Minnesota’s Golden Boy - Caleb “Golden” Truax
By Ken Hissner (Oct 27, 2009) DoghouseBoxing (Photo © Jesse Kelley Minnesotaboxing.com)  
Minnesota has been rich with some top prospects out of the middleweight division these past couple of years. Names like Anthony “Bullet” Bonsante, Kenny “K.O.” Kost, Matt “The Predator” Vanda and Andy “Kaos” Kolle have usually been opponents for better known fighters you see on the way up. There is another starting to make a name for himself in Caleb “Golden” Truax who may be different in the fact he is nobody’s opponent!

Truax has won his first 13 fights scoring 9 knockouts since turning professional in April of 2007. “I started out in tough man contests and then went into the amateurs posting a 25-8 record before I discovered you can’t jump from one to the other,” said Caleb. His team consists of Tony Grygelko’s Seconds Out Promotions, Ron Lyke, manager and Tom Halstead, trainer.

Truax lives in a town called Osseo. His first two fights were against opponents from Minnesota stopping both in the 2nd round. In just his third fight he was put in with the much more experienced Terry Tock, 17-9-1, who had fought the current WBA champion, Felix Sturm. He was also stopped in the 2nd round.

He would then meet Jeffrey, Osborne, 4-6-2, in back to back fights. Osborne’s record was very misleading having drawn with Stephen Johnson, 5-0, and beating him in a rematch; beat Ottu Holifield, 5-0, and drew with Stephen Pryor, 10-3, son of Aaron “Hawk” Pryor. In between fights the busier Osborn lost a pair of majority decisions. The rematch was increased to 6 rounds. Truax had Osborne down in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to win the decision. “That was the toughest dude I fought. He had a head like a rock and was filling in for a guy from Chicago in the rematch,” said Truax.

The veteran James Crayton, 34-27-2, who had gone the distance with Vanda and Kost, was stopped in the 4th round. The following month, in June, Truax would fight away from Minnesota for the first time. He traveled to Lemoore, CA., and defeated Thomas Rittenbaugh, 3-1-2, who had fought a draw with Tony Hirsch, 4-1, at the same venue months earlier. He then came back to his home state to meet Robert Kliewer, 9-4-2, another Minnesota fighter who was on a 5 fight winning streak. He had lost to Kolle and split with Osborne. Truax scored a 3rd round knockout.

At the end of 2008, Truax traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on the undercard of Minnesota heavyweight Joey Abell. He surprised the more experienced Larry “Gladiator” Brothers, 7-31-3, stopping him at 2:27 of the 1st round. Brothers had put then 8-0 Harry “Lightning” Yorgey (now top light middleweight) out of commission for almost a year breaking his jaw in losing 6 rounder at Philly’s Blue Horizon.

In January of this year Truax stopped Johnny Hayes, 6-3-1, of Atlantic City in the 5th round. Hayes would go the distance in his next fight with Philly’s unbeaten Dennis Hasson who had defeated Truax in the amateurs. “Hasson was a very good fighter,” said Truax. The much more experienced Hasson, now 8-0, had told me the same about Truax.

Just 3 weeks later Truax was stopping Steve Walker, 22-19, in the 2nd round, who had fought a “who’s who” with such opponents as unbeaten Arthur Abraham, the former IBF champion. In June he was put against another prospect in southpaw Durrell Richardson, 11-2, who was coming off a win over David Thomas, 6-0-1. Prior to that fight he had gone the distance in losing efforts with Deandre Latimore, 17-1, in 10 and Jesus Gonzalez, 23-1, in 12, for their perspective titles. “He didn’t come to fight. I thought with that kind of a record he would. He danced like he was ahead,” said Truax. In Richardson’s next fight he stopped former Olympian Dante Craig, 18-8-1, in the 1st round. Go figure.

The following month in July, Truax stopped Patrick Perez, 25-6, in the 7th round. He even corrected Box Rec that said the 6th round. Perez had just come off a 5 year lay-off and lost a majority decision to James McGirt, 19-2-1. “It was a tough fight. I drove him into the ropes in the 7th and the referee stopped it,” said Truax. Next up will be the former WBA light middleweight champion, Carl Daniels, 50-18-1, on November 20th at the National Guard Armory, in St. Paul, for the vacant international Boxing Association Intercontinental middleweight title over 10 rounds. Though the southpaw Daniels is not the fighter he once was he went the distance with The Contenders Anthony Bonsante in Minnesota last year. He is still known for giving Bernard Hopkins problems in 2002 fighting for the three titles Hopkins held before being stopped in the 10th round. The last time he made 160 was losing to current light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson in 2004. Since he has had several months to prepare Daniels will be in good shape at that weight since he has been fighting light heavyweights for the past two years. I covered his fight with then unbeaten Chuckie Mussachio in Atlantic City where he lost a decision.

“I plan to start fast, push the pace and get him into the later rounds (unless?),” said Truax. At the end of our conversation this young man (26) was a pleasure to talk to and one of intelligence and humble in discussing his past fights. Even when I brought up the name Vanda, his reply was “my manager is his coach plus we are friends,” said Truax.

Even though I will either be covering Hasson in Philly or Mussachio in Atlantic City on November 20th I will be very eager to see how Truax’s fight with Daniels turns out. This may be the next Golden Boy though coming out of the Mid-West so please remember the name Caleb “Golden” Truax and look for his bout on November 20th in Minnesota.

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