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Travis “My Time” Kauffman and “Fast” Eddie Chambers Win - Ringside Report
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Sept 21, 2015)

Travis “My Time” Kauffman
Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions held a six bout event at the Claridge Hotel & Casino, in Atlantic City, NJ, Friday night. It was a night of six out of six knockout fights. Judges Joe Pasquale, Steve Weisfeld and Kasan Cheeks didn’t have to score a thing.

In the main event heavyweight Travis “My Time” Kauffman, 30-1 (22), of Reading, PA, knocked out Epifanio “Dynamito” Mendoza, 41-22-1 (35), of COL, in the second round.

After using his jab to control the first round Kauffman came out firing in the second round landing a right uppercut to the midsection of Mendoza and following with a left uppercut to the same section. Mendoz went down on a four’s as if he was paralyzed in not able to get up. Referee Alan Huggins waved it off.

“I expected to take him out in about two rounds and this is a guy with 63 fights. I was in shape. Though he started out at middleweight he can hang with the heavyweights due to a heavy punch.

I plan to go back to Houston next week and work with my strength and condition coach Danny Arnold. No boxing. Just to get the best condition for when it’s time to have a fight. Whatever Al Haymon decides is fine with me. This is the fifth time Naziim Richardson has worked with me. He and my father (Marshall Kauffman) are who I learned from,” said Travis Kauffman.

In the co-feature heavyweight “Fast” Eddie Chambers, 42-4 (23), of Philly, in his return to the US from UK stopped southpaw Galen “Bad Boy” Brown, 43-32-1 (25), out of St. Joseph, MO, at 1:34 of the third round with three knockdowns overall.

In the opening round Chambers easily took the round as Brown clowned around. In the second round a pair of jabs followed by a pair of overhand rights to the head dropped Brown. In the third round Chambers came out looking for a short night had Brown against the ropes when referee Glover called for a standing eight count despite the fact NJ doesn’t have one.

Shortly afterwards a right to the chin by Chambers dropped Brown who got to a knee smiling when the referee a good six feet away called it off. Glover needs more training.

“I like guys who come forward. I wanted to finish it early. I’ve been to the top and need a couple more fights to be back there,” said Eddie Chambers. Anthony Rodriguez and Vinny Scala worked his corner. Cruiserweight Keith “Machine Gun” Tapia, 16-0 (11), of Santurce, PR, stopped Anthony Caputo Smith, 15-6 (10), of Kennett Square, PA, at 0:30 of the first round. Referee Glover waved it off after Smith beat the count dropped by a Tapia left hook. Everyone including Smith were bewildered due to the stoppage by Glover. “I can’t believe she waved it off,” said Smith.

Heavyweight Danny “Smooth” Kelly, 9-1-1 (8) of DC, stopped Jimmy Suarez, 3-7 (3), of Aguada, PR, at 1:33 of the first round. Referee Huggins allowed Kelly to push Suarez behind the head to the canvas. No warning. Then a left hook by Kelly dropped Suarez who took the count on one knee.

Middleweight southpaw Dauren Yeleussinov, 4-0 (3), of KAZ and out of Brooklyn, NY, impressed in stopping Justin Williams, out of Beaumont, TX, in the second round at 0:57 waved off by referee after second knockdown.

In the opening round Yeleussinov dealt out a vicious body attack while Williams landed one short right to the chin of Yeleussinov.

In the second round Yeleussinov dropped Williams with a right hook to the chin followed by a left uppercut to the midsection. Upon rising Williams was met with the same right to the chin and left uppercut and went down again causing referee Huggins to wave it off. This looks like a young boxer to keep your eyes on.

Pavlo Ishchenko, 1-0 (1), of RUS/Brooklyn, NY, stopped Nicholas Rodriguez, 0-3-1, Somerset, KY, at 1:22 of the second round scoring a pair of knockdowns in the first round.

In the opening round Ishchenko dropped Rodriguez with a flurry of punches halfway through the round. Later in the round a power jab by Ishchenko dropped Rodriguez for a second time. In the second round Ishchenko was dishing out quite a few punches when referee Huggins wisely stopped it at 1:22 of the round.

In a three round exhibition Alex Barbosa, 4-2-1 (1), out of Philly and Sandro Charneco, of San Juan, PR, agreed to an exhibition when their opponents dropped out. Barbosa gave up a good 30 pounds. The ring announcer was Nino Del Buono. GFL-TV aired the event with Marc Abrams doing the broadcasting.

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