McCline Get’s Controversial Win Saturday!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (April 2, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Jameel “Big Time McCline
Nedal Promotions and KEA Boxing added Jameel “Big Time McCline, 41-1-3 (24), formerly of NY, now out of West Palm Beach, FL, and the much smaller Livin Castillo, 16-12 ( 10) of Ecuador, now out of Atlantic City, NJ, about a week before the show. It seemed like a good replacement when main event fighter Derrick Webster’s bout fell out along with Juan Rodriguez in an undercard match.

The show had 5 good fights and then came the main event. The show opener was the best fight of the night. Tyrone Luckey, 4-1-1 (), of Neptune, NJ, and Ramon Ellis, 2-7-2 () of Philadelphia never let up for the entire 4 rounds of a lightweight match. The fans saw Luckey take the first 2 rounds and Ellis to come back and take the next 2 per judges Eugenia Williams and Pieree Benoist as Joe Pasquale had Luckey ahead 39-37.

Luckey landed 10 consecutive punches in the first round before Ellis came back with 3 of his own. In the second round, Luckey had Ellis out on his feet at one point. In the third round Ellis came back to win the round. The fourth round was close with Ellis landing 6 straight punches driving Luckey into the ropes before he came back to finish strong. Seems Luckey wasn’t lucky enough but a draw was very deserving for both. Ring announcer Larry Tournambe was calling for a rematch.

The 41 year-old McCline went through the motions at times missing 3 straight jabs. His right hand saw little action as the smaller southpaw Castillo played a waiting game and would counter McCline. The former contender had over 50 pounds on his opponent but showed his age and one wondered is it all about a payday at this point?

A frustrated McCline pushed Castillo to the canvas in the fifth round losing a point when referee Earl Morton justly took it away from McCline. Williams seemed to be in line with a 77-74 score for Castillo but Pasquale 77-74 and Benoist 76-75 gave it to McCline. Castillo deserved nothing less than a draw. McCline went off in a rush after the fight not wanting to speak to anyone.

Middleweight Eberto Medina, 6-7-1 (1), now out of Newark, NJ, was more fortunate than his fellow Ecuadorian Castillo as he won every round from built-up record Polish boxer Pryzemyslaw Opalach, 9-1 (8), making his US debut. Medina was too strong for Opalach who was a big disappointment to his backers. The most competitive rounds were the fifth and sixth as both fighters slugged it out in this 6 round bout. Williams and Benoist had it 60-54 while Pasquale had it 59-55. Sammy Viruet was the referee.

Alando Swain, 5-1 (1), of Trenton, NJ, defeated Eddie Edmonds, 2-2-2 (1), of Newark, over 4 rounds of this middleweight match. Edmonds seemed to do more holding than punching and Morton didn’t break them enough to the satisfaction of the fans. Swain took the decision 39-37 from Pasquale while Benoist and Williams had it 40-36.

Jose Calderon, PR, 4-1 (4), of Farjardo, PR, chasing a retreating southpaw in Jason Sia, Ewing, NJ, 0-5, who boxed well until a right hand put him down for the count at 2:49 of the first round. He tried to beat the count but it was all over. Sammy Viruet was the ref.

Nydia Feliciano, 5-2-3, the Bronx, NY, looked like she had an easy opponent in young looking Mikayla, Nebal, 0-1, out of Hilliard, OH, making her debut but had a fight the last 2 rounds of a 4 winning all 4 rounds in this super bantamweight match. The fans gave Nebal a good ovation for effort. Viruet was the referee.

It was a nice crowd at the Hamilton Manor, in Hamilton Township, in NJ, and Nedal did a good job of matchmaking. He and Andre Kut of KEA are coming back 4/27 at Resorts in Atlantic City with a barn burner in Omar Shieka and Yusaf Mack!

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