Berto and Mosley Big Winners!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 29, 2008)  
WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto 23-0 (19) won a lopsided decision over former world champion Steve Forbes 33-7 (9) Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as part of a twin main event. “Sugar” Shane Mosley, 45-5 (38), returned home and won the other part of the main event knocking out Nicaragua’s former world champion Ricardo Mayorga at 2:59 of the 12th and final round.

Andre Berto got off to a slow start as Steve Forbes captured the first 2 rounds showing hand speed of his
own. After earning this fight by his strong effort in losing to Oscar De La Hoya, it was evident that Berto was simply too strong for Forbes who never won another round. This fight could have been fought in a phone booth. They set a pattern from the start to the finish. Berto, who at times reminded this writer of a young Meldrick Taylor, had just as much hand speed and energy at the end of the fight that he had at the start of the fight.

An accidental head butt caused a small cut outside the left eye of Forbes in the 3rd round and was never a problem during the fight. Referee James Jen-Kin warned Berto between rounds about his head and he seemed shocked that anything had happened as were the rest of us. Berto won on all scorecards by 118-109 twice and 116-111, while this writer had it 118-110. Former champion Louis Collazo is the top contender for Berto’s title and could cause him some problems with his speed and southpaw style.

Mosley also dropped the first 2 rounds and possibly the 8th in his 12 round 154-pound clash. Mayorga, who gained 17 pounds from the weigh-in until fight time, should serve as a warning for Pacquiao’s camp when to hold the weigh-in with De La Hoya. Mayorga spent most of the fight throwing wild overhand rights and blowing caution to the wind while taking punishment from Mosley after the 2nd round. It was not exactly a fight of skills with both fighters missing their share of punches. In the 12th round Mosley landed a wide left as he jumped into Mayorga (ala Floyd Patterson) and followed up with a right to the ear and another left uppercut as Mayorga was going down head first. Upon rising Mayorga was a sitting duck for another Mosley left uppercut and down he went. As referee David Mendoza leaned over Mayorga he waved off the fight as the bell sounded.

To the utter shock of most fans, one judge, Pat Russell had Mayorga leading 105-104 while Nelson Vasquez had it the same score but for Mosley. In other words, if Mayorga won the 12th round it would have been a draw. Tony Crebs had it 107-102 as did this writer for Mosley. You have to wonder if judges are required to take eye exams on a yearly basis.

Mosley was asked about his next fight and he replied “I’m not sure what I want now since Margarito is looking for a rematch with Cotto.” He added, “Mayorga took some good shots. He was tough and at times hard to figure out.” Talk of a third meeting with De La Hoya or WBC light middleweight champion Vernon Forrest never came up.

Collazo won on the undercard so there is a good chance he and Berto will be matched next. Collazo is probably best known for the beating he gave Ricky Hatton while losing his title in a close fight.

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