Cunningham and Hernandez Mystery From Start to Finish!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 7, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Steve Cunningham

When Steve Cunningham the then IBF cruiserweight champion signed to meet the WBA interim champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez there were questions as to why? Both are promoted by Sauerland of Germany. The title Hernandez holds was not on the line and he is not rated by the IBF.

The fight itself started out with a bang when Hernandez dropped Cunningham after the southpaw missed with a right and followed with a left to the side of Cunningham’s head. The champion struggled to get up and tipped over onto his side. He just beat the 10 count. For some reason it took UK referee Mickey Vann almost 10 seconds before the fighters resumed action. Cunningham held on and wobbled back to his corner at the bell.

The trainer of Hernandez, Ulli Wagner, was quite upset after the fight about this. He also seemed to have a lot to say to the ringside physician and the referee pertaining to the stoppage at the end of the 6th round.

Cunningham became the aggressor after Hernandez threw 3 or 4 punches starting the 2nd round. After the middle of the round the fans started clapping for some action. It was Cunningham who provided with some good body shots to take the round.

In the 3rd round Cunningham was still the aggressor. With about 30 seconds left in the round the two fighters had a very good exchange of punches. There was an accidental clash of heads causing Hernandez to come out of it with a cut. The referee never stopped the action or seemed to give a warning.

In the 4th Cunningham seemed to control things with his jab and an occasional right hand. Hernandez landed a nice combo but not enough to win him the round. In the 5th round Cunningham landed good combinations to the body of Hernandez. While in a clinch, Hernandez hits Cunningham behind the head. When the referee finally got between them Hernandez again hit Cunningham behind the head without a warning from the referee.

In the 6th and final round Hernandez was noticeably tiring with Cunningham taking the round big time. The corner of Hernandez took the full minute as required while calling the ringside physician up for an examination of the cut’s Hernandez had received. Then the referee was called over by the physician. By this time the corner had cleared the ring and Hernandez looked like he was ready to resume action with no blood showing on his face. All of a sudden the referee returns to the corner of Hernandez and calls the fight off. He informs both corners the fight is over and they will go to the judge’s scorecards.

Cunningham got the vote of UK judge John Foster 57-56 which seemed fair. Hernandez received the vote of UK judge Dave Parris 58-55. This is the same judge who was the referee for the Hatton-Tszyu fight who favored Hatton throughout the bout. The final judge from Poland, Pawel Kardyiu scored it 59-54 for Hernandez. What fight he was watching no one knew. This writer had it 58-55 for as he walked around the ring with his right arm in the air giving “thumb down” to the decision. Is this another black eye for boxing? The top contender in the IBF rankings is Canadian Troy Ross whom the IBF now demands Hernandez fight when his cut’s are healed. So where does this leave Cunningham? He stated he will be back and win his title back again. Did the fact Hernandez, from Cuba, living in Germany for some time play a major part in the outcome? Even a technical draw would have allowed Cunningham to retain his title and defend next against Ross with Hernandez facing the winner. I guess that makes too much sense. Stay tuned.

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