Belasco and Ferrante Win at the Arena in South Philly
By Ken Hissner at ringside for DoghouseBoxing (Mar 16, 2009)  
Ryan Belasco and Tony “Boom Boom” Ferrante were victorious in Greg Robinson’s Xtreme Promoters boxing show Friday night at the New Arena in South Philly.

Belasco, 10-2-3 (3), of Wilimington, Delaware won a very hard fought foul filled battle with Philly’s Jesus Barbosa, now living in Allentown in a 6 round junior welterweight fight. Belasco seemed to take rounds 2 thru 4 after a feeling out first round that neither fighter earned. Barbosa’s strength seemed to
overtake Belasco in the last 2 rounds. All 3 judges saw it 58-56. This writer had it 58-57 Belasco.

Belasco’s left eyebrow was opened in the 2nd round while Barbosa ended up with a left eye that was all but closed. Barbosa’s corner screamed at him the entire fight. That is usually not the sign that their fighter is doing well. To calm them down this writer thought a mouthful of spit was intended to quiet them from Belasco. “No, I didn’t do that on purpose but I could see how outraged they were,” said Belasco. “I did not fight my fight like my corner wanted me to. They wanted me to box more,” said Belasco. “I thought the referee (Hurley McCall) let him (Belasco) get away with too much,” said Moz Gonzalez, Barbosa’s manager. The fighter agreed. Belasco had the height causing Barbosa to jump into him with his shoulders at times. Belasco kept going head to head with Barbosa which should have been to Barbosa’s advantage. All in all it was not a crowd pleasing fight with all inside punching.

Ferrante, 6-0 (3), of North Philly, remained unbeaten in a workmanlike showing against Pittsburgh’s Chris Archer (10-7) in a light heavyweight 6, eventually stopping Archer at the end of the 5th by the physician. Archer was taking unnecessary punishment by power right hands to the rib cage and dropped to a knee in the 5th. Referee Steve Smoger could have waved it off at anytime. “I was getting hit in the back,” said Ferrante. This was another fight that had mostly infighting due to Archer holding so much. Smoger pointed out a lump the size of a golf ball by Ferrante’s left ear to his corner at the end of the 1st round. Cut man, Joey Eye put the end swell to it and it was never a factor after that. “I tried to take his head off, but my trainer (Chris Rotelli) told me to settle down. A head butt caused the lump by my ear,” said Ferrante. “An uppercut hurt him and he whispered it was a good shot,” added Ferrante. Ferrante has a very good following.

In the fight of the night between two top prospects were matched by Ty McNeill. Philly’s Zahir Raheem’s younger brother, Prince Wahib Raheem, 3-0 (1), who had fought both of his fights in Oklahoma in 2007 and 2008 made his home debut a winning one against top amateur Gabriel Diaz, 0-1, of Philly who trains in Camden, New Jersey. Both southpaws “mirrored” one another. Raheem seemed to take rounds 1 and 3 while fading in the 4th. Judges Frank Cappuccino and Alan Rubenstein had it 39-37 for Raheem while Dave Greer had it even as did this writer. Former contender Ivan Robinson who worked Diaz’s corner said “I didn’t want this fight.” It was a tough test for Diaz who like Raheem is certainly a prospect to watch. Fred Jenkins was in the corner of Raheen. Maybe he can keep this brother in Philly instead of Oklahoma. Both would be a welcome addition to any promotion. McCall was the referee.

In an all Philly cruiserweight 4 rounder, southpaw Kamarah Pasley continues to impress in winning his 3rd straight over debuting John Burgos on all scorecards by 40-35. The only thing the non jabbing big hearted Burgos seemed to land was in the 2nd round after bullying Pasley to the ropes landing an overhand right. Pasley completely dominated the bout with his boxing ability and footwork while landing a straight left dropping Burgos in the 3rd round. Burgos is a former 6 bout kickboxer who has to go back to the gym for the basics. Javier Varela worked the Burgos corner.

Philly’s southpaw Khalil Farrah, 4-3 (1), originally from Jordan, returned to action against Akron’s Gonzalez Jones, 1-13 (0), who was announced at 4-6. Farrah managed to win a split decision in this 4 round light heavyweight match by 40-35 on Rubenstein’s card and 39-37 on Greer’s card. Cappaccino had it 40-37 Gonzalez. Farrah hurt his left hand in the 3rd round. A round he was rocked by Gonzalez. It seemed he outworked the aggressive Gonzalez on this writer’s scorecard 39-38. McCall was the referee.

Philly’s 2007 National Golden Gloves and USA amateur champion Jackie Davis, 1-0 (1), made her debut at age 32, stopping an outgunned Natoya Ervin, 0-3, of Columbus, Ohio in a welterweight 4, at the end of the 2nd round. Davis was landing overhand rights at will. It was quite obvious when Ervin’s corner stepped through the ropes and she had her back toward her opponent she was pleading for the fight to be stopped. Why a corner or referee doesn’t stop a mismatch like this one is beyond me. It is hard to judge Davis on this match, but she certainly has skills and a large following with Ivan Robinson in the corner. Davis does her training in Camden. With better competition she should do well.

Ronald Cruz, 3-0 (2), of Bethlehm, fighting out of the Phoenixville PAL, under Jimmy Deoria, was matched with Philly’s Russell Cloak, 0-1 in a welterweight 4. For as much as Cloak tried to hold off Cruz with a jab, he had no defense against the much stronger Cruz who dropped him with a straight right hand early in the 1st round. Another right put Cloak into the bottom ropes causing referee Smoger to give a standing count. At that point the fight could have been stopped. Cruz continued to punch Cloak into the ropes to the point Cloak’s upper body went under the top rope and outside the ring area. Upon ducking his upper body under the rope to get back in Cruz was waiting for him and drove a smashing right hand to the left side of Cloak’s temple. Cloak never saw it coming since Cruz was to the left side of him. Cloak went down face first into his corner. Referee Smoger didn’t have to count. It took the EMT’s too much time getting oxygen out of their bag in order to assist the obviously hurt Cloak. Once he went outside the ropes there should have been an intervention on the referee’s part.

Exreme should be back in May with their next promotion at the New Arena.
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