California Tops In Boxing Shows At 106 In US, 2012!
California Tops In Boxing Shows At 106 In US, 2012!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 2, 2013) Doghouse Boxing
The state of California is certainly one of the biggest and also the busiest when it comes to boxing show promotions with 106 in 2012!  Another of the largest states came in second with 60 that being Texas.  

Rounding out the Top Ten are No. 3 New York with 35; No. 4 Pennsylvania with 30; No. 5 Nevada with 29; No. 6 Florida with 26; No. 7 New Jersey with 25; No. 8 West Virginia with 24; No. 9 North Carolina with 21 and finally in the No. 10 spot Missouri with 20 shows.  California and Nevada had the most world title shows.  

The world’s top country’s is lead by the United States with 619 shows.  Argentina is No. 2 with 532 and Mexico No. 3 with 492.  United Kingdom is No. 4 at 250.

Rounding out the Top Ten are Japan at No. 5 with 225; Philippines and Thailand tied at No. 6 with 175; Brazil and Germany tied at No. 8 with 130; and finally at No. 10 is Australia with 123 shows.  All are from stats!


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