Joey Gilbert Speaks Out on Dhafir Smith Pull Out!
By Ken Hissner (Oct 30, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
I received a phone call from Joey Gilbert early this morning pertaining to his pulling out of Saturday night’s fight in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Having read about his pull out in Doghouse Boxing it was most appreciated by this writer he took the time to inform me about the specifics of his illness.

Gilbert has been fighting the flu for five weeks. He has been in contact with matchmaker Chris Middendorf who has been questioning his decision due to knowing the conditions of the illness that a family member went through. Gilbert, being the fighter he is, assured Middendorf that he would be fine for Saturdays show.

On Monday night (I talked to him early Monday) the flu returned full force. His was suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, chills, the works. His father, Dr. Warren Gilbert, attempted to put some of the fluids back into his system Tuesday with an IV which caused his son’s weight to balloon up close to 180 in a 172 contracted fight. Gilbert informed Middendorf Wednesday cancelling his commitment.

Gilbert assured this writer he has every intention of fighting Smith when he is medically sound. Smith’s manager, Ivan Cohen, informed me they have an “open” contract that Gilbert must fight Smith before fighting again. Of course, Smith has a replacement in Corey Cummings whose record is almost identical to Gilbert’s but with a smaller knockout percentage and of course taking the fight on a three day notice. It is expected to be a good bout between Smith and Cummings putting the ball back into TKO Promotions corner to match the winner with Gilbert upon the official medical clearance. We wish Gilbert a speedy recovery.

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