BJ FLORES: Unless I’m No. 1 I Get No Shot! - Interview
BJ FLORES: Unless I’m No. 1 I Get No Shot! - Interview
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 17, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
BJ Flores
Over the years in the history of the fight game there have been many “uncrowned champions”. Some have gotten a shot and got robbed like Tyrone Everett losing to Alfredo Escalera and Dave “TNT” Tiberi losing to James “Lights Out” Toney. Both Everett and Tiberi had the crown “stolen” from them.

Then there’s the case of the boxer who never gets the shot at the crown though he deserves it. I can remember George Benton being one of them. Others like Willie “The Worm” Monroe, Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts and Eugene “Cyclone” Hart couldn’t get a title shot. In the 70’s these fighters made great fights for Herman Taylor and J Russell Peltz but didn’t get title fights. I’ve told Peltz this and he just smiles like saying “they were great fights” weren’t they?”

Now we have a boxer not from Philly but fought in nearby Dover, DE, some 4 years
ago in an elimination” fight that never resulted in a title shot. I’m referring to BJ “El Peligroso” (meaning Dangerous) Flores who has been in the top ten for some time.  I was there the night he beat “Ding-A-Ling” Wilson and had a real problem getting a 6 rounder after that. Roy Jones, Jr. tried promoting him and now Don King. I doubt if King would put him in with his WBA champion Guillermo Jones who fights every 2 years and hasn’t had a title defense since last November.

Some say Flores is a good commentator with good looks and should take advantage of that and stick to it and forget boxing. If he does than he will never know if he had what if takes to become a world champion if given the opportunity.

Flores paid his dues in the amateurs winning the 1997 Gold Gloves at light heavyweight and in 2001 and 2002 the US heavyweight champion. At the age of 24 he was 110-9 in the non-paid sport of amateur boxing he decided it was time to go into the play for pay of the professional ranks. His dad, Frank Flores was his amateur coach. When he turned pro Kenny Adams stepped into the picture. As a trainer he had many Olympic and Military champions as well as 14 professional champions. “I was with BJ for 6 years. He improved a whole lot but he wanted to be a banger,” said Adams.

Flores turned professional in May of 2003 stopping Dallas Lane, 3-2-1, in the 1st round in Las Vegas. Next was Jim Franklin, 7-1, in Atlantic City with Flores winning every round. Fighting in fight cities continued when Flores defeated Caesar Carbajal, 2-2, at the Olympic Auditorium, in L.A. in the 1st round. Headlining was IBF super bantam champion Manny Pacquiao. Also on the undercard were future world champions Fernando Vargas and Sergio Mora. Then fighting in Houston Flores stopped Gabriel Taylor, 2-0-1, in the 2nd round. No opponents with losing records and in big cities.

Flores would finish out year 2003 fighting to a 4 round draw with Tongan Semisi Bloomfield, 1-2, back in Houston. Hopes for a rematch went out the door when Bloomfield was stopped by Chris Arreola in his next fight and never fought again. Flores would again travel to Atlantic City before a full house with Arturo “Thunder” Gatti headlining. Flores came back to score the first of 3 wins, 2 by knockout. In July of 2004 in his third fight at the Reliant Park Pavilion in Houston he stopped John Turlington, 4-2, in the 4th round. Turlington would
become the first fighter to go the distance with then 18-0, David “Nino” Rodriguez
the following year.

After a dozen fights Flores in his first 8 rounder defeated Philly’s Frank Walker, 10-1-1, putting him into retirement. In May of 2006 it was decided that Flores would get down to 200 and fight in the cruiserweight division stopping Ali Supreme, 15-6, in the 1st round for the vacant WBF All-Americas title. Several fights later he would defeat Chris Thomas, 16-6-2, for the WBF and NBA Super cruiserweight titles over 12 rounds. In his next fight he defeated Patrick Nwamu, 12-1, for the IBA Super cruiserweight title over 12 rounds.

In February of 2008 Flores now rated in the IBF ratings would take on Wilson, 22-5, as mentioned earlier for the USBA cruiserweight title. “I really liked BJ (Duva co-promoter), said, Dave Tiberi. This writer was in the dressing room after Flores scored the decision win when the trainer of Flores, Kenny Adams came in and threw a pillow at the trainer of Wilson, Charles Mooney (from the 1976 Olympic team) “here’s the pillow that Ding-A-Ling said before the fight BJ would need when he put him to sleep. We didn’t need it,” said Adams. This was supposed to be an elimination match for the IBF title that never happened.

Flores couldn’t buy a fight after that. It would be 6 months later when this writer would see Flores at the Ibiza Nightclub in DC hoping to fight in a 6 rounder. As it turned out this ESPN2 show was shortened when the promoter was told there was a curfew and the show had to end. Flores never got to fight that night. Here was Flores who should have been fighting for the IBF title being reduced to a 6 round fight in a nightclub. He was just trying to keep busy after 6 months being idle.

It would be almost a year before Flores coming in at 207 would get another fight since the Wilson win and giving up 54 pounds to Matt Hicks, 13-3, who he would stop in the 3rd round of a 6 rounder. Next back at cruiser Flores defeated Jose Luis Herrera, 16-5, for the vacant WBO NABO title. The promoter of the show was Roy Jones, Jr., who would win the WBO NABO light heavyweight title in the main event. This was held in Jones hometown of Pensacola, FL.

It looked like Jones would try moving Flores who 5 months later defended that cruiser title stopping Epifanio Mendoza, 29-7-1, in 4 rounds. Jones defended his WBO NABO title also stopping Jeff Lacy. On the same card Australia’s Danny Green won the vacant IBO cruiser title. Instead of Flores getting a shot at Green at that time it would be Jones though both he and Green would come in under 180 fighting for the 200 pound IBO cruiser title with Green winning with a 1st round stoppage.

While all this was going on once again Flores became idle for 15 months then he would travel to Australia and get his shot at Green’s IBO title. Green had 2 knockout defenses over former WBA Super middleweight champion Manny Siacca and Paul Briggs who was defeated twice in WBC light heavyweight title bouts. Briggs hadn’t fought in over 3 years. Was he more qualified than Flores for that title shot?

Flores lives in Las Vegas, and trains in various gyms there.  His trainer is Jacob Chavez.  He is self managed and promoted by Don King.  Rumors are Flores may be fighting September 8th in Springfield, MO, where he had his last fight in January of 2012.  Per Marc Abrams Flores was offered a WBO vacant interim title with Ola Afolabi on 3 weeks notice and declined needing at least 6 weeks.  Afolabi informed this writer they hope to get a rematch with Marco Huck the WBO champion whom Afolabi drew with in May after winning the interim title in March.  Either way, Flores should get the Huck-Afolabi winner or if Afolabi wins the interim title would become vacant and Flores should be qualified for that title.    

Through Marc Abrams of Banner Promotions and this writer was able to do a Q&A with Flores.

KEN HISSNER: Back when you were an amateur in the early 2000’s you lost to Arthur Palac who was a 2000 Olympic alternate whom I did a story on recently. What was your opinion of him?

Tall (6:05) and rangy. Held a lot on the inside.  A good fighter.

KEN HISSNER: Early in your career in 2007 you defeated Patrick Nwamu, 12-1 for the IBA Super cruiser title. He would never fight again. At 18-0-1 was it your most important if not toughest fight up until then?

Nwamu refused to engage. Didn’t want to exchange at all after I caught him in the second round. Just ran around the ring the whole time and he had great movement.

KEN HISSNER: I covered your ESPN2 fight in Dover Downs in 2008 with Darnell “Ding’A’Ling” Wilson. You won the USBA title big and fought a smart fight but didn’t please the crowd by not standing in with the big puncher enough. How did you see it?

I disagree with you. (Please review the fight. I did and have to say he did spend more time in front of Wilson then I remembered but was too fast for him) You can’t win a fight in a fighters hometown (30 min away in MD) on his promoter card (Dino Duva) by retreating the whole time. There were 2 rounds that I moved but besides that I was right in front of him. You can’t land more punches then your opponent when you are only retreating. Yet all 3 judges gave me the unanimous decision (15-113m 116-112 & 118-110) regardless of the fact I was in his hometown, brought in on his promoters show, brought in as the opponent. (I know for a fact Dino offered co-promoter Tiberi BJ’s contract prior to the fight). Probably figuring since he was going to stiff Tiberi with the entire bill less the ESPN money.

KEN HISSNER: I gather Danny Green was your toughest career fight.

I was weight drained. I was forced to weigh 195 instead of the normal limit of 200. I was only over there 5 days early and didn’t get acclimated. Was just a shell of myself and coming off a 16-month layoff. Green changed his whole game plan after the first round. He stopped coming forward and just jabbed and moved. I chased him the entire fight. Was a close fight but he gets the nod in his home town. (Australia)

KEN HISSNER: What is your opinion of your former trainer Kenny Adams?

Kenny Adams is a great trainer and a great guy. He is responsible for all that I am and all I do in boxing, as I would have never boxed if Kenny didn’t take my father Frank Flores under his wing at the Ft. Hood training center and help my father with the fundamentals of boxing.

KEN HISSNER: What’s next for you and getting a title shot?

I’m No. 2 WBO and No. 3 WBA. I’ve tried to fight Guillermo Jones and spoken to Don King many times. (Jones will defend title in Russia Oct 20th against No. 1 contender) I’m willing to fight any champ with proper notice but the champs don’t ever offer me the voluntary defenses because they know I got a good chin and I’m in good shape and strong. I will have to be in the No. 1 mandatory position to get fair opportunity.

KEN HISSNER: Final question, are you voting (as I am) for Romney? (Flores is also a Mormon like Romney)

Voting for MITT!


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