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By Ken Hissner, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 10, 2008) (Photo © Bob Kolb, Doghouse Boxing)  
Picking himself up off the canvas in the 1st round, unbeaten Joe Calzaghe, 46-0 (32), proceeded to use his hand speed to overwhelm Roy Jones, Jr., 52-5 (38), by the end of the round and for the remainder of the fight at Madison Square Garden in New York City Saturday night before a large crowd. Though Jones was hampered by the first cut in his career, from the 7th round on, the fight was well out of hand by then.

The fans came to see the former pound-for-pound best during his era, to the now pound-for-pound best in
this era in the unbeaten Welshman. All three judges scored it 118-109, or 11-1 in rounds minus the knockdown which seemed to have come more from a forearm than it did from a punch. “I didn’t see the punch coming and it stunned me. It was the 4th time in my career I have been down, but I always come back,” said Calzaghe afterwards.

Maybe Jones was more interested in the 50-50 split he will share with Calzaghe, or still had his mind on the new president elect Barack Obama. During the week he made a comment sounding like Michelle Obama, saying “I am more proud to be an American now, more so than I have ever been in my life.” Possibly this is why when the Ricky Hatton’s and the Joe Calzaghe’s come to America they are so popular. They seem to show more respect for this country than those born here who don’t seem to appreciate just how fortunate they are to live in a land that some, but not most, put their lives on the line for all. My advice to Jones, Jr. and Bernard Hopkins is “don’t drink the Kool-Aid!”

Calzaghe is three wins away from equaling former unbeaten world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record that has stood for over 50 years. Since he is only recognized by Ring Magazine as the #175 champion, there are three others holding world titles. WBO champion Zsolt Erdei, 29-0 (17), of Hungary, who fights out of Germany, holds two wins over the new WBA champion Hugo Garay, 31-3 (17), of Argentina. Garay is scheduled 11/22 to defend against his #1 contender, Jurgen Brahmer, 31-1 (24), of Germany. Erdei is scheduled 1/10 to defend against his #5 contender Dean Francis, 30-3 (24), the Commonwealth champion. Chad Dawson (27-0 (17), currently holds the IBF belt. Adrian Diaconu, 25-0 (16), holds the Interim WBC title and is from Romania, while fighting out of Canada. Dawson gave up the WBC belt in order to fight Antonio Tarver for his IBF title. Calzaghe is Diaconu’s #1 contender. So you can see though Dawson may be the most challenging for Calzaghe, Diaconu, Erdei and Garay may be in his 2009 future first. Calzaghe coming back to America, 49-0, fighting Dawson would really pack them in, let alone in Wales. Dawson has stated he would go to Wales to fight Calzaghe.

No matter what the future holds for Calzaghe, his 46-0 record with 21 title defenses mostly as the WBO super middleweight champion, though at one time or another holding all four organizations’ titles, is a remarkable legacy. Since 2004, Calzaghe has fought twice a year. Ending his career in 2010 with 50 fights is not unrealistic. He still wouldn’t be as old as Jones is now. His dad, and trainer, Enzo, recently said “they won’t know who you are six months from now if you retire.” This could be in the back of his son’s mind. He could just be starting to reap the fame and fortune he deserves. He now holds a promoters license and like Oscar De La Hoya, may find it not so easy to have that final fight!

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