Rivas is back in control. In the fifth Rodriguez came out as he did in the first landing a barrage of punches dropping Rivas in his (Rivas) corner. Upon rising Rodriguez was all over Rivas until referee Smoger was forced to call it a halt. Rivas being the warrior he is wanted to continue but he was taking too many shots.

At the stoppage the knockdown by Rodriguez in the first round seemed to be the only difference through four rounds.

In the opening bout junior middleweight Fred “Herc” Jenkins, Jr., 9-1 (3), of Philly, pitched a shut out over James Robinson, 3-2-2 (1), of York, PA, over Robinson.

In the opening round Jenkins was the aggressor and dropped Robinson with a left hook at the ten second mark left in the round. In the second and third rounds Jenkins continued to stalk Robinson who did his best to counter Jenkins. Jenkins hurt Robinson near the end of the third with body shots.

In the fourth round once again Jenkins ended the round well landing a lead right that got Robinson’s attention. Referee Smoger checked the Robinson corner due to the many punches their fighter had been taking. Jenkins has some redness by his left eye. By the end of the fifth round Robinson looked exhausted. He is coming off a win two weeks ago. In the sixth and final round a right hand from Jenkins got through the guard of Robinson landing on the chin. Robinson is in survival mode in the round moving and trying away to avoid Jenkins who continues to look for the knockout.

Judges had it 60-53 as did DHB with the other two judges scoring it 59-54 all for Jenkins. In Jenkins corner was Fred Jenkins, SR.

Outstanding ring announcer Lupe Contreras did his usual fine job.

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