Dat “Dat Be Dat” Nguyen Keeps on Rolling Along at 15-1!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (June 21, 2009)   
He gets a lot of publicity being Vietnamese and doing as well as he is, but Dat “Dat Be Dat” Nguyen would be a crowd pleaser no matter where he was from. He recently won the main event in Houston increasing his record to 15-1 (6) on a TKO Boxing Promotions show defeating Carlos Hernandez 14-6-1 (5) over 10 rough rounds.

“It was a great atmosphere. Over 150,000 Vietnamese live in Houston. They were yelling my name,” said Nguyen. “I was on a talk radio show and since I speak Vietnamese it was great,” he added. “I would love to return there for
TKO,” he said.

Hernandez was on a comeback but had been in with such fighters as Johnny Tapia, Jorge Lacierva, Eric Morel and Trinidad Mendoza. “He came out thinking he would rough me up. He would hold my arm and hit me on the back of the head for 3 or 4 rounds,” said Nguyen. With a referee named Sam Garza, why does it not surprise me he got away with it? “My trainer, Buddy McGirt wants me to box more, but when its time to mix it up I do,” he added. Each fighter lost a point, with Hernandez for trying to throw Nguyen through the ropes. He easily got the decision winning 78-71, and 77-73 twice.

Nguyen had been a wrestler in high school in Hawaii on the island of Maui for four years. He also was involved with Martial Arts, Karate and Muay Thai, where he was 19-0. He came to Hawaii at the age of 8. He has won medals at US Championships and US Men’s Challenge. He attended Northern Michigan University with current professionals Teon Kennedy (13-0), “New” Ray Robinson (10-0), Chad Aquino (7-0-1) and Dennis Hasson (8-0) among others.

“I have been living in Vero Beach, Florida now for 3 years. I love the weather there,” said Nguyen. His promoter (Richie) Cappiello Promotions recently joined him with DiBella Entertainment. Jack Luce is his manager. He turned pro in 2004 in Pennsylvania where he won his first 3 fights and then took time off for 17 months before returning to the ring in Boston. “I am not fighting at 122 but see myself listed in the USBA ratings at that weight,” he said. “I am a 126 pound boxer and have maintained that weight so far,” he added.

Nguyen had given away weight in several fights against Edwin Rosado and Jorge Ruiz though the records may not show it. Ruiz was 132 to Nguyen’s 126. His only loss was a split decision to Gregorio Torres then (4-0) in Arizona where Torres lives. It snapped an 11 fight win streak. “I couldn’t believe that loss and moved back to Hawaii and didn’t fight for over 7 months. Another tough fight was in 2008 against Robert DaLuz (10-10-2) by majority decision. “He was very motivated to beat me,” said Nguyen. He joined with DiBella in his next fight and won another majority decision over Juan Cruz (5-2) in August of 2008. He has fought in 8 states so far in his young career.

I asked him about his favorite fighters and he said “Oscar De la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao”, said Nguyen. “Pattering myself after the Pac Man,” he added. Even Oscar couldn’t argue with that!

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