Muhammad Ali vs the Klitschko's!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (July 26, 2009)    
No, I am not proposing a tag team of the Klitschko’s against the self proclaimed “Greatest”, Muhammad Ali. A fellow writer said the Klitschko’s would be too big and strong for Ali. I advised him, “do not tell anyone in the fight game that”. I was trying to save him the same embarrassment Max Kellerman stated on ESPN2 when he said “Roy Jones, Jr. was p4p the best! Anyone ever hear the name “Sugar” Ray Robinson?

I polled some 20 boxing people and the following are some quotes from them. I didn’t want to influence them by saying “do you remember when 7 foot plus all around athlete Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain challenged Ali? Then one day they met and Ali walked up to the legendary basketball player and whispered in his ear “TIMBER”! They say Wilt turned different shades of brown and fled never uttering Ali’s name again!

John “The Iceman” Scully: Ali was SMART in that ring. He’d out think Klitschko’s all day!

Klaus Fuhrer, writer from Germany: Ali never really had to facr a foe as big and at the same time as talented as a Klitschko, this is fact. The brothers copious skill combined with their intelligence would overwhelm the smallish not especially hard hitting Ali. He summed it up by saying Ali would not have a prayer in the ring with the brothers.

Kevin Rooney, Jr., of Star Boxing: Ali stops Wladimir on Friday night, then pitches a shut out against Vitali on Saturday!

KO JO Jack Obermayer of Boxing Digest: Plain and simple was his answer “Ali”

Rick Scharmberg of Fight News: Klitchko’s wouldn’t lay a hand on Ali. If he did nothing, nothing would happen! Ali’s jab would control the fight.

Keith Stouffer, boxing manager, and part of Capital City Promotions: There are a lot of fighters post Ali who could beat him, including Klitscho, Lennox Lewis and Tyson. Interestingly, Roy Jones, Jr. as a heavy might even have given Ali trouble!!!!!!!!

Henry “Discombobulated” Jones, ring announcer: Blasphemous! Then walked away like I said a bad word!

Harvey Dock, of HD Promotions, LLC, of New Jersey: Ali would beat them up until he stopped them late in the fight!

Dave “TNT” Tiberi, the “Uncrowned Champion”: I like the Klitschko brothers but I will have to go with Ali. He consistently fought and beat much better fighters then the Klitschko’s in his career.

Bernie Bahrmasel, of Double B Publicity: A prime Ali beats them both on the same night!!!

Anson Wainwright, boxing writer from UK: I don’t think the size would be too much of a factor. Ali was 6’3” and around 210. That is a very similar size to Eddie Chambers who gave Alexander Dimitrenko a beat down recently. I’d say Ali would be far too quick for both brothers. Ali wasn’t a bad puncher and could probably take Wlad out while italic would see the final bell.

Don Elbaum, legendary matchmaker: Ali would knockout both. The only way either of them could win would be by knockout. Heavyweights are so bad today Primo Carnera would be the undisputed champion today.

Coach John Yorgey, father of light middleweight contender Harry “Lightning” Yorgey: he would dance circles around them and other heavyweights today. He is the man!

George Headley Hanson, Jr., writer for “The Mouthpiece”: I too like the Klitschkos but I have to be logical. Neither of them would have beaten Ali in his prime. Look at the guys that beat them. You heard it first here. Eddie Chambers is going to knockout Vitali! Ali in his prime would have knocked out both of the Klitschko’s. They wouldn’t make my top 20 of great heavyweights.

Kurt Wolfheimer, of Fight News: Ali never fought anyone who had the size and talent of the Klitschko brothers. If he did the rope a dope, he would have been rope a done!!! He would have had to pick up his mouthpiece (with several teeth in it) from the tenth row after he woke up on his way to the ambulance. Ali was talented but he couldn’t beat the Klitschkos.

Kamarah Pasley, Philly cruiserweight: No contest, Ali was strong, obviously had great movement and reflexes, punched in combos and was also big (6’3”), good reach, etc. Ali fought Beasts. Could you imagine the younger Klitschko, he would have wilted in front of Smoking Joe, Ken Norton, etc.

Ken Hissner, DHB: Obviously the Ali I placed in this poll was Ali from 1960-67 who was 29-0 (23), not the rope a dope 27-5 Ali. He defeated 6:06 WBA champion Ernie Terrell. Vitali was faked out of his jock by 210# Chris Byrd and stopped in the 9th. What would Ali have done to him? I can still see Wladimir crawing toward the ropes looking for a way out of the ring after 6:04 225# Corrie Sanders destroyed him in the 2nd round. The biggest thing I question in Wladimir is his heart. Vitali’s whole reputation was in a losing effort to Lennox Lewis due to a nasty cut while ahead into the 6th round. Put Vitali’s heart in Wladimir and you have a top heavyweight in these modern times. How could someone who idolizes Ali like the brothers Klitschko beat him? Could either Klitschko withstand a right hand from Earnie Shavers? I pick Ali by knockout over Wladimir and by technical knockout on cuts over Vitali.

ALI 75% of the voting!

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