From 2000 Olympics, Calvin Brock Now Raising Rooftops!
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From 2000 Olympics, Calvin Brock Now Raising Rooftops!
By Ken Hissner and Calvin Brock, Dog House Boxing (Dec 17, 2014)

Calvin Brock
From 2000 Olympics, Calvin Brock Now Raising Rooftops!
2000 Olympian Calvin “The Boxing Banker” Brock had a very successful amateur career (147-38) and represented the USA at the Sydney Games! He won his first twenty-nine fights as a professional to earn a title fight with IBF world champion Wladimir Klitschko at Madison Square Garden in November of 2006 getting stopped in seven rounds.

Brock posted a pair of wins in 2007 and in November of 2007 met Eddie Chambers in an elimination bout losing by split decision. In that fight he suffered retinal damage to his right eye. As a result from botched surgery to repair the damage in December he was considered legally blind in his right eye ending his boxing career.

The following is Calvin Brock in his own words...

From boxing to nationwide business owner.  How boxing gave Calvin "The Boxing Banker" Brock the business acumen to succeed after boxing

- By Calvin Brock

Evidenced by so many athletes across all sports, transitioning to a working profession that will provide enough income to support their life style is very challenging. And most athletes, including boxers, fail at making that transition. Resulting in losing hard earned assets.  And even with a college education, education alone doesn't make a person valuable enough to demand a high salary from employers.  So that leaves finding a product or service that has demand and starting a business.  And fortunately for me, boxing equipped me to run my own roofing and nationwide guarantee company.  And like any professional individual athlete, boxers have the advantage of being a business.  Whereas team athletes are employees of their teams and don't get the experience of being a business.

After boxing professional for 7 years in November 2007, I was put out of boxing due to an unexpected retinal surgery that blinded the vision in my right eye.  Since, I've made the transition from boxing to business owner with my local roofing company and nationwide guarantee company. Wherever you are, you will soon hear of my nationwide guarantee company, Jack and Landlords. Since opening the doors to customers in December 2013, I've joined with over 50,000 landlords and apartment owners throughout the nation. Jack and Landlords contracts with landlords so they can lease without a security deposit and stay protected of default rents and property damages.  Visit my company at and at its social media links. I appreciate your comments. Now, here is why I was able to successfully create my businesses from the experience of being a professional boxing.

Boxing is an entrepreneur business like any other business that involves selling a product or service.  And boxers are the products and services that are getting sold.  We are entertainer service providers to the viewing public and products of our promoters and managers to sell.  And just as it takes to successfully support and sell a product and/or service in any business, boxing requires hiring a team, planning, making strategic decisions, negotiations, legal contracts, marketing, forming relationships, business and payroll expenses, travel expenses, accounting, and all else to develop and sell a product and/or service.  

Therefore, I managed myself as the product and service of my own business.  I was Calvin Brock, LLC, known as the "Boxing Banker".  No one ever wrote a check for me.  My promoter, Main Events, paid me directly for all of my bouts. Then I paid all my expenses and my team and did my own accounting.  No one was ever hired to perform a task without my approval. And no one ever made any decisions for me without my approval first.  This included camp expenses and the hiring of sparring partners, scheduling their travel and paying them.  And by taking on the sole proprietor tasks of my boxing business, it gave me the acumen of running a business.

When I suddenly couldn't box anymore, I knew nothing about making a living outside of boxing.  I didn't even know what a PDF was.  Then after 2 1/2 years of first attempting to own a State Farm agency (2008), then working as a commercial real estate broker in the recession (2008-2010), then as junior loan officer for NACA doing mortgage modifications (2009), then attempting to become a manager at a Long Horn steak house that lasted for 9 weeks (2010), I then settled into owning my own roofing company (2010 - present). It wasn't until I entered roofing that I earned enough money to pay all of my living expenses.  Then on Labor Day 2012, I conceived the concept of Jack and Landlords and created it.

The transition is challenging, but our heart, work ethic, determination, and the boxing business equips us to succeed.  So boxers, get that acumen while you have the opportunity to be a business.  

God Bless.

Calvin Brock
Former Heavyweight Title Challenger
2000 Olympian
record 31-2, 23 Ko's
Business Owner,
Jack and Landlords -
Accord Roofing and Servicing Company 

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