Interview with Glen Johnson - On Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson, Andre Berto, Yusaf Mack and much More!
By Ken Hissner (Jan 20, 2010) DoghouseBoxing  
Glen Johnson has always been a very humble person after his fights win or lose. He is managed by Henry Foster and promoted by DiBella Entertainment and Warrior Boxing. I was able to do a Q&A with him through his trainer Orlando Cuellar after the postponement was announced.

Ken Hissner: I’m sorry to hear about the fight with Yusaf Mack has been postponed.

Glen Johnson:
Yes it has. I understand why Berto asked for the postponement with what has happened in Haiti where he is from.

KH: I doubt if you will get a third fight with Dawson and I see Haitian Jean Pascal out of Canada has the WBC and Gabriel Campillo of Spain has the WBA titles while the WBO champion Jurgen Brahmer it looks like will be vacating. Was the IBF the only offer?

There were others, but I would like to fight Dawson again but when this opportunity came I took it.

KH: You have fought all the top fighters yet the 3 I just mentioned you haven’t fought so you may be around until your 50 and be the modern day Archie Moore. You are fighting another Philly guy end of the month and I don’t mean Hopkins who for some reason is back in with Jones. What do you know about Mack?

Not much. I make sure I am in the best condition and not worry so much about my opponent.

KH: I know you have probably been asked this many times but in all the fighters you have met in Hopkins, Ottke, Harding, Gonzalez, Woods, Branco, Tarver, Jones and Dawson among others what was the toughest fight?

Bernard Hopkins. I would like to fight him again.

KH: Glen, from what I have seen of your after fight interviews you are a man of faith, letting your actions speak for themselves. Does this play a big part in your career and life?

I am a man of faith but I don’t go around preaching.

KH: Glen, I wish you the best in your upcoming fight.

Thank you..

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