Issac Suarez Wins Split Decision Over Ikem Orji in Philly!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, DoghouseBoxing (May 12, 2009)  
Lancaster’s Issac Suarez, 7-0 (3), returned to the ring after two years to earn a had fought split decision over Ikem Orji, 5-2 (1), of Nigeria, now living in Laurel, Maryland in a 6 round lightweight main event at the New Arena in South Philadelphia Friday night!

Greg Robinson’s Power Productions in trying to establish some of the younger fighters had two split decisions and a draw to treat the fans to a night of competitive boxing. Matchmaker Ty McNeil had several fights fall out including amateur star Jackie Davis.

Orji seemed to get off to a little better start than the somewhat rusty Suarez in the first two rounds and then dropped him in the 3rd round with an overhand left out of the southpaw stance while switching styles. Suarez seemed more surprised than hurt as he quickly got up off the canvas. Orji was not able to capitalize on the knockdown. “I knocked him down, cut him (small cut on ear) and brought the fight to him and thought I won,” said Orji.

Suarez regained control in the 4th round and the rest of the way countering the aggressive Orji. “I was too relaxed and got caught. I wasn’t hurt. I was rusty but happy with my performance and the win,” said Suarez. “I usually don’t fight like that but fought a more defensive fight,” added Suarez. Judge Al Dorsey had it 57-56 Orji but was overruled by Frank Cappuccino 58-55 and Steve Weisfeld 58-56. This writer had it 57-57 with an even 2nd round. This was the first time Suarez fought anyone with a winning record. For Orji it was his second straight loss after winning his first 5 bouts. Gary Rosado was the referee.

In what was billed the “co-main event” two debuting middleweights had the fans on their feet screaming. Amateur star Derrick Webster, 1-0 (0), of Glassboro, New Jersey, easily out boxed Vince Buckhalter, 0-1 (0), of Philadelphia in the first two rounds, but then he got cocky and got dropped with a right hook. Referee Hurley McCall got to 8 when Webster jumped to his feet.

Both fighters are southpaws and though it doesn’t usually make for a good fight the fans of Webster were very vocal in supporting their man. In the 4th round Buckhalter seemed spent while Webster was teeing off on him while knocking his mouth piece out just prior to the bell. Judge Dorsey had it 38-37 Buckhalter while being overruled by Cappuccino and Weisfeld 38-37 giving the decision to Webster. This writer had it 38-37 Webster.

MMA fighter Brandan Berrett, 0-0-1 (1), Glassboro, had his way bullying James Rankin, 0-0-1 (1), of Columbus, Ohio, to the ropes in the 1st round while stunning his opponent with a round house right to the jaw. In the 2nd round Rankin discovered he could land a jab that got Berrett’s attention. The 3rd and 4th rounds were too hard to call while Berrett continued his wild swings and Rankin countering with jabs and an occasional right. Judge Dorsey had it 39-37 Rankin while judges Cappuccino and Weisfeld had it even at 38-38 as did this writer. Berrett came in at 223 and Rankin 234. Rosado was the referee.

Khalil Farrah, 7-3 (2), of Philadelphia had his way in this rematch with Gonzalez Jones, 1-14 (0), of Akron, Ohio in a light heavyweight 4 round bout. Except for the 3rd round Jones never seemed to be able to get any of his punches together. The light hitting Farrah was busy enough to outscore the limited Jones. Judge’s Cappuccino and Dorsey had it 40-36 and Weisfeld 39-37 all for the winner, Farrah. This writer had it 40-36 Farrah. The referee was McCall. There is no need for a third match.

In the opening 4 round bout debuting Glassboro’s Marcus Smith, 0-1 (1), had quite a few of the fans pulling for him as he was outfought by Harold Cintron, 1-1 (0), of Reading, and older brother of former champion Kermit.

These junior welterweights started fast until a right hook from Cintron dropped Smith in the 1st round to get his attention. Cintron had Smith out on his feet as the 2nd round came to an end. Though it seemed Smith was landing more punches, Cintron would score with more effective one’s to win the rounds. He knocked Smith’s mouthpiece out just prior to the final bell in the 4th. Smith seemed unsteady throughout much of the bout even though he got his share of punches in on Cintron. Judges Cappuccino and Dorsey had it 40-36 and Weisfeld 40-35 as did this writer all for Cintron who was finally getting his first win.

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