Who Wins and Why? The Mexican Killer vs The Golden Boy
By Ken Hissner, DoghouseBoxing (Dec 3, 2008) Photo © HBO-PPV  
For the past nine fights Manny Pacquiao has faced a Mexican fighter in the other corner. After his loss to Erik Morales he defeated his next 8 opponents including Morales two fights later. In those fights, four went the distance and five lasted between 3 and 10 rounds. The 29-year-old Pac Man will be the first southpaw Oscar has fought since Hector Camacho in 1997. It will also be the first time since 2001 that Oscar will have to make 147. It seems Pac Man will need all the advantages he can get in giving up the height and reach to Oscar.

As explosive as Pac Man can be, will he be able to get past Oscar’s best weapon, the jab? The same jab that went south on him, in the Floyd Mayweather fight, for four rounds, must be the one that wins him this fight. At 35 will Oscar have what it takes to keep the pesky, sometimes wild swinging Pac Man at bay?

The one thing all fans can hope for is a good fight. Outside of the recent Chris Arreola and Travis Walker fight, the fans have not had a lot to cheer about on the screen. The hype for this fight has been going since Oscar’s last fight against another small fighter in Steve Forbes. As good as Forbes tried, he lost by 10-12 points on each of the judge’s scorecards. It will be the first time in 4 years Oscar will have fought twice in the same year. Oscar has not fought at the Staples Center since 2000, while Pac Man was there in 2005. The Latino’s will make themselves heard in this one! A good little man against a good big man!

Oscar has the advantage in height (5”), weight (natural), reach (5”) and fans. Pac Man has the advantage in speed, southpaw, age and activity. Yes, the last five years Oscar has fought seven times compared to Manny Pac’s 14 times. Give each fighter four points. Pac Man will also have the advantage of his trainer, Freddie Roach, who knows Oscar well. This could be what keeps Pac Man in this fight.

Pac Man started his career at 106 while Oscar was 133, and as low as 130 winning his first world title. The odds have got to favor Oscar. The windmill like punches of the Pac Man could bring about cuts, but otherwise will he be able to withstand the power of Oscar’s jab, and follow up right hands? OSCAR BY STOPPAGE IN THE 7TH!

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