“Hammerin” Hank Lundy Shuts Out Omri Lowther in Montreal over ESPN2!
By Ken Hissner at ringside (Aug 30, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Taking the fight on four days notice Philadelphia’s “Hammerin” Hank Lundy, 19-1-1 (10), won all ten rounds on two scorecards and somehow lost two on the other defeating Omri Lowther, 14-2 (10), now out of Toronto, Ontario Saturday night over ESPN2 at the Metropolis in Montreal.

For Lundy it was just last month he lost for the first time while being well ahead of John Molina only to get overconfident and technically stopped in the eleventh round. He had been hoping to fight in Philadelphia on Thursday but the show got cancelled. Lowther was to fight Edner Cherry who pulled out. The contract called for 139 and Lundy was a ½ pound over and it cost him 20% of his purse. “Canada has to be the only place that doesn’t have a give or take a pound rule in a non championship fight,” said Ivan Cohen. Lundy’s manager, Cohen, he wasn’t going back on the scale. Lowther may have gotten the 20% but he paid a high price for getting Lundy upset.

After a slow couple of rounds Lundy picked up the pace in the third round fighting out of a southpaw stance through the first five rounds. He seemed more in control when he went orthodox in the sixth round. He stunned Lowther throughout the fight and was much quicker. Lowther was being encouraged by his new trainer Chris Johnson, a former medalist in the Olympics in 1992. It wouldn’t be until the tenth and final round that Lowther mixed it up bringing the people to their feet. Lowther had been fighting out of Atlanta, GA, most of his career. He had an extensive amateur career but has to learn to throw more punches.

Lundy’s manager Ivan Cohen had been seeking a fight with Cherry who had dropped to super featherweight. Lundy had gone down to lightweight. Possibly the two will get together at lightweight since Cherry was coming back up to fight Lowther. Lundy is trained by Sloan Harrison who seems to have him ready for the next step up. Lundy showed great improvement and discipline. I’m sure we will be hearing much from Lundy in the future.

Lundy brought legal action against promoter Jimmy Burchfield of CES Entertainment to get out of his promotional contract. Lundy was awarded a free agent decision. Brian Cohen made the match. Burchfield came in and received $1500.00 from ESPN2 and $2500.00 from the promoter even though he did not make the match. The only thing he didn’t cover was the $2000.00 fine that “his” fighter had to pay for coming in overweight.

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