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Terence “Bud” Crawford Stops “Hammerin” Hank Lundy in 5!
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Feb 28, 2016)

Terence Crawford
In the main event at New York’s Madison Square Garden in a Top Rank Promotion Terence “Bud” Crawford defended his WBO super lightweight title with a technical stoppage at 2:09 of the fifth round over “Hammerin” Hank Lundy after a knockdown and a flurry of punches forced referee Steve Willis to step in as Lundy was taking too many head shots and was defenseless.

In the opening round “Hammerin” Hank Lundy, 26-6-1 (13 ), of Philadelphia landed more power punches as Terrence “Bud” Crawford, 28-0 (20), of Omaha, NEB turned southpaw after about 30 seconds and stayed that way for the rest of the fight. Lundy surprised Crawford being so offensive in taking the round. In the second round Crawford used his reach advantage boxing well while Lundy kept coming forward in a very close round. In the third round Crawford continued using an effective jab and landing some good body shots. Lundy was not as busy in this round as he was in the first two rounds.

In the fourth round Crawford became more offensive while Lundy was turning southpaw halfway through the round. It was a good round for Crawford. In the fifth round Crawford opened up landing a jab following with a straight left hand hurting Lundy who was on wobbly legs. Crawford then jumped on Lundy landing a hard left on the chin knocking Lundy into a neutral corner and down.

Lundy barely got up obviously hurt. Crawford jumped on Lundy with a flurry of punches hurting the defenseless Lundy who was taking too many punches forcing the referee Steve Willis to wisely step in and stop the fight at 2:09 of the fifth round.

Lundy was fortunate due to all the talking and bragging he did prior to the fight because Crawford wanted to punish him even more. Lundy had a cut by his right eye with blood flowing down the side of his face.

Once again a fighter in Lundy steps up with a world class fighter like Crawford and folds. It happened in five of his eight tries for minor titles winning the WBC Continental America title at lightweight. For the WBO to push Lundy from winning at lightweight in his last fight into the rankings at No. 11 in the super lightweight out of nowhere and moving him up to No. 10 without a fight should have known better.

It’s believed by this writer that the manager of Crawford who is Cameron Dunkin wanted Lundy and that brought about this fight. Dunkin tried to sign Lundy several years ago and may have lost more than Lundy’s signature on a contract. For the 32 year-old Lundy it will probably be his last chance at stardom and a world title fight. Crawford started slow as he usually does until the third round when he started reaching Lundy. The handwriting was on the wall after the fourth round that Crawford meant business and was not looking for a short night.

HBO’s Max Kellerman interviewed Crawford who said “I thank God and the New York and Omaha fans that came out tonight.” Why Lundy was not interviewed may have been to his fast exit from the ring. I’m sure the excuses of a fast stoppage would have been made. He had his share of fans behind him but still leaves Philadelphia with one champion in Danny “Swift” Garcia who won the WBC World welterweight title in January after moving up from holding the WBA Super World and WBC World Super lightweight titles.

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