IBF’s Arthur Abraham Wins Controversial Decision Over Simon
By Ken Hissner, DoghouseBoxing (Mar 16, 2009)  
At the Sparkassen Arena, in Kiel, Germany Saturday Arthur “King” Abraham, 29-0 (23), fought out of a peek-a-boo defense for most of the fight against Lajuan Simon, 21-1-2 (12), of Philadelphia, who seemed to outwork the IBF champion enough to pull out the win but the officials were very one sided in their scoring. Howard John Foster (in the US using 3 names is usually used for a crook), and Ingo Barrabas (being Simon is a Christian I could see someone named Barrabas not voting for him) scored it 117-110 while Valerie Dorsett had it 118-109. Other words they thought Simon only
won 3 or 4 rounds.

I based this on a round by round coverage viewing it from the US. Opening round controlled by Lajuan Simon’s jab. The 2nd round Arthur Abraham had one flurry. Otherwise Simon’s jab again controlled the round as Simon keeps his hands up. In the beginning of the round Abraham threw a wide left and followed with a push right as Simon went down. It looked like a push more than a punch, but referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. counted it a knockdown. Simon got up immediately and outboxed Abraham the rest of the way and told his corner at the end of the round he got “caught with a good shot”. If it was ruled a knockdown there was no replay to verify this. Per Simon’s manager, “that was not a knockdown,” said Dave Escalet. In the 4th round Simon continues to control with his jab. The 5th is all Abraham rocking Simon. The 6th is back to Simon controlling not only with jab but combinations.

At this halfway point if Abraham was blocking so many punches then why was his face red from the 2nd round on? His right hands (or elbow) may have done the damage to Simon’s left eye. There were few clinches though Abraham was warned half a dozen times about his elbows and Simon for a couple low blows.

In the 7th round Simon controlled except for one left hook, then in the last minute Abraham opened up hurting Simon with an overhand right. In the 8th round Simon controls with a left hook that rocked Abraham who was warned for holding near end of round looking fatigued. Simon’s corner encouraged him to get in there and take care of business sensing Abraham fading. In the 9th round it was all Simon with Abraham continuing to hold his hands up in front of his face. Simon opening up with both hands on the retreating Abraham. In the 10th with the fans encouraging Abraham he opened up with overhand rights. Simon’s left eye is swollen. In the 11th it was all Abraham rocking a retreating Simon. In the 12th and final round it was Abraham and then Simon with Abraham finishing strong and taking the round. Simon should have fought like he needed a knockout for he would to win.

Abraham looked relieved to get the nod while Simon the good sport and person he is took it as an experience. “We knew we had to win big fighting in Germany. We appreciate the opportunity by the German promoter Sauerland,” said Escalet. “Now the world has seen Simon and he should get the recognition he deserves,” he added. Simon beats Sturm and Abraham better not sign to meet Pavlik or he is in for a beating.

This writer had it 115-114 for Simon including the so called knockdown or 116-112 Simon without a knockdown. It seemed more in Simon’s favor overall, but in Germany he would have had to do more than that considering what Miranda did to him and still lost the decision. It was the first time I have seen Abraham and was disappointed. I thought he would be more aggressive and not so defensive in covering up so much. Let’s hop the whacky IBF puts Simon in the top 10 from his #11 spot and not drop him out of the ratings. A rematch should be in order but not in Germany.

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