Pacquiao vs. Bradley: Will there be a “Fix 2”? Philly Boxers Get KO’d!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (June 11, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing)
Mike Jones
Looks like another black eye for boxing! HBO judge Harold Lederman questioned the qualifications of both judge’s Duane Ford and C.J. Ross being there prior to the fight who later voted for Bradley. Champ’s Management’s unbeaten light heavyweight Dennis Hasson roomed with Bradley for a year at Northern Michigan University and felt Bradley would win and was rooting for him. I asked how he had it and he said 9-3 Pac Man. I guess the higher powers felt a loss would keep the Pac Man from retiring at the end of the year or prevent the Pac Man and Floyd Mayweather fight from happening. Will there now be a “Fix 2” with Pac Man and Bradley? When asked, Pac Man said he felt he won while Bradley said he would “have to look at the tapes before answering”. That sort of told it all. This writer had it 116-112 for the Pac Man.

Enough said so let’s get to the undercard for what that was worth. I did a pre-fight stating how 3 Philly fighters would be invading Nevada. Jesse Hart who qualified as an Olympic team member was put in with Emanuel Eastman whose debut 36 days ago amounted to a stoppage in a 3rd round loss to another debuting was put in as the sacrificial lamb and lasted 33 seconds. What good that does Hart I do not know.

Philadelphia’s Teon “The Technician” Kennedy, 17-2-2, the No. 14 WBA contender ran into a buzz saw in champion Guillermo Rigondeaux, 10-0 (8) of Cuba now out of Miami, FL, and was dropped once in the first, twice in the second, once in the fourth before referee Russell Mora saw enough after the fifth knockdown in the fifth round at 1:11. Kennedy’s heart got him that far and he still didn’t want the fight stopped. He was never in the fight and knew the corner was not going to stop it so consider himself lucky Mora did.

Randall Bailey lands punch on Mike Jones
Mike Jones lands a punch on Randall Bailey
Randall Bailey lands punch on Mike Jones
Mike “The Machine Gun” Jones, 26-1 (19), of Philadelphia, the No. 1 IBF contender came in a favorite against the No. 2 contender and former IBF junior welterweight champion Randall “Knock-Out-King” Bailey, 43-7 (37), out of Miami, FL, for the vacant IBF welterweight title.

The crowd let their feeling of dissatisfaction out from the second round on in this one until Jones got dropped by a straight right hand between his gloves in the tenth round. He had some problems getting to his feet and lasted out the round with 10 seconds to go. Up until then it seemed Jones was well ahead though it wasn’t the Jones that Philly fight fans had been watching up until then.

Jones was so tight in the shoulders and running from Bailey’s dreaded punching power though he had an opponent who seemed couldn’t “pull the trigger”. The trainer of Bailey is former world champion John David Jackson who showed his disgust that Bailey was not throwing his left hook or anything else for the most part every round justly so. It looked like Bailey’s hands “were tied” and Jones not willing to mix it up to force his hand causing a terrible fight.

As early as the second round Bailey had a small mouse at the outside of his left eye brow possibly caused by a Jones right hand. It wasn’t until the fifth round that Jones finally unleashed 4 left hook punches to Bailey’s body. The much taller Jones never utilized his well known “machine gun” jab the entire fight to impress the pay-per-view audience like he has the Philly audience.

Coming back in the eleventh round after suffering a knockdown in the tenth Jones seemed to be back in control of the fight until a vicious right uppercut by Bailey put the bloodied Jones down on his back very hard. As Jones tried to control his legs in getting up referee Tony Weeks held him down by putting his hand on the back of Jones and called a halt at 2:52 of the eleventh round in favor of Bailey.

Jones sounded like “Smokin” Joe Frazier after one of Joe’s losses in saying “I will have to go back to the drawing board” and see what I did wrong. Having started in Joe’s gym I guess he picked up some of the lingo. “He was the better man tonight,” said Jones. There was quite a bit of controversy in the Jones camp prior to this fight and I am sure it affected the performance or lack of by Jones.

First Dave Price was dismissed. Then came cut-man (and co-manger) Jim Williams from the corner. Seems the new co-promoter of Jones, Top Rank, wanted a change in the corner that usually means the trainer probably referring to Vaughn Jackson who seems to have a spell over Jones. Jones informed his promoter J Russell Peltz he didn’t want Williams or co-manager Doc Nowicki in the dressing room for this fight. Along with Peltz they are only 2 of the people that got Jones this far but how easily one forgets.

Peltz put 13 straight Latino’s in front of Jones after being rocked in the Germain Sanders fight. Most of the opponents like Bailey were very short and slow. One thing they didn’t have that Bailey has is a knockout punch. The 37 year-old Bailey rarely landed a power punch until the tenth when he scored the first knockdown. It caused Jones to have a bloody nose and his head hit the canvas pretty hard. Jones has worlds of ability but needs more schooling which may or may not bring about Jackson’s dismissal though Jones may continue to prevent that from happening.

The ring announcers made it quite clear either Jones or Bailey should be in the ring with either Pacquiao or Bradley. Max “Deer in the Headlights” Kellerman seemed to question the spiritual beliefs of both Pacquiao and Bradley as something that would make them less of a fighter. He seemed to make light of the over emotional feelings of Bailey after his victory and his beliefs when Bailey said “I put it in God’s hands. He was tough. He was a big dude man.” Jim Smith or Larry Merchant Kellerman is not. Manny Steward as usual was the only one talking with sense. A disputed short ending to the Acre-Rojas title bout in the second round did not help the show.

It’s doubtful that either Pacquiao or Mayweather will step into the ring at 154 to face Sergio Martinez so the pound-for-pound best should still go the WBC middleweight champion. Pacquiao’s performance may still leave him at No. 1 and Mayweather? That’s on hold for 90 days when he is released from prison unless he gets out sooner for good behavior? Of course that behavior is what got him the 90 days. I wouldn’t look for a Bradley-Mayweather fight either based on possibly the only two people at the MGM Grand that agreed with him were the officials whom I believe should be barred from any world title bouts again .

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