Don King Promotes Peace?
By Ken Hissner, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 3, 2008)  
At the press conference for the upcoming IBF cruiserweight title between the champion Steve “USS” Cunningham of Philadelphia and Poland’s Tomasz Adamek, now out of Jersey City, promoter Don King spent 30 minute’s lecturing the crowd of writers and fans on why they should vote for Senator Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for president of the United States November 4th.

This writer approached King prior to the speech at the bar pointing to my McCain-Palin button. I knew
King had supported now President George W. Bush in 2004 so I made a long shot suggestion and asked if he supported McCain. King almost choked on his meal before he had time to answer. You see, McCain was a boxer while serving 22 years in the Navy. He also supported the Muhammad Ali Act to protect fighters from such promoters as King and others. Matter of fact, one of the things King “stretched the truth” on while talking on stage was “I lent Kathy, (Duva, co-promoter) Adamek”. As Kathy rolled her eyes, was I the only one that knew Adamek had to bring a lawsuit against King to get out of his “slave contract”?

After I questioned King he gave me 10 minutes of white dominance in this country and even though he still thought Bush is a good man, he wasn’t supporting McCain. I then told him “in 1998 Reverend Wright and Islam leader Louis Farrakahn, both of Chicago, traveled to Libya and were given millions of dollars by the country’s President Omar Quaddafi for political purposes in the US. This is the same Quaddafi that then President Ronald Reagan referred to as “the mad bark animal of the Middle East”. King not only called it a “white lie”, but said he knew Quaddafi personally and he would never support Obama in that way. Guess what? The next day Quaddafi threw his support to Obama.

As you know, Wright was Obama’s pastor for some 20 years before retiring. Farrakahn has said “when Obama talks the Messiah is absolutely speaking“. Most Christians like myself, have a problem with that.

King then went on to tell me he was heading to Israel to attend the Peres Center for Peace 10th anniversary event. I wondered if he thought it was a “piece” conference. Grab a piece of this, and a piece of that?

After 30 minutes on stage speaking on black history, Duva finally pulled on King’s sleeve and asked, “Don, are we going to talk about the fight?” The fight is December 11th at the new Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The title bout will also be aired on VERSUS cable system. The boxing fans of the United States will get a first time glimpse of why Cunningham has been so popular in such countries as Poland and Germany. He brings a 21-1 (11) record into his 2nd title defense while his #1 challenger, is 35-1 (24) and a former WBC light heavyweight champion.

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