Thompson vs Arvin ESPN2 Bout Under Protest
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 22, 2008) (Photo © Chris Farina/TOP RANK)  
Cameron Dunkin, manager of Philadelphia’s Anthony Thompson has put in an official protest over his fighters loss to Ishmail Arvin at the Ibiza Nightclub in Washington DC, watched by millions over ESPN2 last Friday. This puts the new District of Columbia Commission under the microscope to see how they handle their first protest!

The IBO, parent of the USBO, has vacated the title (junior middleweight) and are asking the commission to declare the bout a no-contest! This is not what Dunkin wants. He wants the decision reversed in favor of his fighter who was ahead on all three scorecards at the end of the 6th round by 57-55, 58-54 and 59-53.

An unintentional head butt by Arvin caused a serious gash on Thompson’s left eyebrow in the 3rd round. Thompson went onto score 2 knockdowns in the round and a questionable third knockdown was not acknowledged by referee Malik Waleed. It was not until the bout was declared over by the ringside physicians at the end of the 6th round that commentator Joe Tessitore of ESPN2 showed both the Waleed and the commission what happened on a monitor. It was declared by the commission since the referee did not declare it a head butt after the 3rd round, the fight would be awarded to Arvin.

In contacting Duncan today, he said “he’s looking to get the decision overturned”. Let’s hope the DC commission rules in favor of Thompson. Duncan is prepared to have his attorney’s ready to act if the ruling is not overturned. The important thing is that a wrong can be righted. Thompson is agreeable to a rematch even in DC.

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