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Sammy “The Who Can Mexican” Vasquez stops Lopez - Ringside Report
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Dog House Boxing (Sept 16, 2015)

Sammy “The Who Can Mexican” Vasquez
At California University in the Convocation Center at California, PA, in the main event local star welterweight southpaw Sammy “The Who Can Mexican” Vasquez, Jr., 20-0 (14), of Monessen, PA, didn’t disappoint his home fans when he scored a stoppage at 1:08 of the fifth round scoring a pair of knockdowns over Jose “Piston” Lopez, 25-4-1 (15), of Torreon, MEX, in a scheduled 10 rounds. It was the first time Lopez had been stopped in his 30 fights.

USA FOX Sports 1 aired the event in a King’s Promotion on Premier Boxing Center Tuesday night.

In the opening round Vasquez was pinpointing his punches to the head of Lopez. In the second round a straight lead left to the head by Vasquez rocked Lopez. With a minute left in the round Lopez lands his first straight right to the chin of Vasquez who takes it well. Vasquez continues landing the right jab to the head and left hooks to the midsection of Lopez. Vasquez is showing angles and scores almost at will.

In the third round as Lopez kept coming crudely forward he was caught with a counter left uppercut to the chin by Vasquez. With his back on the ropes Vasquez counters well. Vasquez came off the ropes and in the middle of the ring rocked Lopez with a flurry of punches. It was a big round for Vasquez. In the fourth round a 5-punch combination by Vasquez dropped Lopez. Vasquez raised his hands thinking that referee Gary Rosato stopped the fight. He went forward as Lopez threw a desperate right that landed but Lopez landed a left uppercut to the midsection and followed with a flurry of punches until Lopez went down again. Rosato wisely waved the end.

“I want to thank God and my father for the win,” said Vasquez. He won every round leading up to the stoppage. He’s another Al Haymon boxer and ranked No. 14 in the WBC. He is also a 2-time Iraq Army veteran still serving in the National Guard. He is co-managed by his father Big Sam, Sr. and Gary Jonas. His trainers are Ryan Rimsek, Charles Leverette and Bob Healy. At times Vasquez trains at Ft. Carson, COL.

In the co-feature on his 19th birthday, Warminster, PA, super lightweight Milton Santiago, Jr., 12-0 (3) celebrated by pitching a shutout over Alvaro Ortiz, 7-4 (5) of MEX, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round Santiago landed a lead right followed by a pair of left hooks. With a minute left Santiago turned southpaw for about 20 seconds before returning to orthodox. Santiago with over 200 amateur fights half in the US and the other half in PR showed the style of an experienced boxer landing a left hook at the bell in taking the first round. In the second round Ortiz became the aggressor landing a 4-punch combination in a close round with Santiago countering well.

In the third round Santiago landed a good double left hook to the body and head of Ortiz. Santiago landed a counter combination as Ortiz walks in not throwing punches. In the fourth round Santiago was showing angles landing well on Ortiz. With about 30 seconds left in the round Ortiz backs Santiago into the ropes with a flurry of punches. Santiago fought almost the entire round southpaw.

In the fifth round Ortiz landed a hard right counter to the chin of Santiago after taking a combination from Santiago. Both fighters ended the round with a flurry. In the sixth and final round Santiago landed a 3-punch combination. Moving backwards Santiago landed a pair of right uppercuts to the midsection of Ortiz. Both boxers were still throwing punches at the bell.

Judges all had it 60-54 as did DHB for Santiago. Referee was Gary Rosato. “I want to thank God and my advisor Al Haymon having my first bout over national TV,” said Santiago. He is trained by Bozy Ennis.

Super featherweight Omar “Super O” Douglas, 15-0 (11), of Wilmington, DE, looked sharp and scored a pair of knockdowns in a brutal win over Braulio Santos, 12-4 (10), of Carolina, PR, over 10 rounds of action.

In the opening round both fighters opened up. There was no feeling out in this one. Left hooks were flying. A left hook to the body by Douglas made Santos wince. A power jab by Douglas to the chin of Santos and down he went barely beating the count of referee Ernie Schaff Santos’ corner told him to hold on with 30 seconds left in the round and that he did.

In the second round a left hook by Santos knocked out the mouthpiece of Douglas who went right after Santos and dropped him with a left hook to the head. In the third round at the midway point both fighters exchanged combinations at the same time. Santos landed one of his few right hands to the chin of Douglas. Douglas came back to land a solid left hook to the midsection of Santos that made him double up.

In the fourth round Santos landed several left hooks to the head of Douglas who came right back with a left hook of his own to the head of Santos. Douglas has been the aggressor since the opening bell as Santos is moving backwards this round trying to counter. Both fighters are starting to show the marks of the battle on their faces. In the fifth round the referee without a previous warning in the round took away a point from Douglas for hitting behind the back of the head with a follow-up left hook after landing one to the body. Douglas landed 3 straight jabs moving Santos backwards.

In the sixth round Douglas suffered a cut on the forehead above the left eye that was never opened again. Douglas started chasing the back pedaling Santos but ran into a left hook to the chin. It only made him come back harder at Santos at the bell. In the seventh round Santos wasn’t running but landing hard left hooks to the body of Douglas. The referee without warning took away a point from Santos for a low blow on the right hip of Douglas. Santos missed with a combination and Douglas made him pay for it with a combination to the head.

In the eighth round Santos started to show some fatigue in grabbing and walking Douglas to the ropes. The action slowed down in this round with Douglas ending the round with a 3-punch combination. In the ninth round both fighters were back to landing left hooks to both the head and body. In the tenth and last round Douglas who hadn’t gone past 8 rounds in his young career was still firing. Inside of a minute Douglas landed a double left hook. Near the end of the round Douglas landed a 3-punch combination.

All 3 judges had it in favor of Douglas by scores of 96-90, 99-87 and 97-89. DHB had it 99-89. “I felt great all the way through and wasn’t surprised when he got up because like myself he had a good amateur background,” said Douglas. He is trained by Doug Pettiford. The ring announcer was Ray Flores.

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